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Married life does not have to be a dying flame. You can romantically flirt with your spouse and bring back the romance in your life. It’s possible to go back to those honeymoon days and feel the ripples in your stomach every time you look at each other. In fact, we think you should never stop flirting with your spouse or hold back those cute and naughty days of your youth. You know what they say – age is just a number!

Think about the days when you were newly married – all the flirting, the excitement, the butterflies, lots of lovemaking, and the constant need to be around each other. Unfortunately, in most cases, these feelings turn into memories as life progresses with responsibilities and living together in the same house becomes a habit.

Sometimes, it is not even the habit, but the unceasing distraction of work, children, household, aging parents, and several such factors that snatch away romance from a married couple’s life. We all know how to be romantic before marriage, but what about being romantic after marriage?

Once you know your spouse is going to be there for you every second of every hour, they lose that special charm in your eyes. Or you forget to remind them from time to time how precious they are. Eventually, you start taking each other for granted. That is exactly where you are going wrong.

Kissing your spouse in a grocery store hiding from everyone else, subtly teasing them in the middle of a family dinner, sending them naughty texts when they are at work – these gestures may look insignificant at a glance, but trust me, they can go a long way in keeping the romance alive. If you are curious about the importance of flirting with your spouse or want to know a few ways to flirt with your spouse, we have got you covered!

10 Ways To Romantically Flirt With Your Spouse

Tell me if this happens to you too – sometimes, when you take a stroll in the park, you catch an old couple walking hand in hand, so deeply in love. The husband says something funny and the wife laughs her heart out! Isn’t it the most blissful sight in the world? Moments later, you come back to reality and wonder why that spark in your marriage is long gone.

If you’re one of those couples who feel sad about their dying romance, you do not have to worry. Sometimes, it takes as little as one romantic song to bring the flame back into your life. The best part of marriage is having a date for life. Someone you can trust, constantly be around, and still not be bored with each other. The ability to say flirty things to your spouse and not worry about the response is also an additional bonus.

You are at the right place if you are wondering, “How to flirt with my wife over text?” or looking for cool tricks to flirt with your husband long distance. We have listed 15 different ways to incorporate some extraordinary moments in your regular married days, by doing these small but extremely romantic things to flirt with your spouse.

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1. Send romantic messages at work and flirt with your husband

There is no greater joy than to hear your phone beep thinking it would be a work-related message, only to find a sweet text from your spouse saying that they are thinking about you. Flirt with your husband or wife through text, whenever you want. You get some extra brownie points if you make it more creative as well.

Here’s a great way to flirt with your husband at work. Instead of the usual “Did you eat?” or “Did you finish the meeting?”, send him this message: “I am in the black lace negligee that you got me on our honeymoon”. Try this as one of the most creative ways to flirt with your husband long-distance and wait for his response!

how to flirt with your wife
Flirt with your spouse by sending romantic texts

If you’re figuring out how to flirt with your husband through text, here’s another: “Hey you, could you tell me what is so special about you that still makes me keep thinking about you after all these years? I love you!” It will make him smile no doubt, he might even get in trouble at work for that silly grin on his face after such a message. But it is completely worth it, right?

2. Wear her favorite outfit to flirt with your wife

When you’re married to someone, you’re used to seeing them in a baggy t-shirt, boxer shorts, and disheveled hair every day. Imagine the absolute happiness on your significant other’s face when they come home after a long day at work and see you wearing the black sexy shorts or the blue shirt they adore a lot.

Every couple has an outfit they love to see their partner wear. So come on, people. Step up your game, flirt with your wife, and make her happy. Wear that hot black shirt for them, and prove that you still love them and that you like to get dressed up for them (they might undress you immediately, though, if you know what we mean!). Husband flirting with wife, dressing up, preparing a romantic dinner for them at home – it all widens your path to bring back that old flame in your marriage.

