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A Commitment-phobe

‘… and they lived happily ever after’ is something every person expects his/her story to end with. These days, unfortunately, people don’t reach that stage. There are so many levels and parameters of a ‘good relationship’ that a major section of today’s generation has turned into commitment-phobes. At times, you may be prepared for a serious relationship but your partner may not be ready to commit. So how do you know you are dating a commitment-phobe? There are some definite signs of a commitment-phobe that you can easily spot. But first -let us know-

Who Is A Commitment-Phobe?

A commitment-phobe is a person who has a fear of giving commitment to his/her love life. Basically, a commitment-phobe is scared to commit to anything that involves other people. Changing relationship status from ‘Single’ to ‘In a relationship’, letting their parents know about their significant other or the biggest of all fears, getting married, scares them out of their wits and they end up breaking off the relationship. Nobody labels themselves or shows their fears of commitment right in the beginning, so it is very difficult to judge whether there lies a commitment-phobe beneath the layer of charm. Here are 22 signs that can help you check if your partner is facing commitment issues.

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22 Signs You Are Dating A Commitment-phobe

The fear of commitment is nothing new, all of us experience it. Being unsure about a relationship is perfectly fine, but what if you are dating someone who is not ready to commit? You want a guarantee that your relationship lasts, but the other person does not have similar intentions. So how do you spot that you are dating a commitment-phobe? There are certain signs that you can spot early on.

1.They don’t promise things

They never promise

They never promise Image Source

They never tell you that they’ll accompany you to that event or whether they’ll be able to make it to that movie. They might come if they can but they don’t want to ‘promise’ you and then ‘disappoint’ you. People who have commitment issues are constantly juggling between options and can never make up their mind. While they seem to be caring people, they really are not.

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2. They don’t take initiatives

If it is always you who decides on what to do next weekend, which place to go and what plans to make then don’t overlook the red flag. Commitment-phobes never take initiatives. They never call or text, they just respond to your calls or texts and be present in your plans. He may be dating you exclusively but not committed to you. It may not seem evident at the start but gradually, you’ll find yourself in a difficult position.

3. They can never be precise about time and place

They never make precise plans

They never make precise plans Image Source

They will never tell you if they can see you at 7 or 8 pm, and you’ll never know how much to wait before they arrive. ‘I’ll get free by 7, but I have to meet someone at 8, so maybe I’ll come in between.’ They won’t prioritise meeting you, rather, they would fling by your place when they have nothing else to do.

4. Even when they are, it’s only when it’s convenient for them

They might tell you where and when only when it suits their convenience. ‘I can meet you after work at that restaurant just a block away from my office.’ ‘How about we meet at 9 because I finish my work at 8:45 pm?’ Commitment-phobes have the tendency to do things their way because it makes them feel secure.

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5. They don’t acknowledge their relationship in public

If your partner doesn’t hold hands in public because it’s too ‘cheap’ or won’t tell his/her colleagues about your relationship because ‘it’s not their concern, you know’, they are definitely facing the fear of commitment. They don’t want anyone to find about their relationship because they themselves are not too sure about it and don’t want to create an image with someone else.

6. They don’t prioritize their partner

‘Hey, can we meet?’
‘Yeah sure, let me just do my laundry, cook dinner, finish my work and then I’ll see you.’

Partner is not there priority

Partner is not there priority Image Source

Commitment-phobes never consider their partner to be their top priority. Instead, their partner always comes after everything on that list. They do not want to rush at their partner’s phone call because they have ‘other’ important things to do.

7. They are reluctant to take it to the ‘next level’

Another sign of a commitment-phobe is that he/she always wants to take things ‘slow’. A commitment-phobe does not rush into things, especially in a relationship. They want to think things through before taking a big step and taking things to the ‘next level’ totally freaks them out. They might get panic-stricken at the mere mention of it and brush the topic aside.

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8. They have very few or no friends

The problem of a person with commitment issues is not just romantic relationships, but also friendships. They cannot maintain long lasting, deep friendships because they have a fear of intimacy. They do not trust easily and are never satisfied, which leads them to be a loner most of the times. They might ‘know’ a lot of people but have very few or no close friends.

