Little things you can do to prepare the bedroom for some passionate love-making

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
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How to improve the bedroom so sex is better

The bedroom is a sacred space. Whether it’s about going to bed after a long day or going to bed after a long day.

Unless you are an adventurous person who cooks in every room of the house, the bedroom is pretty much the space when things get hot and heavy. Even if the initiation for a sexual encounter begins in any room, it is the bedroom where most things end. You don’t have to be a cleanliness freak to get the bedroom all perfect for sex. A messy bedroom is a mood killer.

Imagine getting things started at a home-cooked dinner and a glass of wine to begin undressing in the hallway to enter a room that smells like the insides of someone’s sweaty helmet. Mood killed, right?

So a clean bedroom is not just about the look but about the feel as well. Your clothes might be correctly put away in the wash-basket, but don’t let the lingering smell of a hard day kill the mood.

Here are the little things you can do to prepare the bedroom for some godly love-making.

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A clean bedroom

It goes without saying a clean bedroom is a prerequisite for a sexy time in the bedroom. Making sure there are no clothes on the floor or dirty underwear tossed on the nightstand. Half of the pillow plopping out of the covers might not be an instant mood killer but a nicely arranged bed with visibly clean sheets is welcoming in itself. A nice air freshener can take care of the lingering damp smell. Opening the windows for ventilation can make the room fresh and inviting.

A clean bedroom

Nice glow

Sex in the dark is too mainstream. Choose a night glow for a better mood. Harsh fluorescent light is too everyday. Instead, go for little rice lights that are not too bright and as a plus point, everyone looks good in a yellow or pink hue. And if you are sure about everything, swapping the lights for some natural candles can elevate the mood for love making. Candle light is such a cliché but don’t deny yourself the pleasure just because you don’t want to be clichéd.

The right temperature

If you live in India, you will relate to this. A sexy time can be ruined with too much heat, especially during the summer months when most of this tropical country faces heat surges all hours. It does not matter if you are in Chennai or Dehradun, summer time and sweating can be instant mood killers. So crank up that air conditioner in the room. Make sure the temperature is not set too low or too high.

Protection kept at hand

Protection kept at hand

No chances to be taken. If you are not planning a pregnancy, always keep condoms and protection near at hand. Preferably on your nightstand so that you don’t have to walk around looking for condoms in the middle of the act.

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Toys R Us

Sexy times, you say? Why not indulge in some toy fun? There are so many sex toys available online which can really spruce up the sex life. Most city couples opt for fun with sex toys and if you are one of them, keep the vibrator, anal beads, dildos safely near at hand. Keep them close but keep them in a clean place; it would be a bummer if either of you contract infections because of unhygienic storing of the toys. And lest your pet or kids should find it and think it is a toy for them to chew on, keep them where they cannot find them.

Oooh, Egyptian cotton bedsheets!

Since the action is most likely to go down on the bed, make sure the bed sheet is as comfortable as it can get. Egyptian cotton the a best bet. 100% cotton sheets are comfortable. Avoid satin-y sheets that gets crumpled up at the end or bed sheets that sting like needles in the skin. It is worth splurging on super soft cotton sheets that feel uber awesome on the skin.

Water at hand

It is wise to keep a bottle of Bisleri at hand. Making out is thirsty work.

No sight of after-work

As adults, we often bring work for home. If you are prepping for a sexy time, any reminder of pending work must be removed. Like a laptop set on the dresser, or phones not on silent mode that keep ringing every other minute. The sexy time is for the couple; advanced technology or work should not ruin it. So laptops, iPhones, tablets must be stored away in the farthest corner of the room for an hour at least.

Music accompaniment

Some mellow blues to get you in the mood. Or classic rock to drown the traffic outside. Or EDM for some lovemaking to the beat.

Locks are important

Locked door
Locks are important

If you are living alone, leaving the door open is fine. But with young adults who share apartments with three other people, locks are absolutely mandatory. It will be embarrassing for you and your partner if someone comes in only to ask ‘tune wifi ka password change kiya hain kya?’. Lock it and then jam it.

And if you are a great believer in Feng Shui, you might apply it in the bedroom as well. If the room is happy, you are happy.

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  1. Saloni Maheshwari

    Really nice pointers, we should keep these things in mind for sure!
    Passionate and erotic sex is exhilarating, fascinating and can lead to a deeper bond between lovers. So, you need to be sure that your bedroom will only have two main uses: a good sleep and amazing sex!

    I will surely try out to make my bedroom look sexier!

    1. But isn’t chemistry and mental state more important than all the above?? I have heard tales of great love making in unexpected places and they surely didn’t have any of the above. What’s you take on that Saloni??

  2. This piece is just “on point” . Space plays an undeniable role in setting the mood as well as boosting the momentum. A little effort to ensure an orgasmic episode is surely worth it!

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