5 ways to achieve the big O

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Updated On: November 29, 2023
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Sexual positions to ensure a female orgasm

Defined as the female’s climax in response to sexual stimulation, the Big O is probably the most intriguing phenomena for both men and women. Most men find that it is more gratifying when he sees his mate has thoroughly enjoyed sex that has climaxed into the Big Orgasm.

Assuming that the woman has been adequately aroused by foreplay, care, passionate manoeuvres and moves – we are then ready for sex. A loving relationship is always a wonderful catalyst for achieving that state of bliss that an orgasm brings.

It is possible for both partners to climax at the same time, and that brings with it a certain joy, but it may not be the case every time. Women, it seems, do take a much longer sex-time to achieve a vaginal orgasm. For men, it is rather simple to come to a climax – what with the excitement of foreplay and the warm squishing wetness, and the strong pelvic squeeze of the vaginal muscles. So for men who discover that those same stimuli do not do the job for women, do not fret – here are some ways you can improve the quality of her sexual experience.

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1. Try different sexual positions

The missionary is the most common position, and the only one that inhibited women will allow. The trick is to lift up the woman’s lower body with one hand – so as to make the clitoris perfectly poised for maximum friction while having sex. Vaginal orgasms happen with considerable ease if this tip is followed.

2. Get adventurous

All the other positions such as the doggy, woman on top or spooning are great to add to the momentum of the sexual experience. What needs to be remembered here is that the different positions spark great fun and can lead to a spontaneous orgasm in the woman. I find this rare and more depends on the masturbating methods used by the woman. The woman has to know her body and how it responds to touch, pressure, rubbing, friction etc. I know several women who lived in large joint families, achieve an orgasm all by themselves just by a constricting of abdominal, and pelvic muscles with no hands or fingers at all. These women can have a Big O with no assistance from the male – except that he must last as long as she does!


3. The longer the better

And I don’t mean the size of the penis but its staying power. I had a partner who could be inside of me for nearly an hour and then for a whole night – when I experienced the woman’s ejaculation. It was the gentlest and most blissful orgasm I ever had. I must say being love is a must for such intense experiences.

4. Multiple orgasms

This is rather rare in men and quite common in women. Once the first orgasm is achieved – the clitoris and every cell around it is an excitable state and hence repeat orgasms are very happening, and she has to just let herself go, the man can rejoice in her blissful joy and ecstasy, as many as 16 times, well he was counting!

5. Medication can be a downer

Most medications taken for depression, BP and diabetes can numb the nervous system thus making orgasms difficult for the woman. The phenomena of an orgasm, releases dopamine into the brain and enhances a feeling of wellbeing in a woman. Therefore a regular dose of the Big O makes a woman cheerful, composed and ready to take on the world. Staying fit and eating a well-balanced diet should be foremost in the minds of a sexually active woman. Of course experimenting with various sexual aids and methods can do no harm.

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The key to the mystery of the Big O, is within the minds and vagina of a woman. A woman who knows her body well can guide her man to ensure that she enjoys a good orgasm. There are methods such as clitoral stimulation, both manual and oral, or sex toys that can also work – but nothing to beat the Big O, naturally.

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