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What does sleep have to do with how happy your marriage is?

Having troubles in your marriage? Have your partner treated for insomnia and other sleep problems first, instead of seeing a marriage counsellor
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Poor quality of sleep might be the main reason for your relationship issues

A study from the University of Arizona suggests that couples who have had sleeping issues at night also had problems in their relationship. The study showed a correlation between the quality of sleep and the relationship between two loving partners. Another study suggests that women sleep better when they have a stable, committed relationship versus when they are single. As for men, they look at the relationship with more positivity and feel good about having their partner beside them after they’ve slept well at night. Whatever these studies suggest, I have strong reasons to believe that sleeping well at night does have a very profound impact on the quality of your relationship with your partner.

Here are a few reasons why a good night’s sleep leads to happy marriages.

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