21 Ways To Not Get Friendzoned

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Updated On: March 15, 2022
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The friend zone can be a terrifying place to be because once you’re locked in there, it can take a while to get out. How not to get friend zoned is about making all the right moves and flirting the perfect amount in the initial days of courting. 

If that goes wrong, getting friend zoned by a girl can happen very quickly. Is friend zone permanent? No, it is not but it is certainly enduring. Rebecca friend zoned Matt a week after they had been talking on text because a certain thing about him irked her. She has been ignoring all his flirts and advances ever since. 

21 Ways To Not Get Friendzoned 

How not to get friendzoned is really important to understand if you are desperately pining for her. If you keep saying, ‘I always get friendzoned!’ to your friends, you might be doing something wrong without even knowing what it is. 

But don’t fret, because we have your back this time. Here are some tips and tricks on how not to get friendzoned so you can really pursue the one you like. 

1. Do not keep waiting around 

People who wait for the perfect moment or are often lingering around before making any obvious moves, get friendzoned pretty quickly. Take your time until you are comfortable but don’t prolong it unnecessarily. 

If you really like them, find a sooner time to shoot your shot and show it to them. How to not get friend zoned is really about timing most importantly. 

2. Be there for them 

To really show someone that you are the ultimate keeper, you need to be a strong support system to them. In rough times, they need to be able to always count on you. To really consider you more than a friend, they need to know that you are always dependable and care for them more than others. 

3. Do cute things for them 

To casually step out of the friendzone, you need to make gestures that are clearly beyond the realm of friendship. Old fashioned romantic gestures are actually still in! Plan a hot date with a movie and a fabulous dinner spread to woo your crush. 

If you are seeing any friendzone signs, this can be done to make quick repairs. You can also bring them flowers after work or send over a box of chocolates when they are having a difficult day. 

how to not get friendzoned
Do cute things and have fun with them

4. Be consistent 

Leaving them high and dry will confuse them about your stance on the whole thing. The key to showing someone you are good enough for them, is by really sticking around for them. 

This applies to textual conversations too. Do not show any signs of texting anxiety or seen zone them for more than a day. How to not get friend zoned over text is by keeping your ‘Texting stage’ healthy and alive most of the times. 

5. Be yourself 

I believe a lot of time men or women land up in the friendzone because they are constantly trying to be someone they are not. To avoid any tags, they start adopting personalities that will help them succeed in winning the one they like.  

That is completely counterproductive. When you’re trying to be a trope and not yourself, people can often see through that and turn around and walk the other way. How not to get friendzoned is certainly about not being just a friend anymore, but also about being your unabashed self. 

6. Tell them that they are special 

And really just say it out loud to them. If you’re not into making grand gestures, that is fine too. But to avoid being friendzoned, you really have to say some things out loud. ‘You mean the world to me’, ‘I love being around you’ or ‘You are so dear to me’ are some things that you should say to them. 

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7. Be a little mysterious 

Showing all your cards at once never works when you are trying to woo somebody. If you want to make someone like you or make them miss you, you need an air of mystery around yourself. Do not give in and tell them everything about yourself at once. 

Let them peel your layers one day at a time. This will keep them hooked and interested in you. 

8. Stay in their loop 

If you want to not get friend zoned by an ex, you cannot just walk out of their lives. This will make them forget you or realize that you are just better off as friends. To really make them love you again, you have to be part of their lives, their friend circles and their everyday. 

Bump into them at the grocery store or run into them at parties of mutual friends. Even sending a relatable meme once a day works! Just do not detach or cut off. 

9. Do not be clingy 

While we told you to be consistent and available at all times, it did not mean that you should hanker on. Giving space is extremely important. Your efforts need to be obvious but need to watch out for signs too. If he or she is getting uncomfortable or is trying to avoid you, take a step back and reorganize your way further. 

10. Jealousy does not always work 

People often think the easiest way on how not to get friendzoned is by making the other person feel jealous and miserable. Rambling too many stories about new dates or other casual hook-ups will not always do you good. 

Sometimes, jealousy makes people stray away even further. Its a hit or miss so we would recommend you try not to use this toxic method at all. 

