How To Get A Man To Chase You Without Playing Games

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how to make a man chase you
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How to make a man chase you? Well, according to research, males prefer intelligent, athletic, extroverted, stable females as potential long-term partners. The question is, how do you make a man see that you’re all that and more, and get him to pursue you? Some people say you need to act pricey and play hard to get in order to make a man want to win you over.

However, we don’t believe that a connection rooted in such manipulation has the potential to blossom into a healthy and wholesome relationship. So, we’re not here to teach you mind games. On the contrary, we are here to make sure you sit back and let him come to you. My mom always says, “Never pursue a man, get him to pursue you.” So, how to not chase but attract? How to make a guy more interested in you? How to make a guy chase you? Read on, we have the answers to all your burning questions.

15 Ways To Get A Man To Chase You

A Reddit user wrote, “Playing hard to get comes off as mentally and emotionally manipulative and is a complete and total turnoff. If you dangle the carrot and pull it away from me and attempt to motivate me to behave a certain way rather than being a communicative adult, any feelings I have vanish, and I’m flat-out done. So be careful.” On that note, here are quick tips on making men want you without power moves…

1. How to get a man to chase you: Be a woman of substance

How to make a guy chase you? Start by making yourself irresistible to a man by becoming a self-assured, competent, and independent woman. Become the best version of yourself:

  • Pursue your career goals
  • Live a fulfilling life where you don’t need a partner to ‘complete’ you
  • Set goals that require you to step out of your comfort zone

The key to figuring out how to make a guy crave you is making yourself the priority in your life. Men love a woman who has mastered the art of self-love! Dating coach Geetarsh Kaur says, “One thing guys want in a relationship is someone who works on improving themselves. It’s important for both halves of the relationship to be their presentable selves, to be courteous, and have a zest for life.”

2. Win his trust

Instead of chasing a man, work on letting him see that you’re someone he can lean on. Guys love a woman they can feel secure with, someone they can trust. So, to make your crush chase you, show him he can truly rely on you. If you want to get a guy’s attention, do this:

  • Ask him thoughtful questions/get to know him deeply
  • Stand up for him in front of others
  • Genuinely listen to him

3. Be empathetic

How to communicate with a man without chasing him? Being more empathetic in your relationship can be the difference between having a loving and understanding dynamic or one that’s constantly on the cusp of disaster. If he calls you in a crisis because you can put yourself in his shoes, it’s one of the signs he sees you as a high-value woman.

“I’ve often seen that when there’s a communication gap in the relationship, the woman might end up saying things like, “You don’t talk to me, you don’t communicate properly.” It might not be that the communication is suffering, it’s just also entirely possible that she’s truly unable to understand what he’s saying. Being able to understand what he’s saying and relate to it is the best communication tactic you can deploy. Instead of arriving at your own conclusions, be a bit more empathetic and accountable,“ says Geetarsh.

4. Be his safe place

“I want him to chase me,” you think to yourself, but don’t know how. Offering insight into how to make him chase you and commit, a Reddit user wrote, “The best way to make men want you is to develop a healthy relationship with them. Be a source of his happiness and he’ll fight to keep you.” If you’re familiar with male psychology, then you’d know men go after women who can offer them more than just their bodies. They are looking for warmth, comfort, security, and companionship much like women are. Be his safe place, and you won’t have to agonize over ways to make him choose you.

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5. Stop chasing him if you want him to chase you

Never chase men again. Instead, use the law of attraction when he pulls away. Author John Kim writes, “Not chasing doesn’t mean to not be ambitious or go after your dreams. I’m talking about a mindset, intention, energy, where we pull from. Attracting is a power-filled state wherein you are:

  • Focusing on improving over wanting
  • Not exchanging who you are for what you want
  • Not seeking approval and validation
  • Not taking; you’re giving by being the best version of you
  • Raising your vibrations, living on a higher frequency, and attracting who and what you were meant to attract”

6. Don’t be too available for him

How to turn the tables and make him chase you? Leave some things unsaid and let him discover them on his own. As much as you love the stories about each other, it’s still good to hold some information back. Don’t give everything to him on a platter right away. Men are drawn to women who seem like a mystery to them.

