5 Unbelievably Weird Reasons Cited By Indians For Divorce

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
Reasons for divorce in India

The reasons for divorce in India is often a lengthy and time consuming topic, and even courts do not easily grant divorce unless there is concrete evidence of physical or mental abuse. India has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.

However, with increasing breakdowns in marriage in recent times, what exactly constitutes mental abuse is unknown. There are often rather bizarre excuses used as grounds for divorce. There are some truly weird reasons for divorce that have been cited by Indians in the past, and we just can’t get over over them!

5 Main Reasons For Divorce

You never know what can be valid reasons for divorce in a marriage. People come up with insane reasons to get separated. Indians are a unique lot, and the causes of divorce sometimes are centred on rather silly things. Sometimes it is divorce by mutual consent, but there have also been cases of blackmail.

The biggest reason for divorce in India is incompatibility in terms of religious beliefs, problems with in-laws, family issues, and the list goes on. But we’re giving you some of the most bizarre reasons for divorce in India that people have genuinely split up over.

1. He loves non-vegetarian food

After reportedly promising that he’d stop eating non-vegetarian food after marriage, the Rajput husband of a Jain woman couldn’t resist the chicken tandooris and the mutton biryanis. She later found out that he had been sneaking out of the house to consume meat. She could no longer trust a liar.

Disgusted and unable to accept her husband’s food habits, despite having a love marriage, the 23-year-old wife finally called it quits and filed an application at a local police station accusing her husband of five years of torturing her, though the husband defended himself by saying he never consumed meat in front of her.

Well, I hope you think twice now before ordering butterscotch when your partner orders vanilla. Just remember to keep your promises once you’ve committed to them.

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2. She wants too much sex

Yes! You read that right. A man from Mumbai cites this as one of his main reasons for divorce alleging his wife had an insatiable appetite for sex. The husband also accused his wife of being too aggressive and forcing him to have unnatural sex and at times when he was sick.

The woman was also accused of blackmailing him that she would have an affair with an ex-boyfriend if he did not have sex with her, which made it difficult for him to live under one roof with her. The Family Court Judge heard the man’s petition and granted him a divorce from his wife.

Insane, if you ask me! How did the woman defend herself? And did it hurt the male ego to admit that the sex was too much for him? We don’t know about you but this is the first time we’ve heard of divorce papers being signed because of too much sex.

Reasons for divorce
She threatened to blackmail him if he didn’t have sex with her

3. She has a bad complexion

Remember the time when your only fear was whether your date would notice the big fat pimple on your cheek and dump you instantly? Well, this Mumbai housewife’s worst nightmare came true when her husband decided to divorce her after a ‘traumatic’ experience in his honeymoon with her wife’s acne riddled face.

The husband alleged deception, as his wife had opted not to tell him about her pimple problem called ‘acne vulgaris’. The family court, granting a divorce, observed ‘a repulsive condition of the wife is undoubtedly tragic for the wife but this is traumatic for the spouse’.

Imagine the humiliation the woman must have had to face, telling people around her that her husband left her because of her skin condition. Gone are the days where beauty was what lay on the inside. Hope you bump up the spending on acne-reduction creams, because pimples, apparently, are valid reasons for divorce.

In an age where we’re talking about women empowerment, a man in his 30s decided to divorce his wife because he was anguished by the fact that she often wore trousers to work, even when he insisted she dresses traditionally. He probably didn’t know how to be with a working woman.

To the surprise of many, the Bandra Family Court upheld the man’s petition and passed the divorce order, which later was overturned by the Bombay High Court with the scathing observation: “The door of cruelty cannot be opened so wide, otherwise divorce will have to be granted in every case of incompatibility of temperament.”

This may be too baffling to comprehend that there are still some people in metropolitan cities that are so conservative in their ways. Guess we know who didn’t wear the pants in the relationship. Surely, one cannot expect divorce for something so insignificant.

5. She refused to make tea for him

Biggest reason for divorce

We have to go way back to 1985 for this absolutely insane instance when a man filed for divorce, and got it after his wife of one and a half months refused to make tea for him and his friends, which humiliated him.

He also did say that on the ‘rare occasions’ she did make tea for him, it was inedible and absolutely repulsive because she never added the correct amount of sugar and milk. He was disgusted by her inabilities to do something as basic as make tea.

This reason was, however, coupled with the fact that she also had an secret abortion without his knowledge, which amounted to mental abuse and was enough for the court to grant these as genuine causes of divorce.

Two cups of tea a day keeps divorce at bay, it seems! Now we know how much ‘garam chai’ really means to Indians.

So what are your thoughts on this, do you think these reasons for divorce in India are valid? Should there be a better system of grating divorce in our country? Let us know in the comments!


1. What are the 5 grounds for divorce in India?

According to the Hindu Marriage Act, adultery, cruelty, desertion, conversion and insanity are the grounds for divorce in India.

2. Why are Indians getting divorced?

The lifestyle of Indians has changed and it isn’t as socially unacceptable to be a divorcee anymore. Women too in the past few decades have got more freedom to leave their partner in case of an unhappy marriage, which was unheard of before.

3. At what age is divorce most common?

The average age to get divorced is 30. Divorces mainly happen between the ages of 35-39.

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