21 Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You

signs that a man is pursuing you
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Is he smiling at you when he watches you at work or complimenting you much more often than before? If you are noticing a difference in his behavior, these might be signs that a man is pursuing you. When falling for someone, we give away our feelings and reveal what we truly want without even realizing it sometimes. 

John was often obsessed with Chloe. He did not know how to ask her out on a date because he was too shy but he always did enjoy being around her. So John would then look for ways to run into her at the grocery store or make up excuses to spend more time with her. 

If a man has been pursuing you and wants to take things further with you, it may not be as easy as him simply blurting it out over a lunch date. Interestingly, the way his eyes gaze all over you will do the talking for him. 

21 Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You And Really Wants To Take It Further 

We often reveal what we feel not by what we say but how we act. The same is true for men too. From his body language to his sweet words, men have a lot of ways of telling you that he wants to make you his girlfriend.

If you’ve been thinking, ‘He is pursuing me slowly’ but aren’t entirely sure before you make any final assumptions, here is a list to help you figure it out. We give you 21 signs that a man is pursuing you and wants you in his life for good. 

1. He ‘accidentally’ touches you often 

One of the signs he’s smitten with you is when he loves being close to you. Grazing your knee or brushing his arm against yours are only some things he may ‘accidentally’ do when the two of you are hanging out. 

It could be subconscious or he may just like touching you every now and then. But when a man is truly interested, his body language starts speaking the language of attraction. 

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2. His posture is open around you  

One of the signs that a man is pursuing you is if he takes your presence quite seriously. With his shoulders and arms uncrossed and his feet wide apart, a man is showing that he is available to you. When he does this, he is not just indicating comfort but is also expressing his attention to you. 

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3. He smiles a lot when you smile 

This is because he likes to see you smile. He is not mirroring you to make light of the situation but is doing so because your smile engages him! A woman’s smile can be a big turn on for the man who is interested in her. He smiles because being with you brings him joy. Here are some compliments for a man’s smile to make him blush!

4. He looks into your eyes 

Looking into a person’s eyes is a sexy and underrated way of telling them that you want them. When a man stares at you deeply and passionately, he is actually communicating with you through his eyes. 

Looking at a person charmingly is one thing but really making conversation with one’s eyes is another. One of the signs that a man is pursuing you is if he shows you his seriousness with the depth in his eyes.  

5. He carefully plans the dates 

Men who are seriously considering taking things further like to take things into their own hands. They are not going to wait around for time and circumstance to do the trick! They just make their own. 

If he often plans out elaborate dates and makes suggestions for things to do together, it is because he genuinely wants to see you and take things further. 

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6. You feel listened to 

And not just listen, but really listen. Even if you’re telling him about a trek you went on with your friends, he is not just going to listen to your fun stories but will actually care about what those stories say about you as a person. 

We listen in a scrutinizing way when we like someone and want to get to know them even better. Try playing some fun get to know me questions with him and you’ll see how intently he wants to know everything about you. He does not just listen to you to be polite but wants to take away more from the conversation. 

7. He holds your hand tightly 

There actually is quite a difference between holding a woman’s hand lightly and holding it more passionately. When you hold it lightly, it arises out of fun, attraction and simply having a good time. 

When he clutches your hands more lovingly, your man is actually telling you that you mean something important to him. This could even be one of the signs a man wants you to be his girlfriend. 

signs he wants you badly
One of the signs he wants you badly is if he keeps trying to hold your hand

8. He calls you endearing names 

Casual encounters do not call for lovey-dovey nicknames. A ‘babe’ here and there is understandable but it usually ends there. One of the signs a man is pursuing you for something more is if he already has cute nicknames for you. He’s telling you that he already considers you close enough to him. 

9. He often invites you over 

A nightcap after dinner may not be too serious and perhaps just a polite offer. But if he calls you over often to make you dinner or just to watch a movie, he might be leaning toward something more.

Men only share the comfort of their house on a regular basis with someone they truly want to share it with. They want you in their space because it is better with you in it. 

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10. He takes charge around you 

Call it being protective or simply confident, one of the signs that a man is pursuing you is when he likes to take charge and tower over you. Men often feel the need to be the assertive ones when they are around ladies they like. 