That’s where they feel the thrill of the chase. In the early stages, take things slow – very, very slow. Don’t put every little aspect of your personality out there too soon or the spark may die down even before it’s had the chance to grow into a slow-burning flame. This is the key to avoiding boredom in a relationship, irrespective of what stage you’re at.

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7. Make your crush chase you by pampering him

what makes a man chase a woman
Show him you care for him

Geetarsh explains, “It’s a natural human emotion, to want to be pampered and cared for. Men love to be mothered. It doesn’t mean you’re dating a man child, they like the care, the intimacy, the comfort, and the way it makes them feel about the relationship. Everyone wants to feel important. It’s not like he aspires to be a stoic ‘man’ of the house.”

Whether you’re wondering how to make a man chase you after you slept with him, get your crush to woo you, or have your long-term partner fawn over you the way he did when you first started going out, channeling your nurturing instincts to make him feel loved and cared for can help.

8. Make him realize that you care too

Will ghosting him make him want me, you wonder? The answer is no. We recommend the opposite because there are healthy ways to draw a man to you. Initiate contact. Clearly express your feelings. Showing interest is the only way to find out about his intentions. You may notice his interest dwindling if you don’t:

At this point, it is time to introspect and assess whether you’ve taken the whole aloof and hard-to-get vibe a little too far. There is a huge possibility that you’re making it a power game without any regard for him. To develop a strong attraction, you need to still give him a taste of a great time. Men like the chase as long they see that their efforts are reciprocated.

9. How to make a man chase you? Become a treat to his eyes

In figuring out the ways to make a guy want you, don’t forget the power of appealing to his senses. The visual impression is a powerful tool in pursuing a relationship. You are stunning and you know it, there is no doubt about it. But everyone loves hygiene and grooming, including women. In fact, putting in an effort is an integral part of first date etiquette.

Looking good and smelling great are quick tips on how to make yourself irresistible to him. He will fantasize about having you around all the time. And it’s quite natural that he will be on his toes to meet you on every subsequent date.

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10. Throw in a bit of competition

How to make a man chase you after you slept with him? This can seem like a million-dollar question but it isn’t really that complicated once you understand the reverse psychology to make him chase you. Drop hints that he isn’t the only one chasing you. If you want to challenge a man to chase you, a little bit of healthy competition will level things up well. If he cares, he will up his game to win you.

  • Let him know he is not the only one: Make him worry a little about losing you
  • But don’t go overboard: If you’re too aggressive in your approach, he’s going to lose focus and respect for you
  • Keep it subtle: Instead of saying, “I have to go on three dates today!” Maybe just drop in, “An old colleague won’t stop DMing on social media, watching him try to flirt is making me cringe.” This is one of the easy tips on how to get him interested again (or keep him interested)

That way, he’ll know that you’re not the one who is actively seeking out new romantic affiliations, and he’ll also feel special since you’re essentially sharing something with him. If you’re wondering how to make a man chase you again, the right mix of letting him know that he holds a special place in your heart and inducing the fear that he could lose you can do the trick.

11. Try flirting

We know who the pursuer is and who is pursued. But a few flirting signs from your side can ensure that your man will stay interested and invested. Your flirtation will only spice up the game. Flirting is an art, and if you do it right, the guy could chase you forever till you say yes. Here are some tips on what to say to make him want you:

  • Keep it casual: Don’t bombard him with too many sexual hints and innuendos
  • Variety is the spice of life: You can flirt with your eyes/ words, use your wit/sarcasm
  • Eventually, get naughty: Send me a load text message to make him obsess over you, such as: “My computer server never goes down, but I do”

