How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You – 11 Clever Tricks

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Updated On: December 28, 2023
how to get his attention when he ignores you

So there’s a guy you like. He could be your boyfriend or he could be your crush. No matter the label, it’s clear that he’s been ignoring you because why else would you be here asking us how to get his attention when he ignores you. It’s frustrating when you’re left racking your brains on what went wrong or how to close the gap between you and your special someone.

Before you enter this unending maze of self-doubts and anxiety, remember that maybe him ignoring you is not your fault. Maybe he’s busy or unwell. First, introspect on the situation. How badly do you want him in your life? If the answer is similar to “bad enough”, then below are some non-desperate ways to get a man’s attention back. 

Clever Tricks To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

There is nothing more infuriating than being ignored by someone you like. You thought things were going well between the two of you and now here you are, asking questions like how to get his attention when he ignores you online or in person or how to get his attention back from another woman. Below are some of the non-desperate ways to get a man’s attention back. 

1. Stop texting him

If you have been constantly texting him, then there is a possibility that he is taking you for granted. Don’t act desperate. He might get turned off by your attachment toward him or even find you annoying if you don’t stop fixating on him. Your affection might come across as an unhealthy obsession.

There is a chance that you might drive him away forever if you don’t stop with your texting shenanigans. But if you stay calm and think this through, you can get his attention when he ignores you over text. This is one of the most simple yet powerful ways to make a guy miss you.

When I stopped chasing my boyfriend for attention, he found that odd and wanted to find out if I am still interested in him. Once I made it clear that such hot and cold behavior won’t be tolerated or accepted, he realized he was wrong to ignore me without any concrete reason.

So, when you put an end to your constant text messages, he will begin to wonder why he isn’t receiving your attention anymore. That will make him curious to know if all is well with you. He will chase you once you stop chasing him. It’s as simple as that.

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2. Use a different way to communicate

This could be the answer to your predicament of how to get his attention when he ignores you. There is a chance that he is bad at texting. There are some people who don’t like text messages. They find the to-and-fro quite boring. Maybe he is having relationship doubts and wants to take things slow. So, use a different way to communicate rather than sending him dozens of messages in a day.

Stop trying to get his attention when he ignores you over text, and try calling him once. If you give him a regular call or a video call, it will surprise him. He might attend your call to find out what’s up because he may find it odd that you chose to call him instead of texting him as usual. So give it a try, get his attention when he ignores you online by giving him a surprise call.

3. Make him jealous

Clever Tricks To Get His Attention

This is one of the most common answers to how to get his attention when he ignores you. Learn how to make a guy jealous and watch him hovering around you. I agree it’s not the most sensible way but it definitely does the trick of getting a man’s attention especially when he has been ignoring you and you don’t know the reason for it.

Go out with your friends and post pictures online. This subtly lets him know that you don’t care about how he is treating you, that him ignoring you is the last thing on your mind, and it doesn’t bother you in any way. 

4. Seen-zone him

Only diamond cuts diamond, right? If he is ignoring you, do the same with him. Play the game which he started. Once you stop texting him, he will text you to see if everything is alright with you. The best thing to do at that time is to leave him on seen. It will drive him crazy. Don’t worry about what he will think when you ignore him. It’s the best way to make him taste his own medicine.

If you are asking, “Should I ignore a guy to get his attention?”, then the answer is yes. If he is playing hard to get, so can you. Ignoring him will get you his attention. He will start thinking of reasons as to why you are being unresponsive. Don’t be too quick to respond to his texts once he starts showing interest again. Be a little aloof. That will pique his interest. 

5. Give him time and space

If the two of you have just started seeing each other, then it is possible that he is getting over someone else. Maybe he isn’t ready to jump into another relationship. Give him time to heal from his past relationship. Giving space in a relationship is normal. Don’t be afraid of it thinking that it may pull you apart from each other.

If you did something to hurt him, give him space and time to process his feelings. When he is ready to talk, sit with him and have an honest conversation about what went wrong so you can resolve the issue. When he ignores you on purpose, it might feel horrible but if you know it’s because of your behavior, have patience. He’ll come around. 

One Reddit user shares, “If he simply doesn’t care about anything you do, then it might be better to leave as is.”

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6. Be your best self

This is a great answer to your question about how to get his attention when he ignores you. I mean, who can resist a girl who dresses to kill? Nobody. Wear that black dress he likes so much and be your best self. Men like a confident woman who knows what she wants. That will let him know you won’t sit around waiting for him.

But it’s not just about the way you dress. Practice self-confidence, know how to love yourself and boost your self-esteem by coming to terms with the fact that you can be happy by yourself. When beauty meets confidence, it becomes a reckoning force.

Bring your A-game to the table and make him desperate for you. Put on that red lipstick, show off your curves as well as that confidence and self-assurance. But once he starts showing attention, don’t jump on him. Let him chase you. 

