10 Proven Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

10 Proven ways to show someone you love them

Statistics show that 70 of straight couples who are unmarried, break-up within the first year. This figure goes down to 20% after they have been dating for a while. Sometimes couples break up because they do not know how to show someone they love them. If you want the odds to be in your favour and want your relationship to last, you must know how to show someone you love them!

In the words of Bill Russel:

“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.”

When loving someone who loves you, is your everything, it becomes all the more important to show someone you love them. But this isn’t always easy because sometimes we’re at a loss and don’t know how to prove or express our love.

Most people in a relationship feel that after the honeymoon phase is over, they tend to feel out of love because their partners do not make them feel loved.. Sure, you may be saying “I love You’s” pretty much everyday, but to really show someone you love them you need to move beyond these 3 words and dig a bit deeper in their hearts to make them feel being loved and cared for.

But then how? Haven’t we all grown seeing all those romantic movies that had “I love you” as the ultimate profession of love? Read on to find out how to show someone you love them with all your heart!

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10 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

Every relationship is unique and often couples share intimate moments and inside jokes only they understand. Therefore, in every relationship, the things you do to express your love will be different.

If you’re dating a foodie, you may just show your love by cooking their favourite meal with them. However, if you’re dating a die-hard hopeless romantic, you might want to plan an elaborate and magical date. So, when this is the case, how to show someone you love them becomes tricky.

show your love to your partner
Every relationship is unique

But fret not as we are here to tell you a few proven ways to show someone you love them:

1. Tell them how you feel

Never underestimate the power of communication! One of the best ways to show someone you love them is by telling them. ‘I love you‘, are three words that hold immense weight and meaning even if you think they have been routine for you.

Even when you want to show someone you love them long distance or show someone you love them through text, you can always do it by telling them how much you love them and feel for them.

However, communicating your feeling does not just end at a simple ‘I love you’. If you really love someone and what to prove this to them, you must communicate with them about your other feelings too- good and bad.

Sharing your day, your life experiences, hopes, and dreams and fears with someone is something that will bring you close.

When you love someone wholeheartedly, you are sharing your feelings with them, especially the unpleasant ones, will show them that you consider them an important part of your life and you really love them.

2. Little things go a long way to show someone you love them

Isn’t it nice when your partner takes care of you through little things like putting you to bed, or getting you a slice of your favourite pastry when you’re feeling low, or simply remembering a minor detail you told them long ago? It makes you feel warm and loved.

So if you’re wondering, how do you prove your love to someone, this is the way to go! Show them you care for them and show them the care beyond the “I love you” messages. Offer to cook, give them a day off at a spa, or simply go an entire day praising them!

Notice their likes and dislikes and remember them. Paying attention to detail and remembering those details, in the long run, is how you show someone you love them.

Remember how they like their coffee or their favorite dark chocolate. Grab their preferred wine on your way to meet them, leave a small love note for them or just hold them when they’re feeling low. Trust us when we tell you that these little things can do wonders for your relationship.

And the truth is, if you really love this person, you’ll do these things involuntarily without even realising them.

3. Surprise them to show them you love them

If you want to show someone you love them without words, surprise them! Who doesn’t love surprises?

A surprise could be anything from buying them those shoes they’ve had their eyes on for a while to throwing a full-blown surprise party. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, the best surprise would be a surprise visit!

This is one of the creative ways to show someone you love them as you can make this one your own entirely as per whatever your partner likes.

show someone you love them, by surprising them
Who doesn’t love surprises?

One of our friends Alisha told us about how things were a little rocky in her relationship and she often found herself wondering, ‘How do you prove your love to someone?’ But then one day, her boyfriend decided to surprise her with a weekend getaway and since that, they have been closer than ever.

4. Be there for them through thick and thin

How do you reassure someone you love? If you really want to show someone you love them without words, you just have to be there for them. This is an unspoken promise that you make when you’re in love with each other. When your partner is going through a rough patch, tell them you understand. Even if they seem illogical, listen to them. Sometimes, all one needs is to speak up whatever it is that they are feeling. This is the ultimate way to show you care, and to show that they are loved.

