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As we walk through life, we meet people who spark our interest, people we’d love to get to know better. But, outside of basic small talk, we often find ourselves wondering what we could ask them that would really forge a connection. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a handy list of ‘interesting get to know me questions’ up your sleeve?

Sometimes, even with interesting people, conversations could become awkward and mundane if you’re not good with your ice breakers. On the other hand, with a definite list of get to know me questions, you could end up talking to that new person all night. Even if it’s someone you met online, or follow on Instagram, these get to know me questions will still count.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

85 Get To Know Me Questions To Connect With Someone

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Acquainting yourself with someone is easy, but connecting with them?– mmm, not so much. Don’t worry, we’re here to rescue you with our updated get to know me questions 2022. Remember, always keep the ‘right place at the right time’ factor in mind. You do not want to suddenly ask someone a personal question at a party where you’re just casually chatting. That would just ruin the synergy and all your previous efforts will go in vain.

You really want to impress someone? Then this list is a great place to start. Here are the questions to ask to get to know someone and really connect with them on a deeper level.

Basic But Interesting Get to Know Me Questions

These questions are simple and straight to the point. But don’t consider them boring. They can mesmerize your date if dropped at the right places!

1. What is the meaning of your name?

The best conversation starter, you might end up hearing a lovely story or learning some beautiful family history behind their name.

2. Were you named after someone in your family?

The answer to this question is simple, but it could unveil a lot of family history which could turn out to be really interesting. Plus, how better to get to know someone than through their family tree. This is one of the more interesting ‘get to know me’ questions.

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3. If you could change your name right now, what would you change it to?

One of the best get to know me questions, this one could give you a peak into their mindset. If they choose a sparkly, jazzy name, that could mean they want some excitement in life and aren’t looking for boredom in a relationship. On their other hand, if they choose something literary, you would know they’re into simple pleasures – reading, daydreaming, etc.

4. Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in the middle?

You will easily be able to identify how much effort you might have to put in to build a connection with the person based on this question. Introverts will always need a little more effort to be drawn out, while extroverts do a lot of the work themselves simply because of who they are. So, with this question, you can figure out where they land on the scale.

fun get to know me questions
Ask them if they’re an introvert, an extrovert, or on the fence

5. Who were you closer to while growing up, your mom or your dad?

Get an insight about their family. It could prove to be a fun question, or even open Pandora’s Box of hidden secrets…you never know!

6. Do you have a nickname at home? Do you like that nickname?

One of the more fun get to know me questions, you now have an excuse to tease them! You might get answers such as ‘Baby,’ ‘Cutie’, and maybe even ‘Nonie’. Try not to laugh too much!

7. Are you more of a movie person or a book person?

A great question to learn about their favorite pastime and interests. Depending on their answer, this could also leads you straight into a discussion about, well yes, books and movies.

8. What’s something that you love about yourself?

When you ask this get to know me question, you are certain to find out more about the other person as their answer will reveal a deeper and personal side of them.

9. Would you rather party with a big group or a couple of close friends?

The answer could tell you just how extroverted or introverted they are! Also, depending on their answer, maybe you could suggest that you hang out together, or in a group.

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10. What do you think is your best physical feature?

Brace yourself for a flirty turn to the conversation with this question, as they might answer with something like, “my lips” or “my butt”.

11. What aspect of your life do you think you need to work on?

Whether it is procrastination, laziness or tardiness, you will know what to expect (or not) once the connection is built.

Ask their favorite season as a get to know me question
Getting them to recall their favorite season is a good ice-breaker

12. Which season is your favorite, and why?

This sounds like a simple question, but people often have really interesting reasons for their favorite season. Some might love winters for the cold and the warm, snuggly clothing, whereas others might love summers because it’s beach weather!

13. Are you an early bird or a nocturnal owl?

Another one of the basic get to know me questions, the answer to this will help you identify their lifestyle and daily schedule.

14. What is your all-time favorite song/band?

If there’s one thing that people really connect over, it’s music! Asking them about their favorite song or band could lead to you both exchanging music, which is always fun to do! Who knows, maybe you’ll connect over the best heartbreak songs and talk all night.

15. Do you eat to live, or live to eat?

They might be a big-time foodie, devouring anything and everything under the sun, or they could be a regular food consumer. Use such fun get to know me questions to keep the conversation light and interesting.

16. If you could, which food item would you ban from this world?

Well, you have to ask that question! What if they are about to ban your favorite food item from the world?

