Affair and Cheating

The story of these two amazing flirts who met in a pub will make you go “awww”

It was fun, sitting in a bar and flirting with a stranger, but would he take it any further?
Man drinking in bar

He took his usual seat at the bar, the bartender shouted a familiar “Howdy?” and he gestured he is “Rocking-n-Rolling”. “The usual coming your way,” said the bartender, pouring the scotch, while he turned his chair around to look around at the crowd that day.

Scanning the scene, he spotted her! Besotted, he stared at her, unabashed. The whisky on the rocks, glass wrapped in the tissue paper, just as he liked it, arrived. He picked up the glass, took a sip, not once moving his eyes away from her.

The game is on!

She saw him too, caught him staring! To her amusement, he seemed on a mission, his eyes pierced through her heart. She stared back. He rose his glass, as if drinking in honour of her presence.

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