How To Impress A Guy And Make Him Fall For You In 2023

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Updated On: December 6, 2023
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Is it alright for a lady to learn how to impress a guy and make him fall for her? That’s a fair question considering that for a long time, social propriety has kept women in the position of the hunted. Allow us to explain. You see, society believes that it is the man who should go after the lady and not the other way around. But in these modern times, it is totally acceptable to take active measures to get a boy to notice you, as you no longer have to take the back seat when pursuing romantic relationships.

So, yes. You can learn how to impress a man and make him fall for you in 2023. We will show you some practical tips that will get you the guy of your dreams by being the best version of yourself. Ready to impress your crush?

Can I Attract A Guy To Like Me?

You may think that the power to get a man always lies in him noticing you, and him making the first move. But that is not always the case. There are many things you can do to attract a guy to like you. We’ve listed down ways for you to impress your crush. Let’s start.

Tips to get out of friendzone

1. Self-confidence is sexy

You may have come across individuals who wear confidence with such ease. Indeed, they seem to have this invisible cloak of confidence around them. They may not be the most conventionally handsome or beautiful. But they walk into a room, and everyone turns and stares at them. They may not wear the latest design trends, but their natural charisma makes whatever they have on look very stylish.

You can’t quite put into words what it is about them that makes such a good impression and captures your interest so much. But it must have something to do with that positive energy and self-assurance that draws people to them. Now, here is an interesting twist, men actually love confident women. According to an article in Daily Wisely, confident women are:

  • Happier
  • More attractive
  • Not easily stressed
  • Assertive
  • Secure
  • Less judgmental

Think about it, aren’t there signs of a confident man ladies look for as well? We can bet some of the same confidence attributes apply here.

2. Make sure you’re approachable

Create interest by being approachable. That means you exude warmth and have a welcoming aura at all times around him. Don’t you find yourself gravitating toward approachable people? You can bet the guy you are trying to impress feels the same way too.

There are even studies to support this notion. The halo effect describes the radiating effects of single attributes on evaluations of others. For instance, society perceives attractive people as more competent, happier, and successful in relationships. So, a socially warm person can be perceived as more approachable, likable, and inviting.

3. Your independence and resilience will attract the guy for sure

Make a guy interested in you by showing you are an independent, confident woman. Even if he would like to take care of you, the fact that you can do it on your own makes you more attractive. And your resilience means that even in difficult times, you will rise above the challenges.

You need to exude a free spirit if you want to make a boy fall for you. Beware of displaying signs of low self-esteem that can chase a man away. The stronger you are as a person, the more confident you become. And trust us, like a good skincare routine, the results will show. And those around you, including your crush, will see it.

Finally, maintain your friendships, including those with the opposite gender. That is an excellent way to establish healthy boundaries in relationships. It is also a further sign of your independence.

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4. Share your opinions and thoughts freely

Yes, you’re indeed trying to impress this guy and get him to fall in love with you. But making him fall in love doesn’t mean you agree with everything he says or does. If you become a yes person, a discerning guy would immediately see the level of deceit you’re putting him through. So don’t be afraid of sharing your opinions and discussing your thoughts.

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If you disagree with what he says, do it with respect. Individuality is a very attractive quality that he will quickly notice.
With the tips above, your crush is definitely starting to notice you. But what if you still haven’t started talking? Does it mean you give up? Well, no, because we will show you what to do next.

How To Impress A Guy Without Talking To Him

You have been waiting for a chance to talk to your crush. But things are moving slower than you like. Well, you will be glad to know that it is not always necessary to get into a conversation with a potential mate to impress him. Sometimes it’s just about how you wear clothes and the way you look at him.

1. Use your body language to attract him

Sometimes, nonverbal cues work really well. It all comes down to those little things that can make such an impact on the boy you want to notice you. You can influence how your crush responds to you without actually talking.

Use your body language to attract him
How to impress a man by being confident using non-verbal cues

For instance,

  • Lingering eye contact shows interest and can make your crush feel really special
  • A warm smile when your love interest is around will draw him in because you look more approachable
  • A flirtatious smile will let him know how you feel about him and can spark further conversations
  • Leaning in during conversation signals interest and attentiveness
  • Casual physical touch will show him that you like him, but don’t make him feel uncomfortable

And what about the way you look? Try the following tips to show a guy you like him without talking to him.

