22 Simple Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

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Updated On: March 9, 2023
cheer up your girlfriend

Dealing with your girlfriend’s rainy days and outbursts comes with the territory. And that’s why, understanding how to cheer up your girlfriend when she is sad, depressed, or worried is an important chapter of the partner handbook. If you try to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s sad by saying something like “It’s ok man, just calm down”, you’ll only receive a “K” and radio silence in response.

As you can see, it’s pretty important to get this one right. One bad move and you might just end up making her feel worse than she already does. Be well prepared to hear the taunts about how you failed to cheer her up and neglected her feelings, after a week when she’s feeling better.

Whether she is mad at a coworker, got into a fight with an old friend, or is undergoing some painful introspection, your job is to hold her hand and walk her through the rough patch. Everyone has those days, you do too. As her partner, you should do everything you can to help her beat the blues. So then, how to cheer up your girlfriend? Let’s teach you that chapter today.

22 Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend 

How to cheer up your girlfriend is all about knowing her inside out. Relationships take a lot of work and cheering up the one you love is not always as simple as buying them dessert. You really need to know what they are like to be able to help them. How to get a girlfriend is one thing but keeping her around is another. You need to know what distracts, excites, and elates her. Moreover, with experience, you’ll know how to deal with her bad days. 

If you’ve just started dating each other and need to cheer up your girlfriend on her period, don’t take this lightly. She trusts you to lift her spirits when she is going through physical pain and you need to know just what to do for her. If you come back with dark chocolate instead of her preferred milk chocolate, we can’t guarantee what’s going to happen!

Even if you’re not with her physically, and wondering, “How can I cheer my girlfriend up over text?”, we have got you covered. Here are 18 things to try if you’re lost and want to know how to cheer up your girlfriend and turn around her day.

1. Write a cute note to her

How to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s sad is all about appreciating her and showing her that she is wanted. No matter what is bothering her, a small handwritten love note can do the trick. It’s a great way of showing affection to your partner.

Find a cute piece of paper and write her something lovely. It can be short and sweet or long and heartfelt. Add a splash of humor and you’ve just made her day. It’s one of the best cute things to cheer up your girlfriend, all you need to do is write down great memories you two have had together. The flock of emotions you’ll see on her face will be every bit worth it. Watch her smile away as you hand it to her. 

2. Make her a comforting beverage 

This is one of the cute things to do to cheer up your girlfriend. It doesn’t just work on girlfriends, it’ll work with anyone really.

Warm tea, iced cold coffee, or a splash of some spirit on the rocks, it’s all allowed when one needs some cheering up. If you’re especially concerned about how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s on her period, this is the way to go. Sometimes when you’re really angry or anxious, you just need a soothing beverage to calm your nerves and everything becomes okay for the time being. The answer to how to cheer up your girlfriend lies in creating a calm and happy atmosphere for her. And her favorite chamomile tea can do just that.

make her a comforting beverage
A nice spread of food and a feel-good drink can help your girlfriend tremendously

3. “What can I do to cheer my girlfriend up?” Take her out for ice cream 

It is a cliche we know, but cliches exist for a reason. How to cheer your girl up? Every girl loves a good ice cream date with the partner she adores. If something is on her mind and it is driving her nuts, take her out for something refreshing. 

When you take her out, you can ask her what’s on her mind and allow her to vent. Even recalling the bad days or any fights at work won’t be too upsetting when you’re both enjoying your ice creams with sprinkles on them. Who can stay sad while having an oreo choco chip sundae?

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4. Plan a double date 

If your girlfriend is a social person, maybe she just needs some extra happy energy around her to throw off the bad vibes. If you have a nice double date group, you should all go out for the night to take her mind off things. To cheer up a sad girlfriend who just needs to get out and feel better, this can do the trick.

Get some drinks going, play some ‘never have I ever’, and watch her sadness flee like it never existed. Don’t drink too much though, you don’t want to be helping your girlfriend nurse her hangover the next morning!

5. Snuggles to cheer girlfriend up

How to cheer up your girlfriend, you asked? Well, have you tried spooning? Spooning someone can actually calm their system down and make their nerves feel more at ease. Show her some love by hugging her warmly in bed. This comfort will make her feel like she is cared for and she will feel more secure with you. Spooning also cultivates emotional safety in a relationship.

