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Planning for the first night: here’s what you should do

Keep these tips in mind to have the ideal first night after your marriage, whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage
First Night

1.  Come clean off the impossible boundaries

Movies, romance novels and fairy tales play a big part in raising your expectation bars and more often than not, reality comes as a hard blow. It is thus crucial that you know what exactly is in store and let go of utopian notions, because the first night is not going to be sunflowers rubbing against each other or love birds going around your head. However, it is important to build yourself up to certain doable fantasies so that your first night is not hours of excruciating blandness.

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2. Personal advisors

This one is a huge deal. Go out there and openly talk to your friends and comfort zone people who have had some experience. Do not hold back questions due to shyness, and ask about every last detail because you will need them! Tell them to offer you pointers and tips on the Dos and Don’ts but also keep in mind that the big event is different for every person. This will help you set baseline expectations and save you a lot of last minute anxiety.

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