15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

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Updated On: August 14, 2023
Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated
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There is no fool-proof plan for how to treat a woman right. As individuals, women are entitled to their own feelings, unique emotions and expectations. Not all of them like frequent lavish dinners or need you to always hold the door for them. While they do occasionally want to feel special and loved, their actual wants in a relationship are more of an emotional nature.

How to treat a woman you love is not merely about taking her to the right movies to show her that you care. It runs much deeper than that. In a relationship, a woman does not just want to have a good time but also wants to develop a strong, meaningful connection with you, an emotional intimacy that she would savor.

The answer to how to treat your girlfriend right lies in breaking down those walls, showing her your vulnerable side and letting her into your heart and life. Sounds like a tall order? Well, if your heart is in the right place and you truly feel a connection with her, it will come to you organically. To help you give a little jumpstart, we’re here with some insights into how to treat a woman in a relationship.

So if you want to know how you should treat a woman you love, how to make her feel wanted and cared for, how to make her feel loved and appreciated, then you should follow our handy tips.

15 Ways A Woman Wants To Be Treated

There are so many ways to show a woman that you can be there for her. Fun and games have their place, but actual relationships are built on heaps of mutual respect. A woman does not just want to be loved, but she wants to feel respected and cherished. She wants to feel loved and appreciated.

How to treat a woman romantically? How to treat a woman with respect? The answers to these questions boil down to your attitude toward her and your relationship. Getting these little ingredients right in your relationship should set you up for a good start. Here are some ways to treat a woman right in a relationship:

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1. Be present in all your interactions

When you love someone, they expect you to go beyond their superficial characteristics and understand them more deeply. A woman does not want you to simply fall for her charm, but identify the depth to her personality. When a woman opens up, she wants to show you a side of her she does not show often to other people.

If you want to treat a woman right in your interactions, you must be present and receptive to everything that she is willing to share with you. Whether it is anecdotes from her past or a quarrel she had at the workplace, you must not ignore her.

To treat a woman right is to acknowledge her existence and sometimes that is as simple as giving her your undivided attention. Be it understanding how to treat a woman on a date or make your significant other feel appreciated and valued, being a good listener is the key.

Infographic on 15 Ways a woman wants to be treated
Simple ways to treat a woman right

2. Ask about her day

How to treat your girlfriend right and be the man of her dreams? Not only should you be fully present and receptive, but you should also be inquisitive. To know how to treat a woman you love is to know all about her. She could be bursting with emotions or stories that she might want to share with you. But you must not always wait for her to do it herself.

You should bring up the topics she spoke about earlier, ask how her friends are doing and also endearingly enquire about her day. A woman does not just want to share her life with you. She also wants to know that you want to do the same with her.

Through your interest, you can let her know that you’re just as invested in her as she is in you. That alone is enough to make her feel like she’s loved, valued, and cherished and has a partner who treats her right.

3. Always call her back

Treat a woman right
Forgetting to call her back can make her feel like she is not important enough to you

How is a man supposed to treat a woman? In a manner that doesn’t leave her constantly second-guessing his intentions and feelings. Being responsive, initiating contact and reciprocating her efforts to stay connected are just a few ways to do that.

To treat a woman with respect is to be aware of her approach toward you. When she calls you, she probably misses you. However, if you are unable to take her call, that is okay. Just do not forget to call her back when you get the chance.

It is normal to forget to call somebody back but not in the case with a partner involved. To be part of each other’s lives is to give greater attention to one another. Forgetting to call her back can make her feel like she is not important enough to you. Also, ensure you text her back even if you do not text her first.

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4. Tell her the things you are passionate about

The answer to how to treat a woman romantically lies is making her feel like she’s an integral and important part of your life. A woman needs to know that you see her the same way that she sees you. She wants you to be interested and would love to return the favor to you.

To treat a woman right, you should not shield your emotions, opinions, or ideas from her. A healthy relationship stands on mutual communication. When you talk to her you make her feel special. She would love to know more about your personal life and who you are as a person. Give her that chance and open up to her.

5. Be perceptive

Most of my friends who are in their 20s complain about the lack of this action by men. Especially during the initial days of dating, it can be difficult to gauge what a person wants or the things that they like. However, women always do drop some subtle hints. If you want to treat a woman romantically in the right way, pick up those hints.

Whether a woman wants to get physically intimate in that moment or is plainly bored of the situation, she will leave cues. To sniff those cues becomes your main responsibility. Do not be oblivious to her even if she gives you mixed signals to learn how to treat her romantically.

You do not need to go over the top in doing so, but a little awareness and perception would be much appreciated. When she knows that you are in tune with her feelings and value them, she will feel content and cared for.

6. Care about the things that are important to her

To treat a woman you love is not just about knowing her likes and dislikes, but also showing that you care about the same. If she cares a lot about her family or her dog, let your awareness of that reflect positively in your interactions. To know what she cares about most you can ask her a few questions.

If she cares about her sister deeply, you should remember that and perhaps invite her over to a fun dinner. If your partner is super invested in her job and cares fiercely about her work, revel in her ideologies with her. Using the things that are important to her to build a strong connection with her is an underrated but impactful way to treat a woman in a relationship the right way.

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7. Empathize with her

How is a man supposed to treat a woman? In a manner that she can rest assured that he’s got her back, and feels absolutely secure in the relationship. One of the many ways you can make that special woman in your life feel that way is by always being there for her.

If the woman you love is having a rough day or week, she might need you to more than just hug her through it. Remember, a primary reason you two are together is that she loves you for who you are from the inside.

When she is going through a rough patch, she needs you to work your magic and be the person she fell in love with. To remind her that she is loved and appreciated. She needs to know there are far better things in her life than her problems, she needs you to be there for her.