It could be things like letting you walk on the inner side of the sidewalk or always dropping you off home. While this is often just considered chivalry, there could be more to it and is how he chooses to show affection. These gestures might also mean that he is ready to make you his. 

11. Notice his compliments 

When a man compliments your appearance, hair or other things that are obvious and out there, it does not necessarily mean that he wants more from you It could be just an observation or appreciation.

However, if he compliments your innate qualities, natural strengths and unique talents, it is clear that he sees you and likes you for who you are. This is one of the signs he wants you badly because he cannot stop talking about all that he loves about you. 

 12. There is never a lull in the conversation 

When a guy is enjoying your company, he will ensure that no moment suddenly goes downhill. He will consciously make the effort to keep conversation going and keep you engaged. His voice will be deep, present and he will clearly be into the conversation. 

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13. He can be a little nervous around you 

Yes, even being nervous is one of the signs that a man is pursuing you. It can be expressed in manners where he may stutter, be forgetful, tell a weird joke or say something out of place. 

Do not fret because this does not mean that he is awkward in his demeanor. He might just be a little anxious in your presence because of how much he likes you and might be worried how to impress you.

14. He dresses to the nines around you 

A well-groomed man is a man with a purpose. If he consciously ensures that he looks prim and proper every time he meets you, he might be trying to pursue you. A man who grooms himself and worries about how he looks is a man who wants to leave a lasting impression upon you. It is clearly one of the signs that he wants you to notice him. 

signs he's smitten with you
One of the signs he’s smitten with you is if he always dresses well for you

15. Is he still in touch with his exes? 

A man who wants to pursue will have lost touch with all his ex flames. He may encounter them as friends in his life but if he has stopped reconnecting with them, his focus is clearly elsewhere – onto you. 

He is ready to move on to the next thing and has evolved from his past. As a self-aware guy, he knows what he wants and is ready to go after you. A new chapter in his life awaits him and he is happy to embrace it. 

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16. He is searching for commitment in his life 

Regardless of your relationship with him, you must also notice whether he is individually ready for a commitment or not. Is he a commitment phobe or not? If he appears to be at a point where he seeks something true, real and long lasting – he could be pining for you. 

17. He does not rush the physical intimacy 

Because he wants so much more! Physical intimacy is not the end goal with this guy and he is happy to enjoy it whenever you initiate it. However, waiting for you to be comfortable does not bother or agitate him. 

One of the ironic signs a man is pursuing you is when he rests on making the moves physically. This is not because he is not attracted to you but only because he knows he will be fine without rushing into it. 

18. He tries to prove his boyfriend abilities to you 

Brings you coffee after work, asks how your day was or remembers your favorite song and plays it for you in his car – these signs are obvious beyond comparison. This is his subtle way of showing off that he is perfect boyfriend material for you and will do things that people do to show someone you care.

He may even say it out loud! “I’d make such a great boyfriend” or “You aren’t gonna find a better guy for you than me” are some things he may randomly throw into a conversation. Not only does he know that he wants you in his life but is also smartly planting that idea in your mind. 

falling in love

19. You’ve seen all his sides 

One of the signs that a man is pursuing you is when he not only shows you his perfect, winsome side to you but is also real about the other parts of him. It could be related to his anger, insecurities, past relationships, hurt or conflicts. 

If he is willing to openly share and be his true self around you, it is because he needs you to see him for what he is. Only then would it be worth it at all. 

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20. He is well-versed with your social media 

And not in a creepy stalker way that turns you off but in a “I care about the things that matter to you” kind of way. He does not stalk your social media because he is infatuated with you and has a major, uncontrollable crush. 

He does this because your social media speaks a lot for you. So he likes to go through it to pick up cues about you and know you in ways you may not reveal to him in person. 

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21. He gets jealous but does not make it too obvious 

One of the signs that a man is pursuing you is when he gets jealous of other men in your life but does not do it in a way that is too obvious. He clearly wants the prime importance in your life and begrudges anyone who may threaten it. 

However, he also does not want to scare you off by getting too jealous too soon. Since he is still trying to pursue you, he knows you are not his and does not want to make bold assumptions either. 

Men can be really easy to read if you’re careful and pay a lot of attention to their actions and mannerisms. Watch out for the signs above and you might just be able to decipher what he really wants from you. 

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