13 Signs You Have A Faithful And Loyal Partner

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Have you ever wondered – what are the signs of loyalty? This question reminds me of the song Loyalty wherein Kendrick Lamar says “trust me” as he appears to drop Rihanna off the edge of a building. He then stops her fall with a firm grip on her right hand. Humming the lyrics of the song right about now… “It’s a secret society. All we ask is trust. All we got is us.”

Loyalty, faith, and trust are such heavy, intense, and oft-misunderstood words. They can never be imposed. They can only be cultivated over a period. Maybe you are loyal to Uber over Ola, Domino’s over Pizza Hut, McDonald’s over Burger King, and so on. Did someone force you to be loyal? No, right? These brands may have earned your trust over a while.

So loyalty takes time to build. But can it also be an intrinsic trait? Some people are inherently loyal and some develop it with time, by putting in conscious efforts. And what are those conscious efforts? How do you know if you are dating a loyal person or not? Let us find out about the signs of loyalty in a partner. 

13 Signs You Have A Faithful And Loyal Partner

Albert Camus wrote in his novel, The Fall, “I used to advertise my loyalty and I don’t believe there is a single person I loved that I didn’t eventually betray.”

As Albert Camus points out, we often end up betraying the people that we love and feel betrayed by our loved ones. Surviving betrayal in a relationship can it hard for us to trust people. We may even get paranoid and start doubting the intentions of a loyal person too. 

How can we avoid this paranoia? How can we know whether the person that you are dating is loyal or not? Here are some signs of loyalty that can help you examine the faithfulness of your partner. These signs can also serve as a reality check for you to introspect whether you are a loyal partner or not. 

1. Is honest with you

It could be menial details like his ex sending him a birthday text or her showing off a flirty DM from someone to you…If he is honest with you, it’s one of the signs he is faithful. Or if she is transparent about the little things instead of acting surreptitiously about them, these are the signs of a loyal woman. 

The thing with honesty is that it might hurt sometimes. But if you react impulsively to your partner’s truths, he/she will start hiding things. So, be patient, have a thick skin and politely communicate whatever you find hurtful or unfair. Don’t assume things and avoid being judgmental and combative. At least, your partner shows one of the most important signs of loyalty!

2. The way your partner interacts with the gender of their interest

How to look for the signs of loyalty in your partner? Pay attention to the way they interact with the gender of their interest. Are they flirtatious? Do you see them making ‘harmless’ eye contact? Do they send nonverbal cues? Or are they respectful, maintain appropriate boundaries and send platonic vibes? If it’s the latter, then it is one of the signs he only has eyes for you or she isn’t the kind to stray. 

Likewise, If they discuss with utmost honesty and openness the nature of their friendships with other men/women, it is one of the signs of loyalty in a woman or a man. Not all friendships are a threat to a relationship. They can be healthy and necessary at the same time.

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3. You can trust your partner

What is one of the signs he only has eyes for you? You can count on him to follow through on his promises. Or when she says she will call you, she keeps her word. Adhering to promises is one of the signs of loyalty in a relationship. Betrayal is felt not just due to infidelity but also due to little promises that are broken every day.

You can only have faith in people when their words match their actions, even more so when there is distance involved. If you can trust his words, it is one of the signs he is faithful in a long-distance relationship.

4. Doesn’t shy away from showing you off

What are the signs of a loyal woman? She is not afraid to introduce you to her family or friends because she knows it is serious. She doesn’t hesitate to post pictures with you on social media and she doesn’t care that it will ‘kill her scope’ or ‘upset her potential options’.

Similarly, If he makes it very evident in public that you both are committed, it is one of the signs he is faithful. The signs of loyalty include treating a relationship in a manner that shows that you’re in it for the long haul.

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5. Guards your secrets

Whether it is an embarrassing childhood story or something that happened at work, if your partner zips his/her mouth every time you tell him/her to keep a secret, it is one of the signs of loyalty in a relationship. 

If they are fiercely protective about you, then they are the one to hold on to, to hug and to dream about. That is one of the impressive signs of loyalty in a relationship.

6. Respects you even in your absence

What are the signs he is faithful? He does not talk trash about you behind your back, no matter what. Or, even if you both have major fights and she is respectful when talking about you to other people, it is one of the signs of a loyal woman.

They always talk about you in a positive light that you do not yet see yourself in. That is the hallmark of a healthy relationship.

7. Shows consistency

Consistency and patience are the signs of loyalty. If your partner puts in the effort, every single day and does not give up even when things get tough, then he/she is loyal and faithful to you. A ‘hot and cold’ behavior is in contrast with loyalty.

If he sent cheesy good morning texts when you started dating and continues to do so months later even if you’re half-way across the world from each other, it is one of the signs he is faithful in a long-distance relationship. People often get complacent and start taking their partners for granted. But not when a relationship is built on the foundations of loyalty and faithfulness.

8. What are the signs of loyalty? Your partner is not insecure about his/her phone

What are the signs of a loyal woman? She does not get stressed if her phone rings or beeps with texts in front of you because she has nothing to worry about. Or, him sharing his phone password when you want to call up someone, is one of the signs he is faithful (or just good at deleting texts and log histories). 

signs he is faithful

9. Stands by you like a rock

If you can rely on him when your anxiety spins out of control, it is one of the signs he is faithful and sincere toward you. If she is the person you count on when you need to make an important life decision, it is one of the signs of a loyal woman.

What are the signs of loyalty and faithfulness in a relationship? Your partner is always supportive and present for all your endeavors. Your partner makes you feel like he/she has your back and will continue to love you, no matter what. 

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10. Is emotionally and physically intimate

Physical and emotional intimacy are the signs of loyalty in a partner. If your partner asks you “What’s wrong?” or gives you space when you need it, it’s their way of showing their loyalty.

Loyalty can sometimes mean a tight hug or a reassuring pat on your back to tell you they are proud of you. A loyal partner is someone who finds various ways to connect with you, emotionally and physically.

11. Has a high emotional quotient

If he has the maturity to manage his emotions effectively, it will have a positive correlation with his sincerity toward you. What are the signs he is faithful? He is sincere toward himself and hence he is sincere toward you. 

If she is empathetic toward your problems and expresses her emotions clearly, it is one of the signs of loyalty in a woman. People cannot be faithful toward others and build loyalty in a relationship, unless they have healthy ways of coping with their stress.

12. Routine and monogamy does not scare your partner

Why do people cheat and betray? One of the reasons is that they get bored of the monotony of monogamous relationships. Being comfortable in routine activities and finding creative ways of making them interesting are the signs of loyalty in a partner.

What is your partner’s approach toward routine? Does he perpetually switch jobs because staying in the same job is boring for him? Or does she have the recurrent yearning to live in a different city every few months? This constant desire for ‘newness’ can get dangerous and may even reflect in the relationships the person develops with others.

13. Welcomes change with open hands

Faithfulness in a long-term relationship is not just about embracing routine but is also about embracing change. If your partner is flexible enough to adapt to change, it is one of the signs of loyalty in a relationship. 

Why is it necessary? Because people grow individually and this may lead to them growing apart in a marriage or relationship. If both are malleable enough to adapt to each other’s evolution, they can still stay together, embracing each other’s growth.

signs of a loyal woman
If your partner welcomes change with open hands, it’s one of the signs of loyalty

Finally, loyalty is not a Herculean task to attain and maintain. Even if you do not see one or many of the above signs of loyalty in your partner, you can always make sure that these get imbibed. With therapy, it is possible because these interpersonal skills can be learned and acquired over time before it is too late. Licensed and professional counselors from Bonobology’s panel can help you with this. 

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