8. Make her meet your friends

What does it mean to respect a partner? How to treat a woman with respect? Is it about always agreeing with her? Or through chivalrous acts like holding doors for her? No, and no. You can make a woman feel respected by making her a part of your life and not leaving her feeling like she’s a dark little secret that needs to be hidden from the people you’re closest to.

A woman always wants to know that you are proud of her and your relationship with her. You never want her to feel like you are ashamed of her. To avoid those feelings completely, weave her into your life as much as you can. A great way to do that is to introduce her to your friends. That way she will know that you enjoy being with her and consider her important enough to meet the rest of the pack.

how to treat your girlfriend right
Make your girl meet your friends to make her feel like an integral part of your life

9. Cook her dinner once in a while

The answer to how to treat a woman romantically lies in small, arbitrary and loving gestures. Cooking is a beautiful way to look after someone and also charm them. It is a relatively simple effort that can go a long way.

When you put in the effort to make your dates special, your partner will feel more valued. This is a great way to make her feel wanted. By making her favorite meal, you will make her feel appreciated. Pop open a bottle of wine and it’s basically an adorable homely date.

It may seem like an insignificant act compared to all the grand gestures you can make to let her know how much she matters to you. But it is these little things in life that actually bring partners together and tie them in a lasting bond.

10. Be vocal about what you like about her

To treat a woman like a queen, you must always push her on to be her best self. By putting faith in you, she wants you to be honest with her completely about what you think of her. It can be nice to pepper some compliments to treat a woman well.

These compliments should not be made up or for the sake of the conversation. When you like her, you will truly notice the things you appreciate about her. All you have to do is let her also know that you see and appreciate those things. Tell her you find her irresistible. This is the ideal way to treat her romantically.

Likewise, if you’re wondering how to treat a woman with respect and show her how much you appreciate her for who she is, pay her compliments about her strongest suits and personality traits. A little “You do so much for everyone around you” or “I value how passionate you are about this cause” can intensify the way you see each other.

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11. Know what her dreams are

To like a person intensely is to always be on the quest to understand them. One thing you should pay close attention to is her dreams. Everyone’s aspirations are very important to them and mold who they are as people. You will absolutely win her heart if you can be the wind beneath her wings.

To treat a woman well is to be aware of who she wants to be. Whether she wants to be a lawyer, a homemaker, a businesswoman or all of them, her dreams should be as important to you as she is. The key to how to treat a woman right in a relationship is to never get in the way of her dreams or invalidate them.

12. Make her feel sexy in your encounters

How to treat your girlfriend right? By letting her know how lucky you feel to have her in your life. A boyfriend should treat his girlfriend like she is the hottest thing on the planet to him. No woman wants to feel insecure about not being good or desirable enough for a man.

When you desire her physically, let her know that she blows your mind away. A soft ‘you look so beautiful tonight’ in the middle of a kiss, can triple her confidence when she is with you. She will feel so wanted.

13. Value her unique ideas

Whether in good or bad ways, a woman will always be different from you and hold other opinions and ideas. You do not have to conform to the way she thinks but you should always value the things she thinks about.

For example, she believes in a unique philosophical notion that you completely disagree with. Yet, you owe it to her to listen to her ideas and try to understand what makes her think that way. How to treat a woman with respect boils down to this.

Neither of you have to change the way you feel but you should not judge or demean her for thinking differently. You should respect her for who she is. When you do, you will naturally respect her ideas and perspective.

14. Respect her space

A woman will make it crystal clear to you if she needs some time to cool off or alone time with her thoughts. Barraging her with questions and smothering her with love at that point will not do the trick. Whether she is visibly upset or simply contemplative, a woman deserves her time to herself. Allow her to be on her own without feeling threatened.

The right way to treat a woman in a relationship is to give her space to be her own person. And that includes not making a big deal out of her wanting to take time to blow some steam off.

15. Remember the little things

‘‘Wasn’t your first dog’s name, Peaches?’’ or “You don’t like olives on your pizza, right?’’ are random sentences that can bring a smile to her face. To show a woman that you truly love her and have made a space for her in your life, you should try to remember the silly, little details she tells you.

Every time my own boyfriend knew things about me that I didn’t even remember telling him, I felt a whole new sense of security and love. It’s always the little things that show the biggest picture.

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What does a woman need in a relationship?

A relationship can be like venturing into the ocean, one that can be really fun to sail on. But to make that experience a happy one, the captain and the crew have to be in sync. For a smooth journey, there needs to be smooth communication and constructive exchange between both.

What a woman needs in a relationship, is a partner that she can rely on. A smooth exchange of actions, words, opinions and feelings is really important to her. Not only does she want someone to trust, but she wants to feel trusted too.

With love, comes a lot of responsibility towards the other person. A woman needs someone to have the strength to uphold those responsibilities instead of driving straight into turbulent waters. And even when the going gets tough, she needs to have someone whose hand she can hold without any concerns, amidst the crisis.


1. What does a woman want in a relationship?

In a relationship, a woman wants to be loved, appreciated, respected and a woman wants to be treated right romantically. She wants a partner who is supportive, who understands her aspirations and stands by her in troubled times.

2. How to make a woman feel loved and cared for?

You don’t have to put in a lot of extra effort to make a woman feel loved and cared for. Do the small things like listening to her when she talks, holding her hand when she is upset, knowing her dreams, empathizing with her and being yourself in front of her. You should remember the little things about her and make her feel irresistible.

3. What is the right way to love a woman?

The right way to love a woman is to respect her. You should love and appreciate her for who she is, give her your time and listen to her intently when she talks. Always call her back and make her feel wanted.

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