17. While dressing up, do you put fashion first or comfort?

Skinny jeans and a tank top, or sweatpants and a slogan t-shirt. You get to know their priorities with this one and also understand their preferences better.

18. Who is your most favorite person on this planet?

This opens up several avenues of new conversations. People always have the most interesting reasons for choosing their favorite person.

19. If you had to take a guest to your favorite place in the city, where would you take them?

Get to know me questions - favorite place in the city
What’s a favorite place in the city where they would take a guest? Ask them and take it from there

You could follow up the answer with, “Maybe you could take me there”, and ensure you meet them again!

20. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

For some, it is a make-or-break question. A dog-lover would not want to connect with a person saying, “I hate dogs”, right?

21. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

If they spend some time thinking about their answer, this question also helps the other person know themselves better!

Random And Fun Get to Know Me Questions

If you two have reached a point of comfort in your conversation, it is now time to bring out these fun get to know me questions and take your relationship to the next level!

22. If you could reincarnate as an animal, which animal would you want to be?

A puppy? A giraffe? A giant lizard like Godzilla? The two of you could really end up laughing over this as your new friend answers this question!

23. If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

This will help you understand what they really want from life. They might answer with something superficial (I would wish for longer legs) or something deep (I want world peace). Either way, you will know what to expect from them.

24. Which superhero did you always look up to while growing up?

Do they answer by naming a real person they know or a movie superhero? Also, and this is important: Are they into Marvel or DC superheroes? Captain America or Batman? The answer could reveal a lot about them!

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25. Which conspiracy theory completely blew your mind?

They might end up telling you a theory that completely boggles your mind! Who could avoid the brilliant conversation following that?

26. If you had to write a book based on your life, what would the title be?

Get to know someone by asking them what they would call a book on their life
Ask them what their autobiography would be called

This question demands a little bit of thought, but the answer could truly surprise you. This also gives you more insight into the story of their lives so far. Plus, this could lead to a discussion about books and favorite authors. Maybe you’re both bibliophiles and you end up talking about books that have changed your lives. After all, books can enrich relationships and bring people closer.

27. Given a chance to visit any historical period, which period would you choose?

You can judge a person’s level of curiosity based on this question. If nothing else, at least you will know whether they paid attention in history class at school or not! One of the more fun, but intellectual questions to get to know someone.

28. Where can one usually find you at a party?

At the bar? In a group? Inside a washroom? Hiding in a corner? The simple answer to this simple question will tell you a lot about them.

29. If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

This question will show you what a person really wants to change in their life. Would they use the wand for the greater good or for personal wishes?

30. Which actor/actress would you choose to play you, if a movie based on your life was made?

A fun question, they might answer with a super-hot celebrity or a very mediocre one, giving you a glimpse of how they perceive themselves.

31. If you could own a mythical creature like a unicorn or a phoenix, which one would it be?

It’s no fun to talk to someone who doesn’t have a secret fantasy world, right?

32. Given a chance to meet anyone on Earth, dead or alive, whom would you want to meet?

“My great-grandfather who fought in the war” or “Abraham Lincoln”, the answer to this random get to know me question could prove to be really good!

33. Describe your fashion sense to me

Are they a comfort first kind of person or can they wear a latex top with leather pants? The answer will tell you how experimental they are!

Get to know me questions - fashion sense
Fashion forward, or casual cool – ask them their fashion sense

34. Do you like celebrating your birthday? If not, then why?

Often, people are not excited about their birthdays at all. If that is the case with the person you’re talking to, then you need to find out why.

35. If money was no object, where would you travel?

It can be a lot of fun to know someone’s dream destination. It could be Paris for some and Sarajevo for someone else. It’s a great way to get to know them better.

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36. What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream flavor?

You can use the answer to this question as an opportunity to text them later to meet up over their favorite ice-cream. Great connections happen over ice-cream!

37. Who was the worst boss in your career?

Unless they’ve led an extremely charmed life, this question could turn into a long conversation!

38. What is your guilty pleasure rom-com movie to watch?

Everybody likes a little escape. It could be something like “The Ugly Truth” or “Love Actually”. Find out and don’t judge, okay? It’s possible you share a love for the same mushy movies and end up quoting your favorite heart-touching love dialogues.

39. Has there ever been a time when you had to wear a really ridiculous outfit?

This question shows how curious you are to know your new friend better and hopefully they will welcome a chance to tell this story! Maybe it was a costume party where they dressed as a bear. Maybe they had to wear a bag over their head one Halloween. Find out.

