How To Get A Man To Chase You Without Playing Games

Ways To Get A Man To Chase You
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“How to make a man chase you?” my friend asked me one day. “Like, how do I make him fall for me right away?” she added. We were having a relaxed girl gang vacay and the evening chat veered to this topic. My girl besties and I, were enjoying ourselves at a beach on a trip we told ourselves would be man-free so that we could all spend time together. But this question had to come up, since Sophia wanted to take this trip to run away from the thoughts of her crush. And clearly she was failing at it and succumbed to thinking about him nonstop. That’s what got us thinking about the different ways in which we, as women, try to get men to run after us.

Vacations of this kind are great places to pick up tricks and tips for understanding and discussing the chasing game with your girls. Women want men to chase them over phone calls, texts and even during conversations. They will do everything to make sure the guy does not lose interest. Even going to the length of ignoring him and playing hard to get.

This is because they love the thrill of it, and if a woman can make a man chase her forever, it’s like the ultimate satisfaction. It gives them an idea of how serious the guy is about her, and if he’s willing to work a bit for her. It reassures her into believing that she’s found a good deal. All you women out there thinking of how to get a guy to be after her, you can relate right? If you want to feel these feelings too, read on to answer all your burning questions.

What Makes A Man Chase A Woman?

Let’s face it. When it comes to falling in love, men love a thrilling chase. It is human psychology at the end of the day. If the woman he likes falls for him as easily as he fell for her, then there is a possibility that he loses interest in her. That’s why it is said you should make a guy chase you using male psychology. What makes a man chase a woman, sometimes forever? Let’s decode the answer:

  • Out of his league: When a man realizes a girl is out of his league, he wants to chase her and make her his own. So go ahead, and be strong woman in front of him so that he sees how ahead in the game you are
  • Worth the chase: Men love women who are classy, wild, and fun and they would only chase them when they feel that the chase would be worth it. To make a guy chase you using male psychology, you simply need to unleash your inner goddess
  • Be his dream come true: Having a life with the woman he is chasing is like a dream come true to him, so he wouldn’t give up easily. To get a guy to chase you without playing games, you have to make him see why you’re the one for him
  • The right platform: How to make a man chase you? If you can make a guy chase you by text, then nothing like it. Guys are more expressive in textual conversations. Since tey sometimes feel tongue-tied in front of the woman they love, they might find it easier to open up over text. Give a man space to chase you during your text interactions and you will not be disappointed
  • Be intriguing: If texting becomes interesting and a woman can be witty, mysterious, and teasing over text, men just love it. This way, you can make him pay close attention to you and go crazy for you. To make a guy chase you through text, you have to be intriguing enough to make him keep coming back for more
  • Hold your own: How to make a guy chase you? Apart from her looks and personality, it’s a woman’s ability not to cower down easily to a man, draws him to her crazily. So go ahead, and be that woman. If you’ve got an avoidant personality on your radar, this will work wonders. Tactics don’t work on avoidant men, strong personalities do. So yes, this way you can even make someone with an avoidant personality chase you
  • Play hard to get: If we look at human psychology, a man will love a great chase and enjoy it when a woman doesn’t give in easily. So, playing hard to get is your best bet to make a guy chase you using male psychology
  • Stimulate him with intelligence: Men love intelligent women, who can make a chase interesting by using their brains to show him that she is interested but to get her he will have to up his game. So when you spend time with him, make sure he notices how smart you are
  • Pick the right man: There are things that attract a woman to a man instantly and if he has those qualities, then chances are he won’t give up till the chase gives him the right results

Understanding how to get a man to chase you is really all about how well you know him. If you know that he likes it when you wear a certain scent, you know how to make him happier the next time you two meet. If you know what’s going on in his mind, you will know how to use it to woo him. To help you out with that, let’s break down the male mind’s inner workings and get a bit more detail.

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15 Ways To Get A Man To Chase You

You read it right. Every woman wants to feel like the most special one to him. And no, there is nothing vain or ridiculous about it, it’s just an innate need for love and affection. Deep inside, we all know how much we enjoy the adrenaline rush of being pursued, desperately. It’s the same way for a man too. He wants to win his ladylove any way he can. The fact that he would follow you to the end of the world is a testimony to his desire and love for you. Only he gets to have you, no one else.

But there’s a catch. Women, you should play hard to get only when you know that it’s worth it. Your feelings must be real. You must want to be in a relationship with him.