9. They’ve had a lot of short relationships before

past relationships before

Past relationships before Image Source

These people constantly feel lonely and so keep on jumping from one relationship to another. They might be falling in love too fast. They get attracted very easily to other people but as soon as they start knowing them, they lose interest, which is why, the commitment-phobes have a long list of previous relationships that they might not even categorise as relationships.

10. They will call all their relationships ‘casual’

Despite having so many past relationships, for them, those were mere encounters with people they liked. So, the girl he had been seeing for months, was just a casual fling. People with a fear of commitment face trouble when it comes to acknowledgement of a relationship, and thus, they never acknowledge one.

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11. They are self-righteous

They will never admit that they can be at fault, neither in their past relationships, nor in their current one. They have a didactic personality which they use to justify all their actions. If your partner thinks that he/she is always right, you need to give the relationship a second thought.

12. They keep giving excuses whenever they don’t want to do things

Excuses are their best friends. They don’t want to go for that movie, they’ll keep showing you bad reviews about it. They don’t want to see your friends; they’ll be busy at work. Anything that does not suit their convenience or seems boring to them, meets a ‘completely genuine’ excuse.

13. They are secretive

They keep secrets

They keep secrets Image Source

You are with them since a long time and you still don’t know any details about their past or their future plans. If your partner is extremely secretive about their life, they might be a commitment-phobe. They don’t want to familiarise you with the aspects of their life that can make you desire commitment from them.

14. They are firm believers of ‘bigamy’ or ‘polygamy’

People with a commitment phobia cannot stick with one person or one relationship. They keep on asserting that monogamy is ‘not their thing’. They keep on emphasising the fact that they can and might have more than one partner which is a definite red flag for you.

15. They will never admit that commitment is scary for them

Despite having problems with commitment, they can never admit it. Probably because they don’t want anyone to find out, or probably because they themselves haven’t found out yet. Research says that people with commitment issues have had a traumatic past as a child or have gone through a series of traumatic relationships as an adult.

16. They constantly demand sexual intimacy

People who run away from commitment are generally very lonely from within because they have never let anyone enter their private sphere. They try to make up for the emotional intimacy by engaging themselves into physical intimacy.

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17. They never emphasise on their partner’s ‘importance’ in their life

To them, partner is not important

To them, partner is not important Image Source

They might feel attracted to you and like spending time with you but their fear of commitment will never let them tell you that you are important to them. You’ll always be a person they date but you’ll never get the tag of a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘boyfriend’.

18. They are never sure about things

They are never sure whether they want that car or not. People with a fear of commitment have a lot of problems in decision making. They will think a thousand times before taking any decision that even, minorly affects their life.

19. They constantly have mood swings

Commitment-phobes are moody people. One day they’ll be on the seventh heaven and the next day, they would have hit the ceiling. Their mood keeps on changing without any reason. Even the smallest things can offend them and they might burst into rage. You never know what will happen next, with them.

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20. They run away from problems rather than facing them

They run away from problems

They run away from problems Image Source

One peculiar characteristic of a person facing commitment issues is that they cannot commit to problems also. They will find ways to run away from it but do their best to not face it. If they are getting unwanted attention, they would make deliberate efforts to not look their best or will deactivate all social media accounts, rather than, going up to the person and confront him/her.

21. They are always ’emotionally protected’

These people have an outer personality which you see and an inner personality, about which, nobody except them, knows. You might be close to them but you will never find out about their emotional phases or problems. They would battle on their own rather than being vulnerable in front of someone else.

22. They constantly find flaws in their partner

Commitment phobia does not allow a person to be comfortable or satisfied with their partner. Such people, even if they are content, will never let their partner know about it. They will keep on finding flaws in you that they cannot ‘tolerate’ in order to stay away from commitment.

It is extremely difficult to date a person who has a fear of commitment. You can always try to help them face their fear but unfortunately, these people tend to become toxic without them knowing about it. At the end of the day, every person desires a relationship with a mutual level on intimacy and comfort.

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