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If you love someone: Tell them. Here’s why.

Share the joy, beloved. Don’t wait to tell someone you love them.
arjun and shraddha kapoor

Why wait to tell someone you love them?

Where is the time to hate, when there is so little time to love? The kind of fast track life that we lead, it almost feels like that we are running against time. We prioritise on the inessentials as we hope there is always time for much more important things in life. But if we just stop and think, how much time did we really spend doing things that are close to our heart? How much time did we spend with the people who are important to us? If we measure our years by these, then we will see that we have lived a very short life. So, if you love someone, you let them know. Here is why…

The time is now

We keep waiting for the perfect time: that one moment that will stand out on its own but also made special by your admission of love. But rest assured that if you are proposing to the right person, any moment can turn special and mark the day for new beginnings. Don’t waste your best time waiting for a miracle or even some divine intervention. Don’t stand on the sidelines, hoping and expecting; take the first step to happiness and the things that should be, will come to pass.

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  1. YES!! I truly liked the idea which compared the thing to professional life. I hope someone who has crush on me sees it and then say it to me 😉 Well me.. I will say it as soon as I will have a crush on anyone. Life is lov DO NOT WASTE IN WAITING

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