So, how to make a man fall hard for you? And what are the reasons why you should make him run after you? How to make him desperate to get you, while also maintaining the perfect balance of playing hard to get but not dissuading him away? Let’s answer all the questions you have, and give you a bit more.

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1. How to get a man to chase you: Be a woman of substance

If you have studied male psychology, you should know that how to get a guy to chase you is all about playing with how men love physical beauty, and still value a strong, competent, and independent woman. If you want the best of men to fall for you, then you have to become the best version of yourself. This may not be one of the easy ways, but it certainly is one of the sure ways. Work hard, party harder, love your life, be kind; and watch him crave to be a part of your life. Men love a woman who knows how to create a good life for herself!

Side by side, try to avoid doing the things that annoy men and push them away, and instead make yourself irresistible to the man you want to be chased by. It’s really simple to make a guy chase you by tapping into his human psychology. You just have to make him notice that you’re a woman worth fighting for. You always were, he just needs to see it now.

2. Never judge a man by his looks

Also, by his gifts. He might be the modern Mr. Darcy and might shower gifts like Christian Grey, but don’t fall for it. Look beyond his charm and wealth. Note his efforts for you. Is he trying to squeeze in some time from his crazy work schedule? Does he remember that little piece of personal info that you shared? If yes, then you are one lucky lady and you have our permission to fall head over heels for this guy.

To understand how to make your crush chase you and commit to you, you must show that you’re more than just someone who likes materialistic wealth and gifts. If you want to get a guy’s attention you need to do this. Get to know him, make it obvious that you have an interest in his personality and show him that you’ve got a lot to offer as well.

What makes a man chase a woman? Knowing that she is looking for substance and character and is not just impressed by materialistic assets. So, let that shine through in your interactions with him to truly have him fall head over heels for you. head over heels. If you are considering committing to someone long-term, we highly recommend that you seek dating and premarital counseling to make sure you and your partner are compatible. This will help you two in the long run.

get a guy to chase you
Look past his physical charm

3. Try keeping your emotions in check

At some point in the chase, you might be tempted to give in easily (especially when he is being adorable and convincing). What can you do? With every passing day, you’re getting older. This is where you need to control your emotions, and exude confidence no matter what is going on in your head.

How to make a man chase you and truly commit to you for the long-term? Know that this is not something you can rush.

  • Try to know him better: During the first few dates, he might have swept you off your feet and taken you to paradise. But wouldn’t it be wiser to know him intimately before committing to a relationship?
  • Commit to your goal, do not get carried away: The wait is always worth it. Your aim is to get a man to chase you and commit. Stick to it. Try sending mysterious texts to get him to chase you, instead of chatting him up too much
  • Wait for him to show you his genuine effort: If you’re wondering how to turn the tables and make him chase you, the answer lies in not getting swayed too easily and holding your own until you’re convinced that his efforts and intentions are genuine

4. Make him chase you, not use you

Women, for all of their wit, can be pretty delusional at times. They think that all men want is sex, all the time. And while that may be true for some, it is not always the case ladies, sorry to break it to you. Women often assume that if they give him what he wants and give in to the strong attraction, he’ll go mad for them. Is that right? Perhaps not. If you do that, in all likelihood, you’d be left scratching your brains over how to make a man chase you after you slept with him.

You might still think this is one of the oldest tips that cannot go wrong, but do not fool yourself in this matter.

Chances are you won’t be able to. Understand what makes a man chase a woman if you want a chance with him.

If you’re familiar with male psychology, then you’d know men go after women who can offer them more than just their bodies. They are looking for warmth, comfort, security, and companionship much like women are. However, sexual compatibility is important too so make sure you enjoy the act as much as he does.

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5. Stop chasing him if you want him to chase you

Somewhere between having a romantic dinner and having a late-night talk, you have ended up chasing him, instead of getting him to run after you. Suddenly, instead of him, you’re the one who is constantly texting and wanting to know about him. You nudge him to meet even though. You push him to ask himself, “Is she that obsessed with me?” You become attainable, and they drop the chase. The goal oriented woman you were before in attaining this guy, is now suddenly the woman he is not even calling back.

If you want him to make you his priority and get the man to chase you, then stop going above and beyond to make him the center of your universe. If you want him to chase you through texting, for instance, then follow the texting rulebook, and you’ll see how it can help.

