13 Ways To Respect A Woman In A Relationship

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Updated On: February 29, 2024
respect a woman in a relationship

How to respect a woman in a relationship? Not so long ago, questions like these were not even given a second thought. Even today, many people regard love, trust, faithfulness and honesty as the cornerstones of building a successful relationship. The element of respect, especially in connection to a woman, is often overlooked. When, in fact, it could well be that secret ingredient that cements your bond.

So, the fact that you’re making an earnest effort to treat a woman with respect in your relationship is admirable. And definitely a step in the right direction. Whether you’re gearing up to build your first relationship or have crashed and burned in the past only to realize how important it is to treat your SO right, showing respect toward a woman you love isn’t hard. We are here to help you get started.

13 Ways To Respect A Woman In A Relationship

Notions like ‘women crave love and attention in a relationship the same way as men crave respect’ have been propagated for far too long. Resulting in a stereotypical belief that women don’t desire or expect to be respected in their relationships. However, such notions about women couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Anyone and everyone, irrespective of their gender or sexual leanings, wants to be respected. Even more so by their loved ones and significant others. Now you may recognize that fact and still not know how a man shows respect to a woman. Well, the simple answer is: by treating her the way he’d like to be treated in a relationship.

Take for example the conversations you have every day. If you unknowingly cut her off just as she was starting to speak, it may just cause a slight annoyance. But when done enough times, she might even start thinking as though you don’t value her opinion. You wouldn’t appreciate being cut off every time you started to speak, would you? Hence, how to respect a woman you love can sometimes be as simple as making sure she sees you value her opinion.

Plus, since you should be aiming to treat a woman with respect despite her relation to you, this article will help you out in any sphere of life. It doesn’t hurt to be courteous, and sometimes being respectful is as easy as being nice.

To help you better comprehend what that means, here are 13 examples of how to respect a woman in a relationship:

1. Listen to her

A simple yet effective way to treat a woman with respect is by being a good listener. Be 100% present in your conversations with her, and when she says something, listen with your ears, heart and mind. This is particularly important if she is being vulnerable with you or sharing something that’s important to her.

Treating women with respect isn’t all about what you say to them or how you behave around them. Sometimes it’s just about how you stop talking and attentively listen to her. Weed out distractions. Don’t let gadgets pull you apart. Put your phone aside, turn down the TV volume or get rid of that gaming console. Look into her eyes, and take in what she has to offer.

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2. No mansplaining

A man shows respect to a woman when he doesn’t question her intelligence or intellect. So, you could start by reining in the tendency of mansplaining – a habit of overexplaining the simplest things to a woman, often with hints of condescension or in patronizing tones.

Now, this can be hard because mansplaining is so rampant that most men don’t even realize that they’re doing it. Pay attention to whether you tend to correct her on things she has a vast knowledge of or disregard her expert opinions on matters because you think you know better.

Then, see whether you would react the same way if these opinions were coming from a man with the same skillset or knowledge as her? If not, then you’ve inadvertently been mansplaining to her and need to stop to make her feel valued and respected.

3. Value her opinions

Respect A Woman In A Relationship
Make her feel respected by giving importance to her opinions

It is not just the big things or major life decisions that you need to value her inputs and opinions on. Paying attention to and factoring in what she says or wants in small, everyday actions can also be an expression of respect toward a woman.

Say you’re planning a holiday, ask her to sit with you, browse through flights and hotels together, seek her opinion before making a booking. Or if you’re out for dinner, try that dish or drink that she has been recommending because she’d had it before and absolutely loved it.

To respect your girlfriend, making a conscious effort to value her opinions, which will naturally turn into a habit, will do just the trick to make her feel heard. Instead of just valuing her opinion when you’re in the furniture store with her, make sure you let her see that you do not try to undermine her opinions in other aspects of life.

4. Prioritize her

To respect your girlfriend or spouse, you must be committed to prioritizing her above all else. This definitely does not mean that you’re not entitled to personal space in the relationship or cannot go out to do your own thing every once in a while. But ‘once in a while’ is the operative term here.

It’s okay to hang out with your buddies once or twice a month. Or spend an occasional Sunday cooped up in your den. But for the better part, your partner must be the focus of your attention. You must endeavor to spend quality time with her and work on deepening your connection to make her see how deeply loved and valued she is.

5. Don’t play the protector

Men have traditionally taken on the role of providers and protectors for their families, loved ones and significant others. Thanks to centuries of conditioning, it’s natural to think that to respect a woman in a relationship you must protect her.

Get over this archaic mentality and understand how a woman wants to be treated. This is the 21st century and women no longer need knights in shining armor to rescue them. So no matter how strong your protective instinct, steer clear of ‘saving her’ from another man who’s making a pass at her or picking a fight with an ex who is pestering her.

Let her handle her battles on her own, but let her know that you’re there by her side every step of the way. Trying to fix all her problems to feel like the hero of every romantic movie ever made will just make her feel that you think she’s not capable of handling her problems alone. When wondering “what does it mean to respect a woman?”, treat her as an independent capable woman, not a damsel in distress.