You can either fall asleep, talk out her worries, or reminisce about funny stories to distract her. Just get into the flow of the moment and spend some quality time with her. We doubt that there’s a better way to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s sad.

6. Watch some stand-up 

“What can I do to cheer my girlfriend up?” If you’re lucky and there’s a stand-up show around you, you can take her to that or you can check out some good stand-up acts on Netflix or YouTube. A little comic relief can make any dull day seem better for a few moments. 

If you’re feeling confident enough, you can always try making her laugh. Even if you’re not with her, send some funny texts her way, that’s how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s stressed over texts. Be her personal comedian for the night. Even if you bomb and start sweating, at least she’ll appreciate the effort. And if you end up making her choke on her drink from laughter, you’ve just found yourself a new career!

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7. Cute things to do to cheer up your girlfriend cook for her 

“Babe, I’m cooking you dinner tonight” is one of the most romantic things every girl loves to hear. Women love it when their partners take initiative to make them feel special. How to cheer up your girlfriend is about going that extra mile to show her that you love her. 

Head to the grocery store to buy the right ingredients for her favorite meal, cook, and then pour some Rose to turn it into an at-home date night. We assure you, she will be on the ninth cloud. Blues? What blues? 

8. Do a striptease 

Want to make things raunchy while keeping them lighthearted and fun? A little striptease can do some good for you both. This can be a sexy and playful approach to distracting your girl and show her a really good time. One of the more sexy ways to cheer up your girlfriend, you two are in for a FUN night.

This is one of the things to do to make your girlfriend happy. You can add an element of poker to it to spice things up even more or turn on some nice music. When your girlfriend is stressed, this can be the ultimate stress-buster as well as nurtures the physical intimacy between you two. 

9. Bring her a puppy 

If your girlfriend loves dogs, a little paw therapy can prove to be the perfect mood lifter. A great way to surprise her too! You can borrow a pup of your friend’s for a few hours and take the little pooch over to her place. 

This is also one of the sure-fire solutions if you’re wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend after a long fight. A small puppy and a heartfelt “Sorry” can make all your relationship arguments disappear in a jiffy. 

10. Give her a nice massage 

How to cheer up your girlfriend is also about pampering her a little and making that moment all about her and her needs. If your girlfriend is stressed, do something to help her shake it off and relax those muscles. Maybe you two should try acupuncture for sleep to calm her senses or give each other sexy massages.

A nice massage at home is something that no girlfriend can ever refuse. With a few back rubs and tons of playful kisses, your evening and her mood will be back on track. When trying to find cute things to cheer up your girlfriend, a massage should be a top priority.

11. Take her out on a drive 

Make it a long one. This is also one of the ideal ways if you’re wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s mad at you. When she is in a car, she has no choice but to express herself openly and tell you exactly what’s bothering her. Get on the highway and go away where it is just the two of you so you can sort your issues out. This way, you’ll have all the time to make it up to her. 

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12. Put on some fun music 

Putting on your girlfriend’s jams is definitely gonna get her feet tapping. Listening to music is known to alleviate any hurt or anger one might be feeling. One of the healthiest ways to cheer up your girlfriend, you will have a little fun during this too! This is also one of the cute things to do with your girlfriend at home. Old school rock or mellow lo-fi, just get in the groove if you’re serious about understanding how to cheer up your girlfriend. 

art of wooing

13. Bring out the card games 

If your girlfriend is stressed before a big interview or is worried about some impending situation, you need something to de-stress her. To do this, you can bring out a pack of cards and get her favorite game of cards underway. This will keep her engaged and hooked, and she can stop worrying about other things and put her mind to something else. 

14. How to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s stressed, over text? Funny videos 

Wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend in a long-distance relationship? Humor really can be the answer to your problems. Constantly being there for her, albeit virtually, is your best bet when you’re not physically together.

But in such situations, the risk of running out of the right things to say is also high. So look beyond texting her constantly. It is one of the rules of texting while dating. Keep sending her things to make her smile. How can I cheer my girlfriend up over text? Send her something hilarious. Funny dog videos usually do the trick for me. 

15. Take her out for a long walk 

How to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s sad? A retreat to nature can be extremely uplifting. And it doesn’t have to be a full-blown hike up a mountain or camping in the woods. 

Just take her to the nearest park for a relaxing stroll. Let her breathe and take some time off with her. This change of scene will do her good and make her feel a little better. Circling back to the question of how to cheer up your girlfriend in a long-distance relationship, well, it is not that difficult when you have the power of social media and the internet on your side. You can keep sharing inspirational quotes or quirky creative ones to keep her going during her day.  