6. Always keep a sense of mystery

As much as you love the stories about each other, it’s still good to hold some information back. Don’t give everything to him on a platter right away/ Men love solving women who seem like a mystery to them. That’s where they feel the thrill of the chase. Don’t be a journal; be a mystery. If you keep dropping every piece of information about yourself in your conversations, then by the end of every conversation he may end up being a little less invested in learning more about you.

So, keep things unsaid and let him find out. See how he falls for you. In other words, give a man space to chase you. Don’t put every little aspect of your personality out there too soon or the spark may die down even before it’s had the chance to grow into a slow-burning flame. This is the key to avoiding boredom in a relationship, irrespective of what stage you’re at.

7. Make him follow you like crazy

what makes a man chase a woman
Hold back on the meetings and text messaging

Can you trick a guy into chasing you? Yes, by giving him enough reasons to miss you and pine for you. It may seem counterproductive to hold back when all you want to do is go all in, but that’s how you make a guy chase you using male psychology and it works. Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Make him long for you: Where’s the fun in courtship if you don’t make your man long for you? Try to give a man space to chase you.
  • Hold back on the meetings and text messaging: Or reply four hours later to him and say “Sorry I missed your text!” He will not stop wondering where you had disappeared all evening. This is the perfect way to make a guy miss you
  • Tell him you’re busy or out of town: Going Miss Invisible on him is a good old trick to check if he’s missing you or not. Make him worry about losing you and go have got your game in place

However, be cautious with this last move. If you’re suddenly AWOL for a couple of days, he’s going to assume you’ve ghosted him, and that he’s only going to embarrass himself if he tries any more. Make sure you don’t overdo the radio silence, drop in a few pieces of hopeful texts every now and then, “Sorry, bit busy with traveling right now. Let’s continue when I’m free? XO” should get his senses going. As we said, how to get a man to chase you is all about finding a delicate balance.

8. Make him realize that you care too

He is doing all the talking while you’re too busy with your cell phone. You don’t listen to him. You don’t compliment him. You are insensitive to his feelings. It is no wonder that you may then notice that his interest is dwindling, and you end up being the one doing the chasing. If you don’t make a man feel good, why will he ever want to make you his?

At this point, it is time to introspect and assess whether you’ve taken the whole aloof and hard-to-get vibe a little too far. There is a huge possibility that you’re making it a “playing hard game” without any regard for him. To develop a strong attraction, you need to still give him a taste of the good things. Men love the chase as long they see that their efforts are reciprocated.

9. How to make a man chase you? Become a treat to his eyes

In figuring out what makes a man chase a woman, don’t forget the power of appealing to his senses. The visual impression is a powerful tool to get inside a man’s mind. You are stunning and you know it, there is no doubt about it. But it is also important that you always take care to dress your presentable best. It’s basic dating etiquette if you really want to woo a man.

When you look good and smell good, you become irresistible to him. He fantasizes about having you around all the time. And it’s quite natural that he will be on his toes to meet you on every subsequent date.

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10. Throw in a bit of competition

How to make him chase you after he pulls away can seem like a million-dollar question, but it isn’t really that complicated once you understand the human psychology behind it. At the core of a man’s instinct is game. He can sniff it out in a heartbeat. Drop hints that he isn’t the only one chasing you.

If you want to challenge a man to chase you, a little bit of healthy competition will level things up well. If he cares, he will up his game to win you.

  • Let him know he is not the only one: If you can make him worry about losing you, you can get him to make you his priority
  • But don’t go overboard: If you want him to follow you around, you cannot go overboard with this. If you’re too aggressive while suggesting that you may have other people interested in you, he’s going to lose focus and respect for you
  • Keep it subtle: Instead of saying, “I have to go on three dates today!” Maybe just drop in, “An old colleague won’t stop texting me, watching him try to flirt is making me cringe.” This is one of the easy ways to make him go gaga for you

That way, he’ll know that you’re not the one who is actively seeking out new romantic affiliations, and he’ll also feel special since you’re essentially sharing something with him. If you’re wondering how to make a man chase you, making that guy feel special is exactly what you must do.

11. Try flirting

We know who the pursuer is and who is pursued. But a few flirting signs from your side, can ensure that your man will be interested. Your flirtation will only spice up the game. Flirting is an art, and if you do it right, the guy could chase you forever till you say yes. There are a number of ways to get into flirting with a guy.