2. Take pride in your appearance

This is a no-brainer. Dispel any notion about love at first sight. It is sight at, well, first sight, and then love comes after. It sounds like a mouthful, but think about it this way. Your first impression of anyone is how they look, and you can believe the same applies to you as well. This guy you want to impress and get to fall in love with you – What does he see when he looks at you? You might want to start doing the following.

  • Dress well: To impress a guy, you don’t have to have the latest designer items in your wardrobe to look fantastic. Try to look good at all times while wearing what is comfortable. Your clothes are a reflection of your personal style and an expression of your confidence. And you can be sure he’ll notice
  • Smell great: There are only two scenarios in which you shouldn’t care about how you smell. One, your potential guy has olfactory issues and can’t smell anything. And two, if the guy is attracted to smelly people. But, if we are talking about most people, a nice smell communicates a lot. So, buy some nice perfume and smell good. It shows you take pride in your presentation and have good hygiene
  • Overall grooming: Ensure your hair looks good. Also, dental hygiene matters. Your smile should sparkle like one of those toothpaste commercials. And yes, if you manage to speak to the guy, there shouldn’t be bad breath accompanying each word you speak. Indeed, he should look at your lips and think about the kiss he would love to lay on them. Okay, we digress, but you get the point, right?
  • Showcase your best features: There is that one part of your body that you can easily describe as your best feature. It could be your eyes that really pop with a touch of eyeliner. Or, your shape looks good in almost anything you wear. It is the little things that make a huge impact. Play with those features, and we can bet your crush will look at you more than once
  • Stay healthy: Tips to impress a boyfriend, whether present or potential, must include getting in some exercise, even if you have a nice shape. Exercise gives you energy, a glow to your skin, and a bounce to your step. The endorphins produced during workout sessions are associated with happiness and a sense of well-being as per research

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Remember, the best way to impress a guy is to show that you take yourself as a priority.

How To Get The Attention Of A Guy Who Is Not Interested In You

So the guy is not interested in you in the romantic sense. Well, that shouldn’t matter, as you can turn things in your favor by doing the following.

More thank Friends

1. Take an interest in his life

Think about what you know about your potential love interest. There are things you may know that he likes or ranks as his favorite things. Does he, for instance, spend hours watching soccer or doing crochet?

Boredom is commonly linked to disinterest. True, you may not have much of a common ground in the guy’s interests, sports, or hobbies. But to make a boy fall in love with you requires a particular amount of scheming, in the best way possible.

So try the following tactics to impress your guy.

  • Get him to teach you some of his interests or express an interest in learning. And if he is a great listener, he will also want to know what you like
  • Impress your crush and win a lot of brownie points simply by showing support. Be there for him at that stand-up comedy showcase. Be his cheerleader at the soccer match he is participating in. Or offer to read the manuscript he is developing for that writing class
  • Be that listening ear he can call up at any time. It is the little things that matter. Take him out for a drink or dinner and just listen to him express his disappointment at what has happened. Oh, and don’t forget to maintain eye contact. That is a sure way of making a guy feel special

2. Build a friendship

Talk to any couple in a long-lasting relationship. And one of the points that may keep coming up is that they were friends before they entered the relationship. While your end call may be a romantic rather than a platonic relationship, the latter provides a solid foundation. Become that person your guy can talk to because you are proving consistently that you are there for him. It’s a sure way to show a guy you like him.

Building a friendship also means that you are open about your life, passions, and interests. You could end up discovering things that you love to do together. There is something known as the similarity attraction effect as per this study, which hinges on commonality. We tend to like people who are like us.

But remember to give him his space. If you’re always demanding of his time, you come across as controlling and clingy, which are clear signs of insecure women. And most importantly, don’t try to change who he is because it suits you. Allow him to be the man that he has grown to be. If he gets a sense that you’re a safe space, it becomes easier for him to open up.

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3. Don’t become a stalker; play hard to get

Have you watched the 1987 stalker classic movie Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas and Glen Close? How about the more recent Obsession, featuring Beyoncé and actor Idris Elba? Well, those are two examples of how not to impress a guy or make him fall for you. Stalker behavior is a turn-off and never ends well. You may think that it is endearing and will definitely get the guy to notice you. But all it does is make him think you are crazy.

