How To Be Romantic On Phone – 15 Tips To Get That Right

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Updated On: August 7, 2023
Romantic on phone

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, the ways you two can be cute are severely limited. The impromptu trips come with a huge price tag attached and sending gifts can quickly get boring. Forget long-distance, when a virus doesn’t allow you to be within six feet of another human, being romantic is indefinitely harder. In times like these, knowing how to be romantic on phone can do wonders for you.

Was a back and forth of “no, you hang up!” ever really cute? More often than not, you’d realize that you really do want to hang up. Then comes the dreaded yet somehow universal “so did you eat? What did you eat?” questions. If this is your idea of romance over the phone, this article is for you!

In times where you can’t meet your partner, ways to be romantic every day with your SO can keep the spark alive. So, how do you start a romantic conversation on the phone? Let’s get into it!

How To Be Romantic On Phone – 15 Tips To Get That Right 

“What are you wearing?” promises a response that’s sure to get the senses going crazy, right? Wait till you’re hit with “my dirty pj’s, I need to wash these”. The romance will go right to the trash. And you thought you were so cunning and clever with your initial question.

You’re no stranger to boring phone calls with your partner. That’s why you’re reading this article! 20 minutes into the phone call, you realize you’d rather be doing anything else. As it is you’re scrolling through social media while you talk to your partner over speakerphone. “Talking” isn’t even an accurate term since all you’re saying is “hmm” and “okay”!

After dating for years, your conversations might get a tad boring. To the point where you might fall asleep on the phone with each other, but not in a cute way. Complacency in a relationship might lead to boring phone conversations. If you don’t want your conversations feeling like a chore instead of the romantic quests they should be, we’ve got you covered with the following 15 tips:

1) “Remember when..” conversations can be endlessly cute

“Remember when we first met, and I didn’t know if you were hitting on me or not?”
“Remember when we kissed for the first time?”
“Remember when you pointed out how nervous I was on the first date?” 

When your conversations have hit a stalemate, remembering the cute things you did in the past is a great way of being romantic on the phone. Even if it’s something as embarrassing as you going all pink on the first date, reminiscing it with your partner will be fun.

That time you could’ve kissed her but didn’t, that time when you two first met, or just that embarrassing time you two didn’t know what to talk about on the first date. Immediately you’d have a smile on your face and the romance would be flowing through the conversation. Easy!

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2) Plan your future dates or a fictional trip

Long-distance romantic conversation on phone
Plan your future dates over the phone

Even though a luxury vacation for you two doesn’t seem possible right now, planning one over the phone never hurt anybody, right? Talk about the things you two might do together on this trip. It might make you hate the next morning when you realize the only place you’re going is the bathroom before that Zoom meeting you’re late for. 

Jokes aside, realistically planning future dates can be a great way of starting a romantic conversation. It’ll make you two look forward to your dates and miss each other more if that’s even possible!

3) Be funny, but don’t try too hard

We get it, being funny and being romantic are two different things. But does having a laugh really feel too far away from being romantic? Being funny in your phone conversation without trying too hard will make the mood lighter.

Don’t crack knock-knock jokes or literally read jokes from Google though! Just try to slip in a joke every now and then. When your partner asks what you did today, maybe say something like “I was missing you way too much, but then I remembered you don’t like tea. So I stopped missing you and had tea instead”.

4) Tell each other why you love being in this relationship 

Is it the comfort? Is it unconditional love? Or is it because your partner’s wallet is always stacked? No matter why, you two love being in your relationship, spill it out. Talk about the good things, the things you miss most and why you like them in the first place. Reasons why you love someone can be unique to your own relationship.

If your favorite thing about the relationship actually is that your partner’s wallet is thicker than yours, maybe mention something else.

5) Compliment your partner, but not too much! 

Find someone who doesn’t like being complimented and you’d have found yourself the next Pope. In fact, we’re pretty certain the Pope likes being complimented too, why wouldn’t he? Complimenting your partner is a great way to talk romantically with your girlfriend on the phone. Just don’t keep repeating “you’re so cute!” every five minutes. Eventually, she’ll end up asking what she should do with that information! 

art of wooing

6) Tell your partner how much they mean to you 

If you’re in love, you’ll realize you can’t even remember what you used to think about before your partner came into your life. Everything about your life changes and it may start looking like things are falling into place (if you have a healthy relationship, of course). 