  • Keep it casual: You just need to be a bit intelligent while flirting and don’t use too many sexual hints and innuendos because that sends the wrong signals
  • There are many ways of flirting: You can flirt with your eyes, with your words, while texting and you can use your wit and sarcasm while flirting too
  • Eventually, you can get naughty: Upping your flirting game is a great way to show him your naughty side and make a guy chase you through text. When things get more comfortable, you can even consider sending across some dirty texts

12. Give him his space

It’s very crucial to know how to maintain the exact amount of space in the initial stages of wooing a man. In any kind of a healthy relationship, space is an essential thing. And here’s how you should consider doing it.

  • Have your own world: Make sure you lead separate lives while dating each other
  • You don’t need to be talking all day, everyday: Keep your texts short and sexy. Talk with him, but avoid coming across as clingy girlfriend material

Maintaining space in any relationship is crucial. If you want a guy to chase you then keeping a healthy distance is all the more important. To give a man space to chase you, you must stay invested in your own passions, interests, and ambitions. Don’t put your life on hold or bend over backward to accommodate him into your life. When he sees that your life isn’t defined by a relationship, he will respect and desire you more.

art of wooing

13. If you want him to chase you, seduce him subtly

And that’s when he’ll start to go completely nuts for you. Along with every other aspect of your personality, your sexual appeal also plays an important role in keeping a man invested in pursuing you. So if you’re constantly thinking, ‘I want him to chase me’, well then this is the way. After a few dates, he must have complimented you on some aspect of your beauty. Accentuate it, exude confidence to show him what you got and use it as an effective weapon to seduce him.

For example, if he likes you in the color red, then pick the most tantalizing red outfit and watch him lust over you. Seduction is an art and you must do it subtly to make him feel good and want you badly. If you take things too far too soon, you may end up with the regret of doing something you were not ready for.

Pay close attention to what he likes, and what he may be interested in. Don’t jump the gun, and end up doing things like showing up in lingerie at his house. Remember, we said ‘subtly’. If you try too hard, there is also the possibility that it’ll leave you desperately looking for ways to make a man chase you after you slept with him. That isn’t a pleasant state of mind to be in. Instead, be classy and graceful in your attempts to seduce him and don’t do things that you’re not ready for.

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14. Boost him and encourage him

To make him follow you and want you badly, you need to be a woman he can truly rely on. In order to that, you need to be his confidante. How to make a man chasing you is not just about teasing him into doing what you desire from him, but also about showing him how much you care.

There might come a point in his life where he might start having self-doubts or is losing confidence in himself. He might be going through a tough time in life as well.

  • Lift him up: Try being there for him and lifting him up. He will appreciate having a shoulder to lean on and come to admire you for it
  • Support him: It is not always about trying to tease and challenge a man to chase you. Sometimes, it is just about being there for him. You can get a guy to chase you without playing games by simply showing him that he can count on you to be with him through thick and thin
  • Don’t dwindle in your support: If you want a man to chase you and commit then you have to ensure that he knows that you will be a solid presence in his life, and not someone who just walks in and out as they please. You should let him know that you are not afraid to face obstacles or desert him when the times turn bad
  • Keep reminding him that you care: Don’t just support him when he needs you in a tough time. Show him that he always has you, no matter what is going on. Once a man understands that you will support him in the relationship, he will chase you forever till you commit to him
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15. Don’t be afraid to walk out

Love and relationships aside, always put your self-respect and worth first. If you see that he is not that much into you and is playing you around, walk out on him. You deserve better. If you’re already invested, you may find yourself asking, “Can you trick a guy into chasing you?” Well, sure, you can. But you also need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

What’s the point of getting him to chase you and win your over if his heart is not in it? if he has suddenly stopped chasing you, do not let it drive you crazy. You can’t build a lasting relationship on the foundation of manipulation, anyway. Also, tell yourself that for someone to lose interest, is indeed a natural thing. Do not hold it against him, just take your self-respect and walk out the door.

How To Get A Guy To Chase You – Understanding Human Psychology

Janet tried everything to get Ruben’s attention. She was always supportive, always at his beck and call, tried to spend time with him, always ready to help him out whenever he needed it and would always try to do fun and interesting tin. The only progress she seemed to be making was diving headfirst to the friendzone, a place she desperately wanted to avoid.

