I’m attracted to other women even after marriage

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
attracted to other women even after marriage

Hello Ma’am,

My problem is that even after nine years of marriage, I find myself still attracted to the opposite sex. Why is this happening? Some of my friends have already got their chance with other ladies and they share their experiences. This makes me also to try my luck and I may have my first beautiful experience…

Is it normal, what’s going on in my mind? Is it normal or am I gradually moving towards extramarital affairs? Please help me.

Mallika Pathak says:

Hello Young man,

Getting attracted towards someone is not a difficult thing. Attractions happen due to a variety of things: physical appearance, matching thoughts, similar tastes in hobbies, etc. you can’t control who you get attracted to.

But you certainly can control your response to that attraction. You’ve said that you’re married. Oftentimes, when a relationship becomes monotonous, we look for excitement outside of it. How is your married life currently? Do you feel the same attraction towards your partner as you did earlier? Do you and your partner spend quality time with each other? Has there been any change in your physical intimacy with your wife? Ask yourself these questions and try to see if maybe any of these factors are making you feel like you’re not getting enough from your current relationship.

Getting attracted towards someone
Getting attracted towards someone

As far as indulging in an affair goes, like you’ve said that multiple friends of yours have indulged in the same. Think of the consequences that might follow. Most extramarital affairs end with one or more persons getting hurt. Reflecting on the current situation will help you get some clarity about involving yourself with someone outside of your marriage.

It’s not unnatural to feel attracted towards someone if you’re married. As I said earlier, it’s easy. But before you indulge in the same, try and understand the reasons why you’re wanting to do it. My recommendation would be to understand your current relationship and reflect upon what you’re not getting from it. Do not hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything else that I can help with.


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  1. Yes. attraction is something that is very normal. however if you are feeling very tempted then seriously consider the consequences to your actions. Cheating is very hurtful and could be the end of your marriage. Think about your marriage. In what way can you work on it so you don’t have to look for sexual pleasure outside it

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