10 Unexpected Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

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Updated On: September 13, 2021
signs a man is falling in love with you
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Have you caught yourself wondering, what are the signs a man is falling in love with you? Perhaps, you have been seeing each other for a little while but you are not a hundred percent sure what his feelings are. The pre-dating stage is always a little confusing and takes you on a bender.

He may be flirting with you and taking you out but without any strings attached. It is hard to say what his actual feelings are. Does he just want a casual relationship, a happy medium or is he starting to fall for you? Let’s find out.

10 Signs A Man is Falling in Love

Life might have changed, we might have progressed, technology may have changed relationships completely but there are some age-old ways that men still follow when they are head-over-heels in love. How will you identify signs a man is falling in love?

Umm…don’t be surprised if you spot him taking a stroll below your balcony. Yes, this is the old-school romance thing that some guys actually still do. Before you label him as a stalker, ask your grandma and she will tell you your grandpa did the same, ask your mom and she will tell you the college guy madly in love with her had done it too.

And now this guy who just wants to catch a glimpse of you in the middle of the night when you come to the balcony is doing it for you. That’s a clear sign he’s falling for you. If you are looking for other true signs a man is falling for you, read below:

1. He goes that extra mile

Does he go out of his way for you? Sure, he could always take a shortcut, but does he go that extra mile just because it is something that will cheer up his girlfriend? If so, then we are sure that man is in love with you.

He goes that extra mile
he could always take a shortcut, but does he go that extra mile

For example, you could have told him that it was your dream to dine on a river cruise and he very casually surprises you with one.

If you are unwell, he stays up the whole night checking on you. If your Wi-Fi is down, he rushes to your place with his Hotspot so that you can work uninterrupted. He makes the extra effort to show he cares for you. 

2. He passionately makes love to you

Girls, you might have noticed that there is a difference between having sex and making love. When someone makes love to you, you actually feel connected to their soul. Intimacy is important in relationships because it brings emotional bonding along with sexual pleasure.

If you think your man makes an effort to conquer your soul in bed, then it’s a true sign that the man is falling in love with you. He does not care for the 4 am booty calls but he cares much more about making you breakfast in the morning. If he makes love like he means it, he is a keeper!

signs a man is falling for you
He wants to make love rather than just have sex

3. He often says “We”

He believes you are a vital part of his life and doesn’t see just himself anymore calling the shots alone because he sees both of you together. There is always “we” in his phrases and sentences. Trust me, when he says “we” out loud, you will feel connected to him too.

One of the signs a man is falling in love with you is when he says, “Where do WE go for our next holiday?” Your heart melts upon hearing those words. He also says things such as, “WE should go shopping at this new place.” It is music to your ears, isn’t it?

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4. He makes future plans with you

His future has you in it and he isn’t shy about letting you know that. One of the signs a man is falling for you is when he always sets his plans keeping you in mind. A guy who is smitten will never have a problem talking about his future plans with you. He sees you in it and wants your input in planning it too.

If he wants to move cities in the future, he would ask you what you think about it or how you feel about it. He would want you to hang out with his friends and he makes you feel absolutely special in front of them. Introducing you to the parents? That’s on his list too.

5. He willingly spends his free or leisure time with you

Not only does he spend his time with you but you will notice that takes initiative in doing so. He also tries and monopolizes his weekends for you. Instead of making plans with his buddies, he will ask you out and want to do something special with you.

man in love with you
He will ask you out and want to do something special with you.

Instead of indulging his hobbies, he prefers shopping with you. Watch out girl, this means a man is in love with you.

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6. He always tries to make you happy

Whether you are giving a speech in front of the office people or attempting your first game of beer pong, he is your biggest fan and cheerleader too. He likes to see you win because he wants to watch you succeed and be happy.

One of the signs a man is falling in love with you is when he celebrates your achievements as if they are his own. Bringing you flowers on your smallest wins or sending you ‘Good luck’ messages – you know he’s a keeper when he is always trying to celebrate you.

signs a man is falling in love with you
He cares about your achievements

7. He values your opinion

He always asks your views even if he needs to just pick out a shirt for his office party or even something big about a new career opportunity. Your opinion is incredibly important to him because he considers you a major part of his life. He has utmost trust and respect for you. If he constantly cares about what you think, this means that a man is in love with you.

8. He dresses up for you

From the time he started interacting with you, his dressing sense has suddenly evolved. He has dumped his grey and white wardrobe and has become more experimental with colors and cuts. By evolving in fashion, he suddenly knows all about how a man should dress up.

Better yet, he takes you with him whenever he goes shopping and buys what you like. One of the signs a man is falling in love with you, is if he suddenly dresses to impress. Moreover, it gives him immense pleasure to wear what you choose for him.

9. He wants you to fly

He is interested in your career and future plans. He listens intently when you talk animatedly about work and how passionate you are about it. You feel he is involved when you make your plans and he is even attending Salsa classes with you because he wants to be a part of your passion.

art of wooing

10. He wants to introduce you to his friends and family 

This is one of the most obvious signs a man is falling in love with you. He wants his family to know all about you and he wants his friends to see how madly he is in love. He invites you to family events and is very proud of your presence in his life. He just loves it when you are with him and revels in every moment of togetherness.

If you are still thinking how to tell if a guy has fallen in love with you, then this is the sure shot sign. He is not afraid or unsure about his relationship with you. He feels happy with you and wants everyone to know about it. 

Wondering whether to take the plunge? If you see these signs, maybe you should.


1. How do you tell if a man is falling in love with you?

There are lots of tells! When he is in love, he will keep finding ways to spend time with you, will want you to meet his parents and also go the extra mile to make you happy.

2. How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

Maybe see if he gets jealous. When he loves you, he will get jealous and worried quickly. Watch out for that.

3. How do you tell if a guy has strong feelings for you?

When he has strong feelings for you, he will show you by always talking to you, spending time with you and wanting to impress you.

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