6. Make her feel secure

Make her feel secure
Make her feel emotionally and physically secure with you

Once insecurity takes hold, respect is lost in a relationship. That’s why you must do your best to make her feel emotionally and physically secure with you. Don’t play mind games or flirt with other women just to make her feel jealous.

Instead, work on being emotionally available and invested in the relationship enough for her to feel that she has nothing to worry about. By doing so, you’ll make it that much easier for her to give her all to the relationship. And together, you can build something beautiful and lasting.

Respect a woman because it will end up making you a better person. When you make her feel secure, you will start valuing the relationship more and start doing all you can to make it last. That means you’ll finally stop leaving the toilet seat up.

7. Value her consent

To respect your girlfriend or wife, you have to value and respect her consent even while dating. Don’t take advantage of her in bed or impose yourself on her either physically or through manipulation just because your desire is firing up. If she says no to your advances, you must stop whatever it is that you’re doing.

Learning to take no for an answer without begrudging your partner for it is the simplest way to treat a woman with respect. When you do, her respect for you will grow manifold.

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8. Don’t demean her

As you spend more time with each other, you will begin to see that she too has her share of flaws and shortcomings. As her partner, you must love and accept the not-so-nice aspects of her personality as you do her strengths and assets.

Even if you cannot embrace them fully, you must never use them to demean or humiliate her. That’s how respect is lost in a marriage or relationship. So, don’t pass judgments or derogatory comments about her looks, weight, habits and personality traits. If you strongly feel that she needs to work upon some of these aspects, talk to her gently and politely.

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9. Be honest with her

Honesty is non-negotiable for a healthy relationship. Even if you have done something that you know she wouldn’t approve of or you’re embarrassed about, come clean to her anyway. Yes, it may hurt her in the moment. Or even lead to a squabble.

But by not keeping her in the dark you’re telling her that you recognize that she deserves the truth and are willing to give it to her. No matter how ugly or unpleasant it may be. That’s how a man shows respect to a woman and wins hers in turn. By trying to keep her in the dark, you’re just risking the relationship if she ever finds out about the things you’re hiding (she will, women always find out).

If you’re wondering how to respect a woman you love, be completely honest with her and make sure she knows you’re being honest. If you lie about things like your exes or sexcapades, you’ll just have some lies you need to remember. Which, let’s face it, you will eventually forget and the truth will come out.

10. Speak to her respectfully

How to respect a woman in a relationship? A simple answer to this question is by being mindful of your choice of words. This is especially crucial when you’re having a disagreement or in the middle of a raging fight.

While you have every right to express your opinions, using harsh words or profanities is neither necessary nor desirable. Fight respectfully. Omit the words ‘bitch’, ‘whore’, ‘slut’ from your dictionary altogether. It is not okay to use them for a significant other – or any woman for that matter – irrespective of how badly you’re hurting or feeling offended.

Once you’re completely rid of the problematic words listed above and the ideologies attached to them, you’ll find yourself treating women with respect. Unlearning destructive societal constructs will help you get rid of the regressive/misogynistic thinking that has been floating around for far too long.

11. Support her

You can also treat a woman with respect by becoming her biggest support system. Whether it is in personal or professional spheres, be there by her side and cheer her on to reach her full potential. Support can mean holding her when she’s having a meltdown at home or taking a day off to watch the kids when she has an important presentation at work.

These actions will let her know that you value her and all that she does. By supporting her like you do your favorite sports team, she’ll feel that you really care about the partnership you two form. She won’t feel abandoned and you’ll, in turn, be figuring out how to treat a woman with respect.

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12. Don’t betray her trust

Want to respect a woman in a relationship? Start by focusing on building irreproachable trust. Avoid any actions that can sow seeds of doubts and insecurity in her mind. This includes anything from secretly stalking an ex on social media to hooking up with a coworker, concealing financial details, and lying to her to hang out with your friends.

The deceit of any kind can not only make your partner feel humiliated and crushed but also drive a permanent wedge between you both.

13. Appreciate her

To make your woman feel respected and cherished, you must appreciate her for who she is and what she brings to the relationship. And do so in your private space as well as publicly.

A simple ‘I’m so proud of the way she handled that crisis at work’ when you’re out on a double date or having dinner with friends can go a long way in boosting her self-esteem and making her feel cherished. Similarly, planting a kiss on her forehead and saying, ‘I think you’re amazing’ for no reason at all can also work wonders.

When you learn to respect a woman in a relationship, she will go above and beyond to reciprocate. So, you are investing in building a partnership that can weather the roughest storms.


1. What does a woman want in a relationship?

A woman wants to be respected in a relationship as much as she needs to feel loved and appreciated. By making her the center of your world, you can cement your place in her heart and life forever.

2. Why is respect needed in a relationship?

Respect is needed in a relationship because it makes a couple’s relationship stronger and more wholesome. Without it, negativity, resentment and contempt can creep in, driving you apart over time.

3. How do you treat a woman right in a relationship?

To treat a woman right you must respect her opinions, support her, be emotionally available, treat her with dignity and respect, be a trustworthy partner and appreciate her for who she is.

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