I’m attracted to other women even after marriage

Why do I feel attracted to other women even after marriage?
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Hello Ma’am,

My problem is that even after nine years of marriage, I find myself still attracted to the opposite sex. Why is this happening? Some of my friends have already got their chance with other ladies and they share their experiences. This makes me also to try my luck and I may have my first beautiful experience…

Is it normal, what’s going on in my mind? Is it normal or am I gradually moving towards extramarital affairs? Please help me.

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Mallika Pathak says:

Hello Young man,

Getting attracted towards someone is not a difficult thing. Attractions happen due to a variety of things: physical appearance, matching thoughts, similar

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  1. Yes. attraction is something that is very normal. however if you are feeling very tempted then seriously consider the consequences to your actions. Cheating is very hurtful and could be the end of your marriage. Think about your marriage. In what way can you work on it so you don’t have to look for sexual pleasure outside it

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