40. What was the last text message that you received?

This might make them take their phone out. You can learn more about their bond with other people, and hey, take this opportunity to ask them for their number too, maybe?

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41. Do you have any friends that your parents don’t approve of?

We all have that one friend that our parents don’t like. Their answer could tell you what kind of company they keep. Also, how far they obey their parents!

42. If you were allowed to kill one person you know, whom would you kill?

Are they full of malice and ready with a long hitlist? Or are they answering with, “I can’t kill anyone….that’s ruthless…”? The answer could tell you a lot about them!

stories about dating

Super Funny Get to Know Me Questions

Want to make them laugh? Then these funny get to know me questions will do the trick. Ask away!

43. Tell me an embarrassing childhood memory

Although this is a funny get to know me question, if your friend gives an answer, it means that they are willing to trust you.

44. What is the dumbest way you have ever injured yourself?

Someone I know sprained her ankle simply by walking! We all got a good laugh out of it. Maybe you could experience that with this question as well!

45. Tell me about your most awkward moment with someone

This might show you how easily they are embarrassed. But you need to prepare yourself to listen to some really weird answers as well! Either way, awkward stories are always great fun and make for great conversation starters.

46. What is the funniest name a person can have?

Just a random, funny get to know me question, you both can discuss some really funny names you have heard. Something like Dick Little, Dee Elrod, Cutie Hornswaggle?

47. What is the cheesiest pick-up line that you can think of?

Roses are red, so is wine, I’ll give you the six, you give me the nine. Yep, that’s a super cheesy pick-up line. Get to know theirs and have a good laugh!

48. Do you think hotdogs can be a part of the sandwich family? Why or why not?

This may seem stupid, but it is truly one of the best get to know me questions. You never know where the answer might take you two.

49. Would you rather be ugly but intelligent or beautiful but dumb?

juicy get to know me questions
Will they choose beauty over intelligence? Ask them

What they prioritize tells you a lot about them. If they choose beauty over intelligence for no reason whatsoever, they might not be worthy of a deeper connection.

50. If you could merge 2 animals to create a new animal, which 2 animals would you choose?

This question may really compel them to think and provide you with some really hilarious answers.

51. If you were to become a ghost, whom would you want to haunt?

Are they haunting their ex out of anger or their friends for fun, the answer could surprise you.

52. If someone pays you 2 million dollars to eat a cockroach, would you eat it?

Ewww! Gross, right? But what if they say “yes”? What then?

53. Tell me a superstition that is stupid but you still believe in it

A black cat crosses their path and they stop performing any tasks. It could be really funny to know, don’t you think?

54. If your gender was changed for one day, what is the first thing that you would do?

Trust me, people have the most interesting answers to this question. Especially when it comes to exploring the parts ‘down there’. You’d be curious to know!

55. What is the weirdest thing that you actually find attractive or sexy in a person?

Some women find a man’s calf muscles really sexy. Some men find women’s feet really sexy. Don’t you want to find out their answer and what they think is super sexy?

56. If you had to listen to only one song for the rest of your life, which song would it be?

A song could mean a lot to a person, and the song they choose tells a lot about them. It could turn out to be a long conversation as well!

Get to know me questions - one song they can always listen to
What’s a song they could listen to forever?

57. If you were stuck in an elevator for 5 hours with the person you hate the most, what would you do?

This funny question might actually tell you the amount of antipathy they could have toward a person.

58. Is there a weird food combination that you actually really like?

Cucumber and chocolate, maybe? Or peanut butter and potatoes? People have some really weird choices and it’s always fun to find out! Also, food and connection have a lot to do with each other.

59. Tell me something that is not real, but you really wish it were

You can find out about their deepest desires or their truest fantasies with this question. Are you prepared?

60. If you could be invisible for one whole day, what would you do?

Would they spy on someone or travel the world free of cost? Be prepared to listen to some funny or maybe even, deep answers.

61. If you could check someone’s messages without them knowing about it, whose messages would you check?

This could give you a good idea about how suspicious or nosey your new friend is. Would they really check someone’s messages seriously, or simply do it for fun. Either way, you’ll get to know!

62. If the entire world had to be of one single color, which color would you want it to be?

This one’s just another fun, interesting question to spark a blooming connection. And maybe you two love the same color!

63. What do you think people will say about you at your funeral?

This question will give you a chance to find out how your friend thinks other people view them. Also, do they think about their funeral at all, or find it too macabre?

