Affair and Cheating

I’m cheating on my wife – not physically, but emotionally

He finds it easier to share his feelings with his work colleague than his wife. Does that make it wrong?
Three Cockatiels

(As told to Avantika Debnath)

(Names changed to protect identities)

Love is perhaps not the beautiful and absolute thing they show in the movies, or we show on our Facebook page, for not a single one of all those 2073 pictures Jia and I have on our profiles would give you a hint of what I am putting up with. None of those pictures would have any suggestion of Sheily, whom I called several times over the vacation I took with my wife, Jia. Don’t get me wrong, all those calls were strictly professional, she was my backup at work while I travelled to hill stations and deserts with Jia. And yet, I awaited her calls restlessly.

Jia and I celebrate our 7th anniversary this year, blessed with the prettiest daughter and the most charming son one could ever wish for. Jia is a perfect wife; I couldn’t have dreamt of anyone better. We dated for over 5 years before tying the knot.

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