12 Signs He Is Using You As a Trophy Girlfriend

Ayesha Khatoon
A "trophy relationship" is a relationship you go into not because you like the other person, but because the other person is popular or pretty

All of us want to feed our egos and feel better about ourselves. Like the way women shop or colour their hair to get that ‘feel-good factor’, men need something to feed their egos too. And what better way to boost one’s self-image than to flaunt a beautiful, attractive girlfriend? So while he gives you attention and gifts, don’t mistakenly assume that he loves you – it is all for his benefit. It can be quite heartbreaking to know that you are just a trophy girlfriend for someone who you have fallen in love with. The only reason your man keeps you around is your beauty, and you need to figure out if you are happy being someone to be flaunted around like a prized possession.

The only reason your man keeps you around is your beauty, and you need to figure out if you are happy being someone to be flaunted around as a prized possession.

What is a trophy girlfriend?

Trophy girlfriend is the name given to an extremely beautiful, young, very attractive girl who is so pretty that she is considered as a prize. These are the girls who are considered as a status symbol by their boyfriends, who are often older and unattractive, but usually wealthy.

They are mostly the girlfriends of rich and successful old people and usually act as a symbol of a person’s social position. Men usually want a trophy girlfriend just to show the world how successful they are in life. Men also flaunt trophy girlfriends to their peers and give their ego a boost.

12 signs he is using you as a trophy girlfriend

It can be very unfortunate to find out that you are treated like a trophy girlfriend. If you have asked yourself the question, “Am I a trophy girlfriend?”,  you may feel used and cheated, and that may break your heart. Because men treat trophy girlfriends with much care and pamper them, it may be difficult to know that you are being just arm candy. Are you a trophy girlfriend? We have 12 signs to know whether he is using you as a trophy or not.

In a trophy relationship the lady can expect loads of expensive gifts. Trophy girlfriends get more gifts.

Gifts galore Image Source

1. You receive extravagant gifts for no reason from him

Whenever he meets you he loads you with expensive gifts and diamond jewellery. You receive such gifts in front of his friends or you are expected to tell others about it. That way he gains the status of being rich and successful.

2. No talk about the future

If the guy genuinely loves you, he will talk about the future. This does not mean talking about marriage, but it could be short-term plans like travelling or making plans for the next weekend.

But someone for whom you are just a prized possession will never bring these equations into the relationship. This doesn’t figure in a trophy relationship.

3. He hardly cares to know about your personal life

If he loves you, he will be interested in knowing every minute detail about you. But if he is very casual about you and just treats you as an ego boost, he will be hardly interested in getting to know you better. He is only fond of how you look, not what you are as a person.

In a trophy relationship the man compliments on his lady's beauty. A trophy girlfriend is only about good looks

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4. Trophy girlfriends get only compliments for their looks

Whenever he meets you, he just talks about your outer beauty and compliments you for your clothes and hair. He never appreciates you for your inner qualities and attributes; it’s because he doesn’t pay attention or hardly cares about it.

5. He loves himself more than you

When you are together he is busy on his phone. He never asks you about how your day was or how you feel. He just enjoys you sitting beside him and is hardly interested in talking to you.

6. There is no respect

For a relationship to be healthy, it must be built on love and respect. If you find out that he does not respect you but still wants you by his side, it is because he treats you as a trophy girlfriend. He doesn’t care about you; rather, he likes the image of you. So you are the quintessential trophy girlfriend to him.

The degree of respect in a trophy relationship is very low. He hardly cares for a trophy girlfriend.

No respect for his lady Image Source

7. You see him only when he wants

He will meet you to go out to a party or to meet his friends. He will always be eager to have you meet his friends and his social circle. You never get time to spend with him and have long walks or just any random time when you both are alone.

8. He always talks about your beauty

He always tells his friends about how beautiful his girlfriend is. He takes you to his friend’s place just to show off. You are a prized possession that he wants to flaunt and show you of.

9. Always wants you to look good

One of the signs that he treats you as a trophy girlfriend is that he wants you to look good all the time – hair is done properly, makeup done and nicely dressed. He treats you like an accessory, almost like his Rolex watch.

10. No personal connect

In a trophy relationship there is an abstinence of sex. There is no personal connect with a trophy girlfriend

No intimacy

When you are close with someone, you talk about personal and serious topics like marriage, friends and family. Two people in a happy relationship share their problems and depend on each other in tough times. But with him, you do not feel like he has anything to share and neither does he seem interested in your problems.

You are a prized possession that he wants to flaunt and show you off.

11. Your opinion does not matter to him

In a relationship, we should respect and listen to each other’s opinion. But if you feel that he hardly cares about your opinion, it may be because he does not care for you but just treats you as a show-off material.

12. You never have to worry about money

He will hardly question you about how much you spend. He just wants you to be dressed up and look good always. You don’t have to look at price tags while shopping and your credit cards are paid off each month by him.

What should you do if you are treated as a trophy girlfriend?

  • Ask him to love you for what you are: When you find out that that he treats you as a trophy girlfriend, you should ask him to love you as who you are and should appreciate you for your inner beauty and attributes. He should not always ask you to doll up
  • Privacy: Ask him to keep the relationship private and not to publicise it in front of others just for showing off
  • Talk to him about the future: Even if he is not interested in talking about the future, you should take the initiative to find out whether he is serious or not. If he is not serious, you should think about breaking up with him
  • Spend time with him: Ask him to spend time with you; then only you both will be able to know each other properly. Maybe when you start spending time together, he may start liking you and caring for you for the person who you are and not for your beauty
  • Leave him if he is not serious about you: Even after your repeated efforts if he is still not serious about you and just wants you for your beauty, remember that he will leave you once this beauty is gone. So, leave him and be with someone who genuinely loves and cares about you as a person

Not everyone is in a relationship for the same reason. You may be in it for love, but some people are in a relationship for other reasons. Some people are just attracted to you for your outer beauty. They have no love for you and just want to use you as a status symbol. When you age and are no more beautiful, they will leave you. So be careful while choosing your partner.

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