11. Touch them often 

Little touches here and there are considered very underrated but go a really long way in showing someone what you feel about them. To not get friendzoned by a guy, you must show him that you want to take things the other way. 

Brushing their shoulder while laughing or touching hands accidentally are all old school tricks but work fabulously. Show them that you really want them if you’re serious about how to not get friendzoned. 

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12. Don’t act like their partner already 

Being possessive, toxic or emotionally needy is not going to do you any favors. Even if the romance is real and you two are ‘Almost’ dating, you must still not start speeding on that road. 

Give him or her time to get accustomed to you being in their lives without throwing it onto them. If it comes to them as a surprise, they were bolt and leave you in the friendzone. 

Take time to open other avenues of the relationship

13. Work on the sexual tension 

Without a sexual attraction, you are going to end up in the friend zone without a doubt. Embrace your sexual desires towards them and show it to them in little ways.  Whether you are initiating a sex chat for the first time or trying to kiss them, be passionate about it.

To not get friend zoned on a date, you must leave a spark. Physical attraction can do more than you think. If the sexual dynamics are in place, you will never get a chance to ask yourself, ‘Am I being friendzoned?’ 

14. Be assertive 

People often are swooned when someone else confidently takes the lead. This makes them wanted and makes them feel like they are taken care of. Be upfront and make concrete plans. Do not be lazy when it comes to courting them. 

Be forward about picking them up, showing them places and doing things with them. Don’t sit back and expect them to do the work because that will make them lose interest. 

15. Don’t become the nice guy or nice girl 

It is very easy to be compartmentalized into that box. And once you are, the friend zone isn’t a long road from there. Do not just do things for them because you are a genuinely nice person. Do those things because you like them. There are many easy ways to be romantic.

If they keep thinking that everything you do for them is because you’re just ‘that nice guy’, how not to get friend zoned is really going to go downhill for you. Show them that while you don’t expect anything in return, you are doing these nice things because you want this relationship to go somewhere. 

16. Play hard to get 

Teasing them a little is necessary to make them want you even more. But make sure you don’t do it so much that they completely lose interest in you. Do not always answer their calls and make time for them at the drop of a hat. 

Be busy, occupied and engaged elsewhere to really let them know that you’re not some easy cookie. How not to get friend zoned is not just about showing them that you are right for them, but also letting them realize it on their own. 

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17. Tell them that you do not want to be just friends 

And use those exact words if you can. Making coy moves here and there do work, but after a point you need to get real. Be honest about how you feel about them and that you do not want to be dragged along as just a friend. Let them truly consider you. 

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18. Be eager about one on one time 

‘Cathy can’t make it, she has to take her dog to the vet so its just the two of us tonight’ should sound like a sweet melody to you. Spending personal time with him or her should make you excited but let that excitement reverberate. 

Let them also feel like this one on one time is special and important for the two of you. Make it as romantic as possible so she knows this time is different from the time you have spent as just friends. 

19. Compliment but make it more 

Everyone gives compliments to their friends who they love. But make your compliments stand out so he knows you’re flirting with him. ‘Your eyes are giving me butterflies in my stomach’ is not something your regular friend says to you over coffee. Compliments for a man’s smile are also going to make him blush profusely.

20. Text well to not get friendzoned over text 

Keeping it limited to sharing memes and GIFs still has a friendly aura around it. To really go deep into the trenches, you should share music that you love or snaps of your day. Keep it intimate to make him feel like he is close to you. 

How not to get friendzoned is really about pulling them in, looking into their eyes and being honest. To translate that to text, your conversations need to be more personal with the occasional flirts peppered here and there. 

21. Just ask them out 

Yes, you have to just do it. The final piece of the puzzle requires you to just take the plunge. If you want to be obvious about not to get friendzoned, you have to do the opposite. Take them out on a date and make your intentions very clear. There are many first date ideas to help you.

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How not to get friendzoned is truly about creating a reliable buildup and then making the final move. They should not be alarmed that you want to go out with them but should be anticipating it. To really be ones lover, you have to prove that you are ready to do it. 

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