Being in love doesn’t just mean the cutesy stuff and the fun dates. Love can sometimes be really challenging. Human beings are complicated and come with their set of emotional baggage and insecurities.

When you’re in a serious relationship, you have to be there for your partner through thick and thin. This is what unconditional love is like. Being there for the good, the bad, and the ugly without a complaint is how to show someone you love them.

If this seems like a big ask for you, then maybe you’re not ready for a serious committed relationship after all.

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5. Show someone you love them by complimenting them

Girls, guys, kids, oldies, everyone loves compliments! A simple sweet comment by you can literally make anyone’s day, needless to say, your partner’s. This can be a great way to show someone you love them through text too. You can drop them a message telling them how gorgeous they look today or how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Remember, compliments don’t just have to be based on physical appearance, they can be about someone’s personality or qualities too.

If you’re a girl and you’re wondering “How do you show love to a man you love them?”, complimenting them can be a great way to do so. Men love compliments too! Here are some compliments you can give your man to make his day and show your love.

6. Make bonds with people who matter to your partner

How to show someone you love them without saying it? Simple, show them that the people who are important to them are important to you too.

We often forget this aspect in a relationship as we consider a relationship to be just between a couple. But in reality, it is so much more than that. We all have people who are important to us in our lives and we want those people to like our partners too. Their approval of our partners and vice versa matters to us a lot, whether we acknowledge it or not.

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One of the queries we get often is “how to show someone you love them when they don’t believe you?”. Showing your partner that you care, not only about them but also about the people who matter to them, is a surefire way to do so.

These people can be their family, friends, or even their pets. All you have to do is try to build a relationship with these people make your partner realise how much you love them.

7. Remember days/dates that are important to them

No, this does not mean just their birthday and your anniversary. That’s granted. If you love someone, you will remember these days and make them special for your partner.

These are days and dates that have a more personal meaning like maybe the first time you both went out, or the first kiss you had, or the first job your partner got, or even a work anniversary. These days may seem insignificant at first but they will definitely be significant to your partner.

Just remembering them will be enough to show your love to someone. All you need to do is maybe leave a note for them or simply tell them what a special day it is and bring a smile to their face.

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8. Ask for their opinion and value it

When you love someone, you will take their advice and opinion before taking most of your decisions. From what colour shirt to buy to which job offer to accept, you should consult them on everything!

How to show someone you love them? Just make them feel important by taking their advice and asking for their opinion on important matters of your life. If you don’t do this already, chances are that your partner feels left out from your life decisions and hence, unloved. They may also feel a lack of attention.

Yes, personal space in a relationship is important but too much of it can also make your partner feel unimportant.

9. Make them feel special through romantic gestures

Sometimes, to show someone you love them, you have to do it the rom-com way. Remember when Ted Mosby stole the blue French horn for Robin on How I Met Your Mother and we all went awwww? Now, that was a romantic gesture that made TV history!

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to steal ornaments from restaurants for your loved ones, a magical surprise date would also do.

Take your partner to the place you went to on your first date, or have a quiet dinner under the tree you had your first kiss under.

date night is a great way to show someone you love them
A magical surprise date can do the trick

The possibilities are endless! Don’t hold back because this is definitely one of the most creative ways to show love.

10. Try not to hurt them and make up to them if you do

Of course, the idealistic situation would be if you try not to hurt your loved one in the first place. But life is not that kind and you always end up hurting people you love, voluntarily or involuntarily.

How to show someone you love them after hurting them?

Own up to your mistakes or communicate your concerns. Tell them what led to the situation and how you regret it and want to make amends. And again, apologise for hurting them. We can’t stress this enough.
Apologising for your mistakes will not make you a smaller person, in fact, it will show your partner you love them even more because you care enough to put your ego aside.

Love is one of the things that makes living in this messed up world worth the trouble. Finding your soulmate is a feeling nothing else can compare to. And once you have found them, the last thing you want to do is mess things up.

This is when showing your love and expressing your feelings become important or else there is a chance that one partner might lose their feelings and that just isn’t worth the risk! So, prove your love to your partner and have your happy ever after.

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