Attracting a guy in 2023 means learning how to play hard to get so that it will make the guy want you. There is something alluring about someone who shows no interest and seems unattainable. Through conditioning of centuries, men believe themselves to be conquerors. And the harder they work, the more interesting the pursuit gets. So give him something to work at by playing hard to get.

How To Hook A Guy Over Text

Hooking and impressing a guy involves a concerted effort to spark his interest. So, once you exchange numbers, go ahead and initiate friendly conversations. Spontaneity impresses men, so don’t be afraid to be the first to reach out. Break the ice with some humor or even funny stories. Nothing beats a good laugh, and it will make you seem more interesting. After all, who wants a boring relationship, even before you begin dating?

Also, try the following to get him hooked on you.

  • Engage with open-ended questions, requiring your crush to give more in-depth responses. This can lead to long conversations, you know, the kind that go on all night. Showing genuine interest in what he has to say will surely get him interested and comfortable texting you
  • Be approachable but not too accessible. Think about it like dangling the carrot but keeping it slightly out of reach. So don’t jump to answer his texts every single time. He can wait a little, even if you are itching to respond. All it does is ramp up the anticipation

How to impress a guy on a first date

Congratulations, you have made it to your first date. How you act can impress your crush or create the wrong impression. So take note of the following dating advice. You can also use the tips already laid above.

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1. Be self-assured

Acting confident is a sure sign that you believe in your strengths and abilities. You are secure and can handle any situation with grace and poise. But it doesn’t just work for you; other people around you feed off your energy as well. That makes you extremely attractive and a kind of magnet to other people.

2. Be assertive with him

Make a guy fall for you by being confident and showing high self-worth. Confident people are assertive without being obnoxious. You can express your thoughts, desires, and opinions without putting others down. Assertiveness is a critical component in relationships because it helps with healthy communication and the establishment of boundaries within.

3. Dress well on your first date to impress your guy

Dress well for your first date. And that includes dressing appropriately for the occasion. For instance, if he invites you for a picnic, leave the high heels and mini skirt for a dinner date at a fancy restaurant.

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4. Conversation and listening skills are mandatory

Engage in conversation actively, and don’t be afraid to express your opinions. In the same breath, active listening means you allow your date to talk as well. Take a real interest in his life.

5. Follow date etiquette

Lady and man on a date

Impress your guy by displaying appropriate behavior during the date. That includes punctuality, being respectful, dressing appropriately, and avoiding controversial topics (unless it turns out he’s against the human rights of an oppressed group, then you might as well leave). Being gracious, respectful, and delightful will most likely get you another date.

Be Ready To Accept Rejection

You have gone out of the way to get your crush’s attention. But it seems like his is somewhere else. The best thing you can do is accept, deal with the romantic rejection, and move on. The truth is you feel like your heart is breaking into pieces. Negative feelings of loss of pride, self-esteem, and self-worth may arise. Your hard-gained confidence may take a big hit. But you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the whole situation.

So how do you move on from romantic rejection? Here are some things you can do:

  • The worst thing is to internalize what has happened by blaming yourself for the rejection
  • Don’t attach your self-worth to the rejection or how someone perceives you
  • Don’t resort to insults or bad-mouthing him
  • Remember that he has the right to say no to someone’s romantic interest in him, just like you do
  • Give yourself some time to heal
  • Don’t give in to unhealthy coping mechanisms like excessive drinking, substance abuse, gambling, or unsafe sex
  • Indulge in self-care practices while staying active, eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping
  • Don’t jump into another romantic relationship as a rebound
  • Get out there and socialize like crazy. Alternatively, go for a solo trip and regroup

Applying the techniques above will allow you to recover much faster.

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Key Pointers

  • The modern 2023 women can actively express interest in a guy and initiate a serious relationship without societal judgment. The old days of men being the hunters are gone
  • The best way to impress guys and get them to fall in love with you is to show them the real you
  • The best way to impress guys and get them to fall in love with you is to show them the real you
  • A relationship built on friendship as the foundation has a bigger chance of success. So, don’t focus on romance but start by being his friend first

You have it within your power to decide your romantic life. If there is a person you like, go ahead and pursue them with the strategic use of the tips listed above. Throughout the process, do not lose your individuality, and remember to stay true to yourself. Remember, you want to impress the guy and ultimately get him to fall in love with YOU.

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