“That’s not how to make a guy chase you!” Janet’s friend exclaimed. “Men are hardwired to like a few things, it’s just built into their psyche. For example, it’s irresistible to them when you’re all mysterious like you’ve got so much to hide. So don’t go around being his butler, entice him into texting you back!” she added.

If like Janet, you’re wondering how to turn the tables and make a man chase you, knowing what goes on in the male mind is going to help you out a lot. Plus, now that you’ve already seen what’s going to make him want you in general, it’s now time to take a look at what’s going to make you tantalizing in his eyes. And with the right texting skills, you can actually keep him smiling for hours at your messages.

1. Use fertility to your advantage

If that title has got you confused, let us explain. Men, by nature, are hard-wired to appreciate a woman who appears to be healthy and fertile. For example, according to studies, long and healthy hair on a woman signifies youth and health, which in turn signifies fertility and attractiveness. Similarly, studies suggest that women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 appear more fertile, which naturally makes men go gaga over them.

Just like that, an overall healthier-looking figure, great personal hygiene, and a great scent are how to get a guy to chase you. So, accentuate your best features and take care of your hair, and you’ll knock his socks off on the first date.

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2. Don’t go hardcore with the makeup

Staying on the subject of fertility, did you know that too much makeup is a turn-off for most men? If you go too crazy with it, it is no surprise that he will lose interest very soon.In fact, according to studies, a moderate amount of makeup may be what’s most desirable. That’s because an almost no-makeup look lets your natural skin shine through, which obviously signifies good health and fertility.

3. Kindness goes a long way to make your crush chase you

We get it, we asked you to be a little mysterious and not be at his beck and call, but also try to make sure you’re not rude to him. Think about it, wouldn’t you only entertain someone who you know is kind to you and can help you out if you ever need it? Understanding how to get a man to chase you is all about treating him with the kindness that lets him know he can count on you, without ever appearing too obsessed with him.

There’s a lot more that goes on in the male mind than we can wrap up in a summarizing text, but make sure to use your best features to attract him to you physically. For example, men like long and toned legs, so don’t shy away from donning that skirt next time you see him. Similarly, a higher tone of voice signals attraction as well, so you can always take it a few notes higher.

Give him space and he will want to follow you around

Hold him too tight, and you’ll suffocate him. Hold him too loose, and he’s bound to leave. It is the trick of the trade. The point is that if you’re trying to understand how to give a man space to chase you, you must know that it all revolves on finding the delicate balance between, “I’m here for you if you need me,” and “I’m not someone you can take for granted, I have my own life too.”

For example, if you’re always, always replying to his texts within milliseconds of him pressing the “send” button, he might take your availability for granted. But, if he sees that you’ve got a life of your own and he needs to find his place inside of it rather than being let in without a hitch, he’s going to work a bit harder for it, and definitely try to woo you.

So if he texts you at 10 am, just text him at lunch and tell him you were busy. But make sure you don’t leave him in the dark for days on end, that’s only going to make him upset. If you want him to start a healthy relationship with you, you’ve got to keep him interested.

Key Pointers

  • One of the easy ways to keep a guy interested in you and start a loving relationship, is by not revealing too much about yourself. Men love a little mystery they can unravel
  • Guys chase women who they know are the real deal. Don’t just look hot or pretend to be a strong woman. Support him and care for him deeply
  • Do fun things with him to show him a good time 
  • To drive him crazy right away, make sure that you look your best when you are around him 
  • Flirt with him, tease him but do not go too hard and make yourself look desperate

Now, that is not so difficult is it? So, we hope that these little tricks and tips will help you find your mystery man someday. Just a small piece of advice – don’t make him chase for long, the forever should not actually drag on forever.

This article was updated in December 2022.


1. How do you make him chase you over text?

Be a bit mysterious, be a bit funny and be a bit flirty. Sounds like too much? Don’t worry, it’ll all come naturally if the connection is mutual and if you both hit it off. All you’ve got to do is be confident and humorous. Oh, and, don’t reply to his texts immediately all the time!

2. How do you make a guy miss you badly?

If you want to make him miss you badly, you’ve got to give him something to miss. Show him the best parts of your personality, and make him see what a beautiful and interesting person you are. Of course, that’s not going to happen overnight, so give it some time.

3. What makes a man commit to a woman?

To be able to commit to a woman, a man looks for kindness, support, love, and loyalty. If he truly believes that you’re an intelligent individual who can hold her own, while also offering support and love, he’s going to commit to you.

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