Planning For The First Night: Here’s What You Should Do

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Updated On: October 10, 2023
First Night tips
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First night plans with your boo are always too exciting! Spending the first night together has an intoxicating feel to it and it’s a memory that you would always cherish. To make the experience even more memorable, we are here with some first-night tips for women that would make everything go smoothly. Spending a night together while great may come with its own complications and confusions. But we are here to sort that all out for you.

10 First Night Tips For Brides To Follow

If you’re a bride and your wedding day is approaching, it is possible that you are seeking some first-night tips so that all goes well. What to say? What to do? What to wear? That is just the tip of the iceberg. But I’m sure these questions are constantly circling your mind.

Despite how nervous you may be right now, we are here to tell you that you will be just fine. Your first night is all about honesty, openness and comfort. Everything else comes later. But to put your mind to ease, we have still put together 10 wedding night tips for you.

1.  Don’t live in a fairytale

Movies, romance novels and fairy tales play a big part in raising your expectation bars, and more often than not, reality comes as a hard blow. It is thus crucial that you know what exactly is in store and let go of utopian notions because the first night is not going to be sunflowers rubbing against each other or love birds going around your head.

Having realistic expectations from your spouse and from yourself is indeed the first step for the preparation for the first wedding night. However, it is important to build yourself up to certainly doable fantasies so that your first night is not hours of excruciating blandness.

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2. Take first night tips from your personal advisors

This one is a huge deal and will go a long way if you are looking for wedding night tips. Go out there and openly talk to your friends and people with whom you are comfortable discussing your apprehensions and asking questions. It will be better to speak to those who have had some experience.

Do not hold back questions due to shyness, and ask about every last detail because you will need them! Tell them to offer you pointers and tips on the dos and don’ts but also keep in mind that the big event is also different for every person. This will help you set baseline expectations, save you a lot of last-minute anxiety and give you one of the best first nights.

wedding night tips
Take first night tips from your friends to know what to do

3. Accept that some things will be A-W-K-W-A-R-D

This one’s a given when it comes to the first night of marriage. Things will get awkward. And sex is about awkward moments. Period. Regardless of whether you’re new to each other or have known each other for some time, the first official night will be full of unexpected surprises.

There will be a lot of clumsy events, gawky moments, and tricky situations. You will be stuck in the realm of self-consciousness and the long tiring day will be getting to both of you mentally, physically and emotionally. This is inevitable. So raise that chin, keep your grace and remember, it is not always as awkward as you think it is.

4. Know that this is not a race

What to do on the first wedding night? Well for starters, take it slow. This is the first of many more nights to come, a brand-new beginning for your life with your partner and there is absolutely no need to rush things. There are no deadlines or assignments. There needs to be a lot of personal space to get comfortable around each other.

Foreplay is the underrated winner in the entire scenario and you need to play it out like a pro. Hugs, kisses and embraces can be your stepping stones to success as you proceed to more serious forms of intimacy. Build yourself up along with your partner and respect personal boundaries of inhibitions. This is important for your first night plans.

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5. Communication is the key

If you’re looking for tips for first nights, then it’s time to understand that you absolutely need to talk with your partner. Communication is the key to any relationship and it cannot be done away with. Talk very openly about the things you like and dislike, the things you look forward to and the ones you want to avoid. If you have any kinky ideas or there is something specific that you don’t like, discuss it all.

But also, don’t limit your communication to only physical parameters; talk about the overwhelming day you’ve both had so you can connect emotionally and mentally. Remember, neither of you can read minds and unless situations are discussed verbally, grey areas will always remain, which must be minimized to build up the trust and faith quotient.

1st night tips for bride
Communication is foremost in first night tips for men and women both

6. Humor saves your soul

A little laugh can make everything seem much easier than before. Light-hearted humor can salvage a lot of embarrassing moments. Small jokes, light pleasantries and witty comebacks will always come to your rescue. Handling awkward situations will become easier and you will feel the connection getting stronger with every perplexing situation made funny. So what to do on first wedding nights if things are seeming awkward? Crack a joke and share a laugh with your partner.

7. Groom it like you mean it

This is such an immensely important thing to remember and is one of the foremost bridal tips for the wedding night. You do not want to be guilty of bad hygiene or terrible grooming choices on your first night. The amount you invest in this is a direct indication of how much attention you pay to detail, presentations and the little things that matter the most.

A good haircut, oral hygiene, clean clipped nails, taking care of perspiration and good breath are key factors that can make or ruin your big night. It does not guarantee good sex but is an important step when it comes to tips for first nights. It doesn’t take much time to tend to basic cleanliness but this gesture will surely go a long way.

8. It’s not always about the big S

Sex is not the ultimate answer to the question of the big night. Not everyone can or wants to do it and consent is paramount. For people doing it for the first time, it may not go as you planned or there might be biological restrictions that will call for postponing of plans involving sexual acts.

Do not harp on this one thing because it is not the end of the world, and respecting choices on comfort and willingness is the only obvious element in your sexual equation with your partner. Some of the best first nights only come from talking and getting to know the other person too.

first night stories

9. A little OUCH

News for the people who will engage in sex on the first night: it could hurt a wee bit. The intensity may vary from person to person, but the first tinge of pain will hit you. That being said, this should not discourage you from exploring your intimate cravings. As long as there is mutual consent, a little bit of initial scare should not hold you back from living up to all the expectations you’ve built up through the days.

Looking for first-night tips to achieve the big O and pleasure your partner? Read up and discuss thoroughly the topic beforehand, to know the pointers for safe sex, what to do and how to get accustomed to how your body might react.

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10. For first night of marriage, hold that sleep

The celebrations and all that overwhelming excitement will definitely take a toll on you, but try your best to not doze off immediately. Engage in small talk and basic planning of how you envision your future, your shared beliefs, outlook on things, hopes, dreams, aspirations and topics along similar lines of context.

Getting to know each other is of prime importance for the first night and a complimentary talk on how you plan to live out the rest of your lives together can be your catharsis.

Plan your first night right with these first-night tips and hold on to the wonderful memories forever! Your love will only blossom from hereon but a first night does not come again!

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