3. Flirt with your spouse by slow dancing in the living room

There can be no bigger romantic but flirty gesture like spontaneously pulling your partner in for a slow dance followed by a soft kiss. Yes, throw in a few dirty dancing moves in the mix too! Make a playlist of your favorite romantic songs, or songs that you and your partner have enjoyed over the early years of your married life, play them on the stereo or your regular Bluetooth speaker, and simply pull them toward you for a romantic dance session.

Men always love it when women make the first move. So, ladies, prep yourself to flirt with your husband. You don’t have to limit the dancing to the living room. You can even do it in the kitchen while they’re doing the dishes or in the bedroom as they get ready for bed. Make any area of your house a spontaneous dance floor and see your romance rekindle! This is the best way to get romantic after marriage, trust us.

4. Write love notes and paste them where they least expect it

You are asking, “How to flirt with my wife over text?” But hey, why don’t we pause for a second and go back in time? Whatever happened to the good old exchange of love letters? It’s time to bring back the classics by giving them a modern touch.

Have some flirty things to say to your partner? Write romantic messages on sticky notes and paste them where your partner is likely to go, but where they don’t expect a love note. This is your chance to say whatever has been on your mind, through these love notes for your husband. You can try and create a trail of love notes too!

Paste one on the mirror of the bathroom as they wake up, another next to their cup of coffee, the third one on the coffee table or sofa where they eat their breakfast, the fourth one in their wardrobe, and the last one on the dressing or the main door as they leave for work. You will undeniably see your significant other smile foolishly with a very childlike glee as they go about their boring day.

5. To flirt with your spouse kiss them unaware

Married couples tend to forget the classic signs of love, like kissing and hugging. Lovers, just kiss your partner already. Walk up to them as they are doing their household chores, hold their face, and plant a long, tender kiss on their lips. This is the most obvious, yet the sweetest way of flirting with your spouse and being romantic after marriage. Not to mention it will definitely leave them wanting more, and your day might go differently than planned.

6. Caress their hair while playing a romantic song in the car

Make your boring car rides more interesting by playing romantic songs. Additionally, caress your spouse’s hair or their arm as a really good song comes on and smile at them. As you stop at the red light, lean in to give them a light peck on the cheek. Put your hand on theirs and keep it there as they change the gear of the car. It’s romantic as hell!

You can increase the intensity gradually too. After the peck, nibble on the ear lobe, and lightly bite it. At the next red light, give them a full-fledged kiss. Flirt with your husband when he is driving and make him go wild in the car, so that he cannot wait to get home and be intimate with you.

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7. Make them their favorite breakfast and wake them up with a kiss

You can’t deny that food is surely the way to someone’s heart. Wake your spouse up on a Sunday morning with a kiss and serve their favorite breakfast to them along with a hot cup of coffee or tea. This might mean you will have to wake up earlier than usual and prepare breakfast, but this romantic gesture will completely be worth it when your spouse wakes up to a beautiful morning with the biggest smile on their face.

The breakfast need not be elaborate. Just one dish like omelet or pancakes, plated nicely with a cup of beverage, would do wonders. If you are in love with a foodie partner, this is your best chance to flirt with your spouse. Double the romance by having breakfast on the balcony and complimenting your spouse as the rays of the sun kiss their face. If the wife generally cooks the meals, the husband should totally flirt with the wife in this manner to display his adoration for everything that she does.

8. Call them. Say ‘I love you’. Disconnect the call

This is the briefest, yet one of the most romantic ways to flirt with your wife or husband. All you have to do is call them in the middle of the day when they are least expecting your call, say that you love them, and cut the call with a chuckle. Now imagine them laughing goofily at their workplace. This will not only brighten up their day, but it will also assure them that even after years of spending their life with you, you still think about them in the middle of the day and find new ways to express your love for them.

9. Stare at them without any reason and smile or wink

We don’t know why staring is only exclusive to new relationships. Who said you can’t stare at your spouse after 25 years of togetherness or wink as flirtatiously at them as you did when you newly got married? We can’t honestly find a more apt alternative to a husband flirting with wife. Won’t you love to catch your beautiful wife blushing for a little while?

