10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

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Updated On: December 19, 2023
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If you are in a wonderful, fulfilling relationship; know it, own it and guard it ferociously! If you have just started dating or are falling for someone new, and are seeing signs of a healthy relationship, then go the extra mile in making it work.

The thing about relationships is that they take a lot of work and effort to flourish. A happy relationship is partly organic and partly dependent on how you design it and how much love and effort you are willing to put into it. Sadly, the universe does not just throw healthy relationships into our laps. They have to be built and nourished with work and time.

What Is A Healthy Relationship?

Love is important for the success of a relationship but love is not always enough. A good relationship is one that is built over time on heaps of trust, healthy communication, honesty, openness, the use of decent conflict resolution strategies and a plain willingness to be with the other person.

Don’t get us wrong. Jealousy, possessiveness, anger and arguments are also normal and sometimes signs of a healthy relationship. As long as these things are controlled and easily resolved, there is probably not much you should be worried about. But there is indeed a fine line and once that is crossed, your relationship could quickly go downhill.

That’s why one must consciously think about what makes a relationship truly worthwhile and whether their own relationship checks off on that list or not.

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10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship

And thus, we bring that list right to you. If you’re on the fence about your relationship or confused about whether you need to take the next step or not, you have come to the right place. Is your relationship truly as lovely as you make it out to be? Are you doing all the right things to make it a happy relationship?

Here are 10 signs of a healthy relationship to help you conclude the same.

1. You can speak to each other about anything and everything

That is the best part about being in love with someone. Having someone you can constantly tell things to without feeling conscious is one of the integral signs of a happy healthy relationship. There should be no fear of judgment, abandonment or new relationship anxiety that holds you back from sharing your most intimate thoughts with your SO.

After a long day at work, if they are the first person you want to tell all your problems to, then lucky you! Because you might truly be in a healthy relationship.

2. Thoughts of each other make you smile instantly

Have you been daydreaming about them while hanging out with your friends? And does remembering them instantly make you smile and liven up your mood instantly? If this is true, then certainly you have been struck by Cupid and there is no going back.

Clearly, just the thought of them brightens your day and why would somebody not want that kind of love in their lives? We’re telling you, hold onto this one.

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3. You share unlimited laughs together

You know you’ve found the one when they can melt away all your pain just by being around. There is no boring moment for the two of you even if you are just doing things at home. You don’t need any fancy or elaborate dates to have a good time.

Just being with them makes you bring out your best self and you can laugh for hours even about things that aren’t particularly funny. That’s because your soul is delighted to be with them, and this is definitely one of the 10 signs of a healthy relationship.

10 signs of a healthy relationship
You’re always chirpy and laughing together

4. You are comfortable with silences

I think what we often fail to understand is that relationships are not all about thrills, excitement, vacations or constant fun. Sometimes, you two could just be hanging out, without having much to say to each other but deeply enjoying each other’s company and the power of silence.

Like putting on a movie, bringing out the popcorn, cuddling with each other but really not having that much to say does not make you feel awkward but it makes you realize how comfortable and secure you feel in that moment.

Am I in a healthy relationship? quiz

5. They revive unhappy days

Whether it’s a crappy boss, a fight with your mother or just a day gone wrong – if they swoop in to rescue you the moment things start looking awry for you, you can count it among the signs you’re in a healthy relationship. No matter how big or small the problem is, your significant other is always there for you.

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6. You are thrilled at each other’s joys and victories

One of the best signs of a healthy relationship is when you know you have someone who is always proud of you and believes in you, even on the rainiest days. They care about you and your victories just as much as they care about their own and you feel the same way too.

Their personal milestones feel like a win for you and you do everything to support them and help them achieve their goals. If that is not a perfect relationship to you, then we don’t know what is!

signs of a happy healthy relationship
You always feel proud of them

7. You still flirt with each other

You know you’re in a good relationship when even if years have passed, the two of you indulge in healthy flirting as if you have just started going out. Being able to keep the spark alive is essential to relationships no matter how much time has passed.

8. Your relationship is an endless party

A healthy relationship is one where you’re so in love that there is never a dull moment for the two of you. From getting ice cream at midnight to just going on a long drive in the afternoon, every minute you spend with each other is one that you want to last forever.

on happy couples

9. In fact, you don’t like being apart at all

True! You’re so used to having them around that it is almost difficult for you to think of spending time without them. For example, you’ve been invited to a work party, all you can think of is how much better the party would have been had you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend along.

Or you feel like you cannot wait to leave and go back home to them and ask them about their day. If you often feel this way and miss them all the time, then it’s one of the signs of a healthy relationship.

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10. You cannot wait for your fights to end

No matter how many relationship arguments you two have and how angry you are, internally you are just waiting for things to go back to normal so you can run into their arms and tell them that you love them. Because let’s face it, you just cannot be mad at them for too long!

The signs of a happy healthy relationship can vary from person to person but these are some common factors that most idyllic couples agree on. So are you in a healthy relationship or not? Tell us some stories in the comments below.


1. How do you know if you are in a healthy relationship?

If the relationship makes you feel happy, secure and cared for, honestly that is all you need to know that you are in a healthy relationship.

2. What are the three C’s in a healthy relationship?

Communication, compromise and commitment are the three C’s one should focus on for a happy relationship.

3. What are the 5 characteristics of a healthy relationship?

Compromise, individuality, trust, communication, and mutual respect.

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