7. Stop being accomodating

If you are just starting to get to know him and have only been on a few dates, then it is possible that your constant attempt to cater to his needs is driving him away. He might find your desperation a little off-putting. All you have to do is stop being available for him all the time. That is one of the ways to get a man to chase you.

You can’t get his attention back when you are being accommodating and saying yes to everything. Being too agreeable can backfire at times. Don’t compromise on your values to get someone’s attention. If you are asking how to get his attention when he ignores you, then stop doing the things that you used to do for him. He will take notice of that and he’ll come running.

Another user shares, “If a man is interested, he will pursue you. There is nothing you can do to “make” them like you besides going about your life as yourself. Anything else is desperate and sad. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

8. Ask for his help

This is a clever trick to get his attention when he ignores you over text. Men like being helpful even if they are the ones ignoring you. Ask for his help. It could be anything – trivial or big. If the two of you are in the same profession, then ask for work-related advice. But if he still displays emotional immaturity by ignoring you and shows no interest, then maybe it’s time to rethink about this man.

When my partner and I are ignoring each other after a conflict and aren’t on talking terms, we still make sure to help each other out. If I am running an errand or going to get groceries, I’ll ask him if he wants to come with me. If that doesn’t work, I try to ask his opinion regarding a piece I am writing. 

Because even if he isn’t talking to me, he is definitely listening. That’s one of the non-desperate ways to get a man’s attention back. You can try to start a conversation by posing a difficult situation in front of him. He will feel smart as he guides you through it, and he might start warming up to you. But even if this doesn’t change his behavior toward you, then he is using the ignoring technique as a breakup excuse.

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9. Make it clear that you aren’t demanding anything from him

Some guys think that spending a lot of time together indirectly hints at the two of you starting a relationship. If you and him have just started seeing each other, then let him know that you don’t want anything serious from him and you are also looking for just casual dating. Tell him that all you want is a nice, light-hearted connection.

Tell him his wealth or social status is of no interest to you. Make all of this clear if he is under the impression that you want commitment. You can get his attention back by having an unfiltered conversation about expectations from your dynamic. 

10. You don’t need him to make yourself happy

When I was in a relationship with my former lover, he would ignore me for days on end. I learnt how to stop caring about someone and be happier on my own. He thought I would be miserable without him. It was a kind of mental abuse. I realized one person can’t be responsible for my happiness. Everyone should be responsible for their own happiness and peace.

When he used to ignore me thinking I would be sulking in my room, I proved him wrong by hanging out with my friends without a care about what he thinks. I realized I can have a life with or without him. Him ignoring me when I haven’t done anything wrong should be the least of my worries.

That certainly got his attention and he came running. No man should make you feel as if you can’t function without him. This is one of the most non-desperate ways to get a man’s attention back. If he doesn’t choose you in the end, then make him regret for not choosing you.

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11. Stop trying so hard to get his attention

If a guy is ignoring you, stop for a second and ask why. There could be many reasons why he stopped chasing you. Does he want you in his life? Do you think he is happy without your presence? If the answer is yes, then you don’t need a man who doesn’t need you.

But if he is ignoring you because of a fight, then one of the ways to get his attention back is through a sincere apology if it was your fault. Or you can play it cool and not try so hard to get his attention. If he is really interested in you, he will prove it to you through his actions and behavior. And if he isn’t, then you deserve better than unhealthy mind games and hot and cold behavior. 

When asked on Reddit for how to get his attention when he ignores you, a user shared, “If he is in fact interested, among conversation we would find common interests. You love beer as much as I do? Cool! We should go to this local brewery that has an AMAZING s’more stout you have to try. Do you like hiking? Awesome! I should take you on my favorite hike some time. It’s really that easy.”

That was a bonus trick to get his attention back. If the two of you have been dating for a long time, then the mere fact that you have to go to extreme lengths to get a guy’s attention speaks a lot about his attitude toward you. If you ever get the slightest feeling that he doesn’t deserve you, then go with that gut feeling. You should always go with your gut feeling while choosing a partner.

Our gut feeling is always right and we need to learn how to trust it. But if he is ignoring you because of your misbehavior or because the relationship is new, then try to get his attention back because he might be worth the chase. 


1. What too say to your man when he ignores you?

Try to start a conversation with something simple. Ask him how his day went. Ask him what he wants to eat for dinner. Text him nice and sweet things. Tell him how much he matters to you. 

2. Is he trying to get my attention by ignoring me?

If the relationship is strong and has been going on for a while, then yes. He could be trying to get your attention by ignoring you. But if the relationship is new, then he might not be interested in seeing you. It’s possible that he is trying to slow down the progress of your relationship.

3. Should I ignore a guy who ignores me?

Ignoring a guy who ignores you is a great tool to get his attention. But you need to be careful. Don’t take this to extremes. If you ignore him way too much, then that might hurt his ego. Ignore him in moderation and he will crave your attention. 

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