5 Tips To Introduce Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend To Your Parents

Prarthana Mahato
Introduce Your Boyfriend Girlfriend To Your Parents

You have had your ‘I love yous’, arguments, kiss and fair share of sex and make up sex. The next level and probably the trickiest, is introducing your partner to your parents. Read on for some tips from 5 real-life instances and learn how to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents.

5 Tips To Introduce Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend To Your Parents

There are ways you can prepare the ground to tell your parents that you are seeing someone and you are serious about the relationship. We tell you five real-life instances and how to break the news to your parents.

1. A little praise goes a long way

Niddhi, 24, a social media strategist has always made sure that she praised her boyfriend, when speaking about him to her parents since the time they entered a relationship. “We never know what’s in store for the future. So I always tried to build a somewhat positive image of my boyfriend…well, that does not mean I never bad mouthed him. But yes I made sure to give him his due praise” winks Niddhi. She is engaged to be married soon.

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2. A crash course on your parents never hurts

“I prepared my partner really well on the likes and dislikes of my parents. I also gave him pointers on how they react to certain situations. The day before they formally met I took the help of my friends. They acted as my parents. You could say we had a crash course, rehearsal before they met! ” laughs 30-year-old editor Sammarth. He is happily married for some years now. The crash course sure helped him!

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3. Be careful of the family situation

Prem, 25, journalist, was very careful of the timing he introduced his girlfriend to his mother. He introduced her at a time when everything was conducive in the family. There were no problems or arguments going on at home that could jeopardize their relationship or put pressure on his parents. They were absolutely happy and content. Not only that he took care of his mother’s mood beforehand too by gifting her a beautiful saree a few days beforehand.

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4. Find a middle ground

“I knew my mother would like her, if they have common hobbies. So the first time I took my girlfriend to meet my mother, it was at a bookstore. And I was right they clicked amazingly! Their next stop after the bookstore was a café. They sat there for some time and bonded over their favourite books. I can never imagine a different introduction! ” Says Manish, 30, an IT professional.

5. Just drop the bomb

Priyanka, 35, a software engineer by profession recounts how she dropped the big bomb on her parents without any ado. She says, “I was not sure how my parents and then boyfriend (now husband) will take to each other. In any which case it was our decision to marry. So why waste time on planning and jitters.”

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These are some tips that you can use to introduce your boyfriend/ girlfriend to your parents. If you are still fretting, well don’t! Love and some communication will take care of everything.

Happy first meeting!

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