Tell your partner exactly that, tell them how you’re optimistic about life since they became a part of it. But not too much, you don’t want them thinking they’re solely responsible for everything good that happens to you! 

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7) Tell your partner how and when you miss them 

“I miss you” is incredibly boring. You know it, your partner knows it, but you two still say it to each other and then feel obligated to say it back. Instead, try telling your partner when you miss them most throughout the day. Why you miss them, and what you’d do if they were around. “I missed you so much when I had to go shopping alone! You would’ve shown me the best things to buy!” 

8) Turn the heat up with a video call

You know what we’re talking about. It’s the first thing that came into your mind. Getting sexual on a video call is a great way of having a long-distance romantic conversation with your partner. Plus, if you schedule the naughty video calls, we promise it’ll do you a world of good and make you look forward to it the entire week. 

9) Phone sex! 

talk romantically with your girlfriend on the phone
Phone sex can be very exciting and playful!

If you don’t prefer video calls or don’t have too much privacy, phone sex is the age-old method of keeping the erotic spark alive. Even if you haven’t really thought about phone sex, chances are you two will eventually gravitate towards it. Especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Just how long can you stay without even mentioning sex? And of course, once you do, phone sex isn’t too far away. 

10) Schedule the phone dates

While you’re planning any future trips/dates for when you two meet, you should also plan for future phone dates. Talk about when you’re both free and when you can set aside an hour or two for each other. Planning your phone dates like this will increase their significance. Once you set a date for it and make it official, you’ll look forward to it as well. 

11) Do something over the phone together

Just because you’re not physically together, doesn’t mean you can’t do some things together! Cook yourselves the same meal while on call the entire time, go for a run or just fall asleep on the phone with each other. Talking all night and then falling asleep on the phone with each other can be incredibly cute, it’d make you feel like your partner is right there with you. 

Just make sure you’re using WiFi while doing this. Otherwise, your telephone bill will make being romantic over the phone the least of your worries! 

12) Support your partner 

A long-distance relationship might be born out of necessity, with one of you finding a lucrative job opportunity in another place. If the situation does not permit you to be in front of your partner to support them, you can always do so over the phone. Good partners support each other in a relationship.

Tell your partner you believe in them, tell them what you like about them, don’t let them feel your absence. If a new beginning has got your partner nervous, do your best to always be supportive and have words of encouragement! 

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13) Always be connected

The endless possibilities technology has given us basically mean you can pretty much be on call with your partner the entire day. Pop your AirPods in, connect to the WiFi and act like you’re an important call when really, you’re just discussing who’s cuter. 

If yours is a budding romance, this idea will sound like the best thing ever. If you’ve been in a relationship for longer than your friends care to remember, maybe stay away from this one. P.S: please don’t get fired for not doing your job because you were talking to your partner all day! 

14) Take a break for a little while

Taking a break from talking for just a little while will give you some personal space in your relationship. But the best thing it will do is make the conversations you do have all the more romantic. When you schedule your phone dates and try not to text each other every single tiny detail about your life, you’ll have more to talk about on the phone date. 

Long-distance romantic conversations don’t have to happen every single day. If you take a break for a couple of days, the next one will most definitely be romantic! 

15) Be a good listener 

Being romantic doesn’t necessarily mean charming your way in and out of every single conversation with the cheesiest compliments. It could just mean having an engaging conversation with your SO. Pay attention to what they’re saying and give thoughtful replies through words that show you care. Don’t worry about saying poetic words, if you really do care, the words will come to you! 

You must’ve noticed that the common denominator in most of these is just being sweet. Everyone likes being complimented, especially when it comes from someone they care about. When you genuinely want to be nice, topics like noticing how your partner has changed your life will come to you organically. When you speak from the heart, you’ll mean the things you say. Being romantic on the phone can be that simple!

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