What Are Some Get to Know Me Questions for Couples?

Not just first dates, we are also covering get to know me questions for couples in this list. So if you two have been going out a while, we have something for you here.

64. What is your dream destination for a honeymoon?

what are some get to know me questions for couples
Ask your new friend or crush where they would want to honeymoon

If they answer with a really expensive destination, you better start saving already!

65. When did you have your first kiss? Did you like it?

This will tell you how experimental they have been. Some have had their first kiss by the time they were 15, others haven’t kissed someone they were 24.

66. At what age did you have your first crush?

This is an interesting way to find out how early your significant other began realizing the human emotion of love. You could follow it up by asking them what they did about their feelings. This is a good question to ask your crush and get to know them better.

67. What is that one thing that immediately turns you on?

You are soooo going to love the answer, and you might get turned on as well!

68. What is that one thing that immediately turns you off?

This is a good way to know the things you need to avoid at all costs, in order to keep the flame burning between you two.

69. How do you behave when someone flirts with you?

This might tell you how they would react when someone you don’t know flirts with them. Don’t get possessive immediately, though. Give them a chance to be themselves.

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70. Have you explored any online dating apps?

If you haven’t met on an online dating app, this might be a good way to find out if they have explored any of them. Their experiences with online dating apps might turn into funny conversations as well!

71. Tell me the best pick-up line ever used on you

This will show you how your partner likes to be flirted with. Listen and learn!

72. Describe your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend

Here’s an opportunity to impress them. Learn more about their ideal partner and see how you fit in there.

73. Describe your dream date to me

Get to know me questions - what's your dream date
Ask your partner or crush what their dream date is. Maybe you’ll be inspired

Everybody has a dream date. Whether it is dinner under the stars or breakfast at a cute cafe, you can find out more about it and try to take them on their dream date.

74. Tell me some romantic nicknames that you absolutely hate

It is always better to steer clear of cheesy nicknames like ‘honey’, ‘muffin’, etc. if they don’t like it.

75. Do you believe in soulmates?

Generally, people have interesting reasons as to why they do or do not believe in soulmates. Find out what they think!

76. Do you believe in happily-ever-afters?

Of course, every relationship demands effort and dedication. However, some people like to believe in a fairytale happy ending. Now would be a good time to know what your partner thinks. Ask them if they think happily-ever-after is real or not.

77. Where do you like to be kissed the most?

Need juicy get to know me questions? Then look no further. Your partner might blush while answering this question. Maybe that’s what makes this one of the best get to know me questions for couples!

78. How do you react when you get in an argument with your loved one?

This question will tell you what you need to prepare for. They might respond that they get really ugly in an argument and you need to see if you are up for such a situation.

79. Do you believe in true love or do you prefer short flings?

This one is the best questions to help prepare yourself for what is about to come. If their preference is short flings, then your relationship might not last as long.

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80. What gestures from your partner would you really appreciate?

Take a mental note as they reply to this, for it might come in super handy in the future!

81. What is the most important ingredient to make a relationship last long?

Get to know me questions for couples - what makes a relationship last
Ask them what they think makes a relationship last long

Is it trust? Loyalty? Sexual intimacy? The answer might truly surprise you!

82. If your partner gets a job in a different city, would you move for them?

This shows the level of commitment they are ready for. If they do not move, it doesn’t mean they are not committed. The truth can only be revealed once you find out what they are willing to do about it.

83. Would you ever give up your career for your relationship?

Some people are so obsessively in love that they would give up anything for their significant other. This kind of a partner can become very toxic and you need to get a head’s up from the very beginning.

84. What would you write in your bio for an online dating platform?

This is just one of those fun get to know me questions for couples to determine your partner’s creativity and wit.

85. Do you believe in the concept of open relationships/open marriage?

Such juicy get to know me questions are important to understand where they stand. It is helpful to prepare yourself in case they do not believe in the concept of monogamy.

How to Ask Someone These Get to Know Me Questions

If your intention is to simply ask these questions without actually pausing for an answer or a conversation, then you might as well not ask them at all. Don’t fire questions at them like it’s an interview – they will likely turn tail and flee!

The best way to ask these get to know me questions is by choosing a comparatively intimate setting. For example, you can meet them for a cup of coffee on your first date, or if you’re at a party, sit with them in a quiet corner or outside the party spot.

Ask these get to know me questions over a couple of days and we are certain you will find yourself building deeper connections and really bonding with the other person. Good luck!

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