Imagine the spark it will ignite when you stare romantically at your spouse and smile or wink at them as you are having your meals or going about a routine conversation. It will also make them feel that they’ve still got it in them to leave you in awe. Can being romantic after marriage get any better?

10. Send food to their office with a cute note

An overload of work and skipping meals is a major reason for irritability and dying romance in a relationship. If you know that your partner is going to have a long day at work that they are dreading to go through, have their favorite meal delivered to them at their workplace during lunchtime. Your spouse will definitely feel more relaxed and even give you a better surprise in the near future. Food is probably the best way to flirt with your spouse!

Ask the restaurant to write a cute little note that says things like, “Save a bite of this pizza and a slice of smile for me when you are enjoying it” or “Hang in there, you will get through the day with this yummy hamburger” or “I will be waiting for you, finish your work and come home soon”.

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11. Post couple pictures on social media

A little bit of social media PDA doesn’t harm anyone. Be as carefree as you could be about what other people will say looking at a picture of you kissing your spouse on your Instagram profile. You are happily married, you are in love. And you have every right to share your romance with the world.

Scroll through your cell phone gallery and narrow down the cutest pictures of you and your spouse, especially those where you are hugging, kissing, or holding hands. You might as well take a few more when you are cuddling on the couch or kissing their forehead when they are sleeping. Won’t it be just adorable? Imagine how loved they would feel discovering this picture for the first time on your feed! Just make sure you have their established consent to post such photos on social media.

12. Check them out like when you were dating

Don’t look anymore for ways to flirt with your wife because we have got the simplest yet most effective one for you. Suppose she got all decked up for a party. It’s no secret that she would expect a word of appreciation from you. Go a little overboard here. Give her that exact same look when you used to be astonished every time she came to meet you, all dressed up. It will make her feel young and attractive all over again (just in case she feels otherwise).

The same goes for the ladies as well. Never stop flirting with your spouse! On the days when your hubby looks so dashing in the plaid suit for a business meeting or gets beach-ready in a sexy t-shirt on a vacation, shower him with compliments. Maybe even snatch a few minutes with him in the corner for a short make-out session. It will go a long way to rekindle your marriage.

more on flirting

13. Grab her waist or hold his hands tight in public

Why should you limit your PDA to social media, and not indulge yourself in a public place? To this day, you feel so good walking in public with your spouse because to you, they are the best catch, and they are yours! Wrap your arms around her waist and pull her closer. Trust me, it’s such a sexy move that the youngsters around you will stare at you two as well. And for our womenfolk, to flirt with your husband, hold his hand while you are out in the park with a few occasional kisses to keep him warm and happy.

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14. Compliment them

We can’t stress this enough. Talk about the amazing qualities of your spouse that you couldn’t admire more. Tell them how proud they make you feel with each and every accomplishment, and how lucky you are to be a part of their journey. Words of validation from a loved one bring so much joy and a sense of fulfillment. It will make your spouse feel extremely confident and good about themselves, especially when you compliment them in a gathering of friends and family.

15. Take them on a surprise date!

Hopefully, we have been able to make the importance of flirting with your spouse abundantly clear to you by now. So, for the last way to flirt with your spouse, we have saved a big romantic gesture. Don’t let them get lost in the family responsibilities and forget what an amazing person they are.

It’s absolutely necessary to arrange a romantic date night with your spouse to deliberately keep the romance alive. If they have any secret wishes or any place they always wanted to visit, try to make that happen – be it a quiet library date or a grand dinner with the backdrop of the Eiffel tower.

There have been innumerable instances where married couples complain that their spark is dying, or the relationship is getting boring. As the couple grows old, they stop making efforts in the little ways that they used to. Being romantic with your spouse does not have to be a tiring task. Just follow these tips and see it become a great start to reignite the old flame of love. Eventually, you can get even more creative in romantically flirting with your spouse.

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