How To Woo A Guy? Tips To Get A Boy To Like You

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Updated On: October 16, 2021
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If your crush has barely noticed your coy advances and you are racking your brain on how to woo a guy, then you have come to the right place. You might be feeling confused about what to say, how to dress and what is the correct time to ask him out.

Moreover, with social media, there are so many ways of flirting with a guy online that you can use to your advantage. So if you’re worried about how to get a boy to like you, breathe easy. The anxiety can be crushing, we know, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can ace this game.

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8 Ways To Attract And Get A Boy To Like You

How to woo a man, you ask? Well, know that this is not some complex maze, a treasure chest with no map or some kind of Herculean task. If you play your cards right, then this can be a super easy thing to do. Just follow a few steps and you will be good to go. Here is how to get a boy to like you!

1. Using body language

Female body language is indeed a terrifyingly powerful thing if used right. You do not want to make him uncomfortable by constantly touching him, that is indeed a no-no. But you should try to spark a certain chemistry and garner his attention by using your body language well.

Tap his shoulder while laughing at his jokes, clutch his arm sweetly every once in a while, lean over him and always keep your posture open for him. Sometimes you can give away a lot about what you’re feeling without even saying a single word.

2. Play hard to get

The answer to how to woo someone lies in knowing when to retreat. We know it might sound counterproductive, but hear us out. Smothering him with love might not always work in your favor and could even drive him away. How to woo a guy and make him stay is about leaving trails and a little mystery behind for him to want to uncover.

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3. Be his personal cheerleader

To really show him you’re a keeper and that he can trust you, you have to be his personal cheerleader always. Celebrate his achievements, motivate him to be better and show him that he is wonderful. From celebrating big milestones to tiny wins, show him that you are there to keep him going and motivated.

Everyone wants to feel loved and feel like someone is looking out for them. Compliment him well and give him all the support he needs. Once he sees that, he will know you genuinely care about him.

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Celebrate his small wins with him

4. Ask for favors

When you ask for favors, you are indeed establishing a relationship with the other person which will keep you in their thoughts. Not just homework or work-related professional requirements but consider asking personal favors as well if you’re serious about how to get a boy to like you.

Maybe ask him if he could pick up your sister from soccer practice or if he could grab you a coffee too on the way to work. As long as it’s not overbearing, it will give you a chance to get closer to him, swoop in for a romantic hug, and most importantly, also return the favor.

5. Massage his ego

How to get a guy to like you also requires sometimes showing him that you need him very much. For example, ask him to do the heavy lifting every once in a while. Use his help for carrying your shopping bags or your laptop bag to work. We know these sound like little things but they can go a long way in wooing a guy.

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6. Find ways to take him out

Ask him out for drinks after work, ice cream after a study session or use an excuse to catch a movie with him. How to get a guy to like you? Well, start by spending lots of time with him so he can truly see you for who you are. Texting is fine but nothing compares to going on actual dates and spending quality time together.

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7. Be his gossip buddy

A guy needs to know he can trust you if he is going to give you the key to his heart. When talking to him, find ways to get him to open up so he knows he can talk to you about anything. Use these get-to-know-me questions to uncover a deeper and unseen side of him.

When he knows he can come and text you after a long day, that’s when you know you’re winning when it comes to how to woo a guy. Be his confidante and best friend first.

8. Hit him up online

Apart from texting, make sure you use social media well to show him that you’re interested in him. Reply to his IG stories, slide into those DMs, comment on his pictures and make your presence felt. Obviously, don’t overdo it but use the power of social media to keep him thinking about you.

So see! How to woo a guy is really not that difficult if you keep your head held high, stay confident, and just try to talk to him often. He will be pining for you in no time.


1. How do you woo a guy over text?

How to flirt with guys over text is no biggie. Use the right emojis, don’t double text too much, send cute snaps in the middle, flirt your way and you are good to go.

2. How do you make your crush fall in love with you fast?

Keep him hooked. Play hard to get, don’t act desperate but also don’t let him lose sight of you. Dress well, talk to him often but also don’t show him that you need him too much. Keep him a little confused and he will be on your hook.

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