7 Reasons To Choose The Good Guy Over The Cool, Bad One

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Updated On: December 15, 2023
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We ultimately choose the good guy but then we find the bad guy so much more attractive. We have all had that phase when we went on dates with guys who were genuinely nice, respected you and treated you well but we came back with a long face and a ‘Blah’ and the guy did not get a second date.

Guys being too good was not charming enough, was it? Why are all his intentions transparent? Where is the excitement? Being a good man was not good enough for us. What brought out excitement was the bad boy who behaved like a jerk for five days a week.

Dating a bad boy has been appealing – he had a smooth tongue with sexy hair, swept you off your feet until you felt your heartbeat in your mouth.

The dangerous element was good at first until you noticed him flaking out every time you got serious. Over time, you sorted out the jerks with acting skills from the ones who genuinely cared about you. Dating bad boys just makes you look cool…nay, after a point, even the looks fall short. It is at that moment of disillusionment that you learn, good guys have always been around.

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Scientific Reasons Why You Are Attracted To The Bad Boys

When in high school or in college it’s always the guy who rides the bikes fast or flaunts the convertible, have those six packs or have their ear or navel pierced, walks away with all the attention. The good-in-studies guys are called nerds, their specs or books are held unattractive by the girls and they are often teased for being too bookish

Scientifically it has been proved that young girls do not choose the good buy because of their raging hormones that make them go for the alpha male who often turns out to be the dominating jerk.

But they are initially driven by the natural predisposition to go for good genes for mate selection. It’s the bad boy charm that works wonders on them.

A scientific research shows that when women are ovulating they have the tendency to go for the bad boys and think that they could be the good dads. Research has also shown that narcissists tend to be more physically attractive and it’s their megalomania that women often find extremely attractive. That’s why they could be the worst as human beings but when they put on their charm they attract the women they want.

It is not until much later in life that they start looking for stability in the man they choose and a good father for their future off springs. They choose the good guy when he ticks the boxes for being the best life partner. 

7 Reasons To Choose The Good Guy

Dating good guys re-affirms your faith in stable, mature relationships and shows you what an adult relationship looks like. Here are reasons why you need to get rid of the bad boy and give the good guy a fair shot.

You choose the good guy because in the long run you know it’s the nice guy who will be the worthy partner. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose the nice guy.

1. Sets the tone for a mature relationship

A good guy will respect and care for you, listen to you and be there for you – something a bad boy cannot provide you with. For a relationship to survive and mature, the good guy will make it worth your time and won’t just fool around.

He will respect your time and value you. The whole experience will set the tone for a mature relationship. You learn what it is like to be in a relationship where you don’t have to fight for his attention every damn day.

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2. You can turn him bad

Because he likes you genuinely, he can get naughty whenever you want him to be. The good guy can mix and match his side in and out of bed and you get the best of both worlds.

He might not begin as being the tiger in bed but with time he would unleash his wild side and that is the fun of choosing the nice guy. You never know what’s waiting for you and how he will make you happy in bed. 

3. You evolve in the relationship

When you are with a good guy who is doing his best to make you happy, leaving no stones unturned to make it work, it makes you want to live up to the best of your abilities too.

So by example, you try to be a better version of yourself and be a better partner too. You both learn from each other and he brings out the absolute best in you. That is the best part of choosing the right guy.

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4. No insecurities, so you can relax

You good man is never going to put you in a place when you need to question his fidelity towards you. A person with bad boy charms might not be always trustworthy.

Even when out with friends, even when he is talking to his female friends, you don’t have to wonder if he would cheat on you with those friends. You can relax because you know he is a good person and he would never do that.

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5. Life is easier

Planning for his birthday party? Or planning to watch a late night show with your man? It is easier to do these things with a good man when you know he won’t leave you hanging till the last minute.

In a relationship with him, majority of things go smoothly and there is no every day turmoil in the relationship. You have a healthy, strong relationship if you choose the right guy.

choosing the right guy
You have a secure relationship if you choose the right guy

6. Lean on each other

You can lean on him for support. On a bad work day, he is likely to give you feet rubs and a jar full of Nutella to make you feel better. He is going to be there, mentally to support you and emotionally as well. On bad days, you can count on him.

He will do everything to make his wife happy and he will be the wind beneath your wings.

7. Good for the soul and the mind

It feels calm inside to be respected and treated with dignity. It feels good when your man focusses on you and prioritises you. You don’t have to fight for his attention; he gives it to you genuinely. A good man is better for the soul and the mind.

The bad guy could be charming and whizzing around with him on the bike could be a  lot of fun but when it comes to settling for a long-term relationship you should choose the good guy.

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