What does it mean if your guy has no female friends?

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Updated On: August 23, 2023
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A man having no female friends – is it really a red flag in the relationship?

As humans, we have had that phase where after being dejected in love, we shun ourselves away from the opposite gender. We have been there, done that. But it is short lived. “All women are the same”, we have cried and cut off our interaction with our female friends. With time, we saw our folly in that and let them waver back into our lives. But to pass three years of college, two years of university and five years at a job without any female companionship is definitely not a good sign.

When you started off with your guy with his great hair and a smooth tongue, it must have been ecstatic. You start to know him better, his favourite cuisine and the kind of people he hangs out with and amazingly, he never once mentions the name of one female friend. Weird? Maybe not. Until six months in the relationship and still no mention of a female friend. You might think it is a weird thing to even worry about but a man having no female friends. Is it because his perspective of a woman is sex and romance? Is platonic relationship not even in his view-master?

Here are a few potential reasons he might not have any female companionship apart from you and his mother. Why does he have no female friends?

1. He believes in the extremist notion

A legit website name Manthsesis.com makes an interesting claim about men who have female friends.
“These men are stuck in the friend zone (and are secretly hoping to somehow sleep with these women by becoming their friends), or
These men are gay (and therefore are not attracted to these women) or
These men (incorrectly) believe and think that they are getting “somewhere” with these women when in reality these women are using these men for their money, emotional validation, and security.”

Maybe your man does not share any of these views but believes that having woman companionship does nothing for him – brings him no benefit. It is likely a step backwards from making it work with the woman he actually wants to be with. Kind of an extreme notion but maybe that’s what he is thinking.

uncomfortable phenomenon
uncomfortable phenomenon

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2. Sees woman as nothing more than a sexual entity

Anyone with a pair of boobs is for sex or romance and nothing other than that – could be his belief. Which is why he cannot be friends with women because if he is not sleeping with them or wooing them, he does not want anything to do with them.

3. They ghost the female out

We have come across people who remain friends with you in the expectation that you will grow tired and finally sleep with them or be with them. When the feelings are not returned, they push you away to save their face and ghost you until they become strangers.

4. A shallow view of women in general

Who goes through the most definitive stages of education without making at least one significant close female friend? Probably the man who thinks that if a woman cannot provide him with benefits, then friendship is underrated.

5. Might not trust himself around women

If you think your man is being respectful towards you by cutting out the women from his life, you are being a fool. Chances are he loves women way too much and cannot fully trust himself in the company of a woman. If he lacks self-control to befriend someone from the opposite gender, you might be looking at some deep seated issue in the relationship which might crop up in ugly ways later.

6. Slighted by past lovers, cannot move on

Listen to the way he talks about his exes. If he is always scornful and describes them in a bad light or blames them for the mistakes in the relationship, you are dealing with a man-child. The lack of female friends and talking scornfully of past lovers are related. It shows he is being prejudiced and making stereotypical notions about all women in his life.

Can't move on
Can’t move on

7. He is hiding something

No female friends can also mean they are hiding something. Maybe he gets horribly drunk and abuses the shit out of people which is why the women kind tend to stay away from him. He might have a dirty secret that he is not sharing with you. Maybe he doesn’t know where to draw the line between romance and friendship – a reason for which he could also be kept at an arm’s length by women.

8. Makes the sacrifice, expects you to do the same

The moment things get official between you both, he has dropped all contacts with the limited friends he has got; his belief – he does not want you to get jealous. Please take note of reasons like this because chances are if he is ready to let go of all his female friends for you, he might be expecting you to cut down relations with people from the opposite gender as well.

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Readers Comments On “What does it mean if your guy has no female friends?”

  1. Got tired of never being good enough or put in the friendzone. My rule no females for friends period, men and women should not be friends. A female wil just use to cry over their bad boy. I definetly learned woman only care about looks and money. Often the good men they don’t want to date our their friends. This article gives no blame to women. Men get tired of being used in courting or a friendship. Been single for years however I said I refuse to have a female friend. Unless it’s a relationship they are not worth itzl

  2. I have been in relationship with a girl for 1.5 months. She broke up with her previous boyfriend after 1.5 years long relationship and she don’t want to tell me about this stuff but i know about her previous relationship. Don’t know why would she do that?? She’s with me and my family for 22 days and i can see in her face that she’s nervous and quite afraid to get familiar with my family and me as well.
    I just want to see her real smile, happiness, relaxation and freedom. Somehow i think that she’s still feeling regret about her past relationship.
    Actually my point of is, that is it okay to ask her about ex like… how was he?? how did she broke up with him?? what’s the reason of separation?? though i can help her out and free her from this things. By the way they broke up 6 months ago.
    if it is okay to ask her about her ex then how?? help me out
    of it’s not …. then why??

    1. Team Bonobology

      Hello Sandesh,

      Thank you for reaching out and we are sorry to hear about your situation. We have a team of experienced experts that can help you with your situation.

      We have launched online relationship counselling at very affordable rates that you can use from the comfort of your home.

      Please click on this link: https://www.bonobology.com/pre-marital-counselling/ to choose an expert and book a session with them.

      We wish you all the best and hope things work out for you.

      Team Bonobology

  3. here is why i have no female friends .

    growing up most of my friends in and out of school was a balance of male and female, maybe more female. my sisters befriended all my girlfriends who eventually stopped talking to me.

    my sisters had zero femininty to them, they made fun of me, did their best to annoy me any way they could, excluded me from everything, main reason was because of the genital between my legs.

    everytime we’d vaca I was told to go and make friends and leave my sisters alone.

    every resturant trip with mom and sisters I was exlucded because “he’s a guy” they couldn’t openly be themselves because of my male presence.

    they would cry foul at every chance and my parents would step in and say “leave the girls alone”. that quote got hammered into my young mind frequently.

    i got a bit older, and started loosing touch with the oppopsite sex.

    mom and dad would ask me if i’m a sissy or a faggot to need female companionship, they would make me answer, and they asked a lot.

    i got older 29 now, my parents see me frowning and ask me if “lack of pussy” is the reason.

    thats my story.

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