Stories of unconditional love among couples

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Updated On: July 21, 2022
Stories of unconditional love among couples

Moving acts of love and kindness among couples have become rare in today’s individualistic world. There are however still a handful of couples who love each other unconditionally. Such rare stories either bring tears to your eyes or a pleasant smile on your face. Here are some of such stories that will fill your heart with compassion.

1. She gave him all her salary

Sherinaz and Ishan have been married for 6 years. Last year, Ishan suddenly lost his job as his company was downsizing. Somehow he managed to gather courage to tell Sherinaz about this horrific news. At first, Sherinaz thought it was a joke but soon she realised that Ishan was stressed and figured he was serious. Ishan came home that day completely helpless.

He was jobless for 4 months. Sherinaz decided that she would give him all her salary. She could not see him suffer like this financially. Each month, for a period of 4 months, till Ishan got a job, she would transfer all her salary to his account. She kept absolutely no money for herself. She stopped shopping, socialising and spending money on her needs and wants. She completely gave up her financial independence to make Ishan feel better and support him both emotionally and financially during that period.

Woman giving money to husband
Giving all the salary

2. When she found out he was HIV+

Ajay and Veena were dating and a few weeks later, they decided to do an HIV test. Sadly, Ajay was test positive. They were both shattered and scared. Ajay told Veena to leave him and find someone else. She, by then, was too involved emotionally with him and could not come to terms with living life without him. She insisted that she would continue along just as if everything was normal. They saw many doctors together and soon realised that it is an illness that can be managed with consistent medication.

Veena made up her mind that she will not leave Ajay for a reason as petty as HIV. Today they are married and continue living a happy life. While they do not want to have their own biological baby because of the complications, they are planning on adopting a baby girl. One of the doctors said to Veena, “You are just amazing to have decided to be with him. You know that once you are positive you can never be negative? And yet, you…” she stopped the doctor and said that if she had to leave him for his imperfections, being HIV+ is the least one that concerns her.

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3. She’s paralysed and for 20 years he’s taking care of her

Lalita got a severe paralysis stroke in her early 40s which completely made her left side nonfunctional. At that time her kids were just 13 and 10 and her husband was working as an AVP in a big software MNC in Pune. Ashok, her husband, for the vows he had taken, took care of everything. Work, home, kids’ school, Lalita’s health, you name it and he did it. Today both their kids are married and settled in the US and Ashok and Lalita, who is still paralysed stay in their mansion in Pune. One day, we had a pooja at home and they were invited. I was stunned to see that Ashok did everything for Lalitha. Right from getting her out of the car, to walking her to the door of our home, from removing her shoes to bringing her food and even feeding her, he did everything. I realised that he has been doing this for the past 20 years. At home Ashok helps her with her shower, her clothes, makes her hair and he does all this without any complaint.

I have always seen a big smile on his face and a sense of pride and immense love in Lalita’s eyes. Lalita is truly lucky to have found a life partner who continues supporting her through thick and thin.

4. Her accident and his willpower

Mansi met with an accident in Delhi which tore apart her right side completely. Over a period of 1 year, she went through 26 surgeries. Her face, arm, leg and neck everything was deformed. Some doctors even gave up on her. She stayed in the hospital for 1 year of which 5 months was in the ICU. Gunjan, her husband was always around her. It was his will power and support that gave Mansi the strength to overcome the physical torture caused by the accident. Gunjan got all the best doctors from the country to see Mansi and help her recover.

Man taking care of a woman
Her accident and his willpower

“It was only because of Gunjan that I never went into depression”, she says. They also have 2 lovely boys aged 10 and 8. Today, after 3 years of accident and the surgeries thereafter, Gunjan loves Mansi more than ever before. He has even got her an automatic transmission car so that she can drive around the city.

Love can happen many times, but true love can happen only once. It is only true and unconditional love that gives the couple, courage and strength to deal with such harsh circumstances in life.

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  1. Ashutosh Singh

    Yeah just like the whole of the article the last line too was an amazing piece that love can happen many times but true love can happen only once and once it does happen never ever let it go just tie a knot and hang on.

  2. Wow….true love stories!!!

    When you find someone who loves you as you are, and you are able to love them as they are, it is an amazing experience. They may be different from you in many ways. They may view the world differently and have habits that you don’t share, but you can embrace these differences because they are part of this unique person you love.

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