16. Send her positive quotes to make your girlfriend’s mood better on chat 

Long-distance relationships can be hard and it can feel really challenging to be there by your partner’s side when things are rough. But try this method and it might make the situation a little lighter. To make it funny, include something funny she said and act like it’s the quote of the century. Is there anything better than making the girl of your dreams smile?

17. Help with her chores

Now, this is one of those ways to cheer up your girlfriend that she will absolutely love. Sounds mundane and not even half as exciting as the other things you can do to cheer your girlfriend up. But sometimes just being present by her side does the trick. If she is down and upset and does not want to talk, you can just be there with her in person without really doing much. 

If she’s feeling low on energy, she can definitely use the help. So, clean up around the house, do the dishes for her, and show her symbolically that you’ve always got her back. She will be so thankful to have you around.

18. Put on a rom-com 

A cheesy rom-com or a Mean Girls rerun can turn the day around for any girl. Sometimes, all she needs is a bowl of chips, a blanket, and an old movie to sort through her thoughts and let go of the stress, anxiety, and sadness. 

This can especially prove to be effective if you’re trying to find an answer to how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s on period. Create for her the ultimate comfortable space and do not leave her side. 

19. Sharing fun videos and reels

Scrolling through a few good reels can be the ultimate stress-buster, you know that already. So when your girl is down, sometimes all you can do is share a few fun videos with her. It won’t solve her problems, but at least for a few minutes, she might feel lighter. If she’s struggling with something major and needs a real pick-me-up, you can consider getting her a personalized video gift where you remind her of how lovely and amazing she is.

As a partner, you can’t fix her issues for her, you can only help her get through them. That is one way to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t you agree? So if you’re looking to understand how to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s stressed, over text, then try this. She might just forget about her worries for a little while.

20. Actively listen to her

But don’t pry. If she’s pacing around her room constantly and is worried sick, don’t keep hammering her and ask what’s wrong. Wait for her to calm down, take a breath, and then come to you with her problem. And that’s where your work starts. When she is finally ready to share with you what’s up, you need to be the best confidante you can possibly be.

No matter how big or small, do not diminish her problems by saying “It’s not a big deal” or by telling her to get over it. It is huge to her and that’s why it’s making her upset. Give in to her emotional needs and be an active listener. You do not have to opine on everything she says. You can just hold her hand and listen.

21. To cheer up sad girlfriend, do an intense activity with her

Take her for a few laps of swimming or drive down to the tennis courts near your house. Your girlfriend lacks endorphins at the moment and to get in a better mood, that’s exactly what she needs. You can even consider taking her to a rock-climbing arena to really get that adrenaline rushing.

Sometimes, a good distraction and feel-good hormones can instantly turn around your day, make you stop overthinking, and help you see things more clearly. If she’s low on energy, then do something light. But this is, regardless, a great way to help her get out of her own head.

22. How to cheer up your girlfriend? Indulge in something she loves

Drag her to the mall to get her nails done, bring her a book to read because she hasn’t read in a while, or work out with her. Depending on her personality and her likes, it’ll be nice if you could give her a change of scene by helping her do something that she enjoys. Even if that’s getting a banana oreo milkshake from her favorite cafe.

We hope you now don’t run out of cute things to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s stressed out. It’s really not rocket science and not as difficult as people make it out to be. Just getting her some ice cream will do the trick, honestly. No longer will you need to google “how to cheer up your girlfriend on her period”, just snuggle up to her, give her a massage, and tell her that you love her.


1. What do you say to a sad girl?

If a girl is sad, you tell her that you love her and you will not leave her side. Moreover, tell her that you believe in her and that you know she is a strong girl who can overcome anything. 

2. How can I know why my girlfriend is sad?

If she is being moody, has lost interest in doing things she loves, or is visibly stressed or distracted, you can know that she is feeling sad. 

3. How can I make my girlfriend smile?

To make your girlfriend smile, you need the right combination of words and actions. Reassure her that you are on her side and do something cute for her like put on her favorite music or make her a meal. 

4. What is the best way to cheer up my girlfriend?

How to cheer up your girlfriend is all about taking her mind off things that are unnecessarily occupying her. Take her out for a drive, order a pizza, or put on a movie. These little things can brighten up her day. 

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