12. Give him his space

How to make a man chase you again? Let him reach out to you by giving him space. After all, self-love is as important as having someone special in your life to shower you with their love and affection. So, here’s how to make a man come back to you:

  • Have your own world: Make sure you lead separate lives; spending time apart is very important
  • You don’t need to be talking all day, everyday: Talk with him but avoid coming across as clingy girlfriend material

How to keep him wanting you? Stay invested in your own passions, interests, and ambitions. Don’t put your life on hold or bend over backward to accommodate him into your life. When he sees that your life isn’t defined by a relationship, he will respect and desire you more.

art of wooing

13. Seduce him subtly

And that’s when he’ll start to go completely nuts for you. Along with every other aspect of your personality, your sexual appeal also plays an important role. So if you’re constantly thinking, “I want him to chase me”, this could be the key.

How to get your boyfriend to chase you and appreciate you more? Find ways to surprise him. For example, if he likes you in the color red, then pick the most tantalizing red outfit and watch him lust over you. Seduction is an art and you must do it subtly to make him feel good and want you badly. Be classy and graceful in your attempts to seduce him and don’t do things that you’re not ready for.

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14. Boost him and encourage him

“I asked one of my clients when was the last time he cried. He replied, “I don’t remember, it has been years since I cried.” It was quite heartbreaking to know that he hadn’t even felt that comfortable with his peers and family. Often, men have a hard time expressing their emotions,” says Geetarsh.

So, you don’t have to challenge a man to chase you. Sometimes, it’s about showing him how much you care. Maneuvering your bond to a space in your relationship where he feels comfortable enough to truly express his emotions isn’t something that you can do in a week, especially if he’s the kind who struggles with letting people in. 

With that being said, there’s nothing a bit of honest communication and validation can’t fix. What to say to make him want you? “I am here for you”. Men look for a person they feel comfortable sharing absolutely anything with, without the fear of being perceived as weak. 

15. Don’t be afraid to walk away

Love and relationships aside, always put your self-respect and worth first. If you’re only getting mixed signals from him, walk away. You deserve better. Knowing when is the right time to leave is an art. If you’re already invested, you may find yourself asking, “How to turn the tables and make him chase you?” Well, you also need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

What’s the point of chasing a man if his heart is not in it? If he has suddenly stopped chasing you, do not let it drive you crazy. You can’t build a lasting relationship on the foundation of manipulation. Also, tell yourself that someone losing his interest is indeed a natural thing. Do not hold it against him, just take your self-respect and walk out the door.

Key Pointers

  • Getting a man to chase you is an art and can be done without resorting to manipulation and mind games
  • The key is to make him view you as a high-value woman who’d enrich his life
  • It’s also equally important to build a genuine connection with him, and make him feel loved, cared for, and appreciated
  • If despite your best efforts, a man doesn’t reciprocate, don’t linger around in the hope that he will change the way he feels about you. Preserve your self-respect and walk away

Now, that is not so difficult is it? So, we hope that these little tricks and tips will help you. Will a man chase a woman he loves? Hell yes! So, wait for the guy who treats you like a queen and nothing less. Also, the story just starts with a man chasing a woman or vice versa. However, the real test of true love is not during the chase but after it…


1. What are the text messages to make him obsess over you?

Be a bit mysterious, be a bit funny and be a bit flirty. Sounds like too much? Don’t worry, it’ll all come naturally if the connection is mutual and if you both hit it off. All you’ve got to do is be confident and humorous. Oh, and, don’t reply to his texts immediately all the time!

2. How to make him chase you and commit?

Be yourself and get to know each other deeply. Of course, that’s not going to happen overnight, so give it some time. Never chase men again. Be in your highest vibration and the right man will be attracted into your life. Also, don’t feel shy to challenge him every once in a while.

3. What makes a man commit to a woman?

To be able to commit to a woman, a man looks for kindness, support, love, and loyalty. If he truly believes that you’re an intelligent individual who can hold her own, while also offering support and love, he’s going to commit to you.

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