If you love someone: Tell them. Here’s why.

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Updated On: January 17, 2024
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Why wait to tell someone you love them?

Where is the time to hate, when there is so little time to love? The kind of fast track life that we lead, it almost feels like that we are running against time. We prioritise on the inessentials as we hope there is always time for much more important things in life. But if we just stop and think, how much time did we really spend doing things that are close to our heart? How much time did we spend with the people who are important to us? If we measure our years by these, then we will see that we have lived a very short life. So, if you love someone, you let them know. Here is why…

The time is now

We keep waiting for the perfect time: that one moment that will stand out on its own but also made special by your admission of love. But rest assured that if you are proposing to the right person, any moment can turn special and mark the day for new beginnings. Don’t waste your best time waiting for a miracle or even some divine intervention. Don’t stand on the sidelines, hoping and expecting; take the first step to happiness and the things that should be, will come to pass.

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The fear of missing out

The fear of missing out, or FOMO as kids these days call it, is a genuine concern. If you have a crush on someone and spend your days cyberstalking them or fantasising about them, then you are missing out on your chance at a beautiful relationship. You are distancing yourself from your friends, you are depressed all the time. A glimpse of your partner makes you happy, but that is more like thunder on a dark stormy night: a momentary relief that causes more darkness. Your work or studies are hampered because you can’t concentrate on anything. Give yourself a break, tell your crush how you feel, it can’t be worse.

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The fallacy of friendzoned

Before complaining about being friendzoned by someone who never knew how you feel, ask yourself: is it really justified? Let me put it in a professional analogy. Let’s say you want a job. You are sitting at home thinking about it and hoping that you get the interview call. You walk past the office a few times, you know everything there is to know about the company, you have even been to the premises and have talked to the employees: but you never applied for the job and nobody there even knows that you are interested in joining. Then a position opens up and someone else gets the job and that makes you feel that the company is purposefully ignoring you. You get it?

The trick to forget

If it is true that you are smitten by your crush and it is taking over your life, then the best solution to your current crisis is letting your crush know. As long as you keep it hidden, brewing your love potion in secret chambers of your heart, you keep feeding the insecure monster in you. The monster grows inside you, feeding on your insecurities, feeding on your every doubt, growing strong every day, making you anxious and jittery. Then a simple crush becomes an obsession and you find yourself doing things, dark things that you never thought you are capable of. But once you tell them, once the secret is out there, you rid yourself of the monster, and in some cases, you also rid yourself of the crush.

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How much of human life is wasted in waiting?

After years of having a crush on someone and losing all hope, how would you feel if you find out that your crush was waiting for you to make the first move? How much time are you ready to waste when you could have spent that in a loving and fulfilling relationship with your crush? And even if you tell them in the end that you want to be with them and in a few weeks the relationship is aflame, won’t you regret the time you wasted in thinking about what could have been? The greatest gift human beings have is that they can communicate with each other on rational terms. We do have the gift of language. So communicate, interact, tell your crush that you do have a crush on them and see where the journey takes you. Sometimes it is better to move on than to be reciprocated: and if that is the case with your current crush, then you should tell them promptly without further ado. Don’t waste any more time on doomed choices.

Life is meant to be lived and love is an important part of that journey, but don’t let it take over your life and stop you from living your life to the fullest.

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Readers Comments On “If you love someone: Tell them. Here’s why.”

  1. No – for some of us, love it out of bounds because we are not attractive to anyone. As such there is no point in expressing my interest in any woman no matter how strong it is because it would never be welcome. This is how it is for people like me who are fundamentally undesirable.

    1. Hey Paul!

      You are AMAZING in your own ways. The fact that you are so full of love makes you extra-loveable. The beauty of love itself is it knows no bounds. You have a heart like a wildflower and that with the whole of you makes you attractive. If you need help please reach out to us at counselling@bonobology.com. WE LOVE YOU!

  2. Vasudha Tripathi

    YES!! I truly liked the idea which compared the thing to professional life. I hope someone who has crush on me sees it and then say it to me 😉 Well me.. I will say it as soon as I will have a crush on anyone. Life is lov DO NOT WASTE IN WAITING

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