11 Ways To Tell What A Guy Wants From You

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Updated On: December 26, 2021
what he wants from you
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When you initially start going on dates with someone, it can be tricky to judge where the situation is going. You may wonder what his intentions are and where it’s all leading to. How to tell what a guy wants from you is all about picking up on the little hints and signs that he throws around. Once you know how he really feels, it becomes easy for you to reciprocate and take things further with confidence and ease! 

If he wants to make you his girlfriend, he is not just going to sit back and wait for destiny to magically make it happen. He will show obvious signs during your dates and interactions that he is interested in you and wants to make you his. 

On the other hand, if he wants to be just friends, you may observe that he might not respond to your advances or flirt back with you. 

11 Ways To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 

If you’re wondering how to figure out if a guy wants a relationship or just a fling, you’ve got to carefully pay attention to how he behaves. The constant compliments he gives you might just be signs he wants you to notice him. But if he shows up wearing joggers to your date, he’s either the least fashionable man out there or just didn’t bother to make an effort for you.

A guy may want to be just friends, have a short fling, simply get into bed with you or be in a long-term relationship with you. No matter what it is, it’s good to know what he wants before you make up your mind about his place in your life. 

Signs he wants you in his future can be easy to catch if you’re paying attention. They could be as subtle as him making time for you or as romantic as him arranging candlelight dinners for you. If a man wants you, he will make it happen. How he does that depends largely on his idea of romance and how well he can communicate his feelings.

If you are both unaware of what the other person wants and keep going along with your own expectations, you may end up with dashed hopes and a crushed heart. To not waste each other’s time and be clear about how and where one wants to take things, you must know how to tell what a guy wants from you. 

Here are 11 ways to help you do the same: 

How to tell what a guy wants from you infographic

1. How often do you see each other? 

One of the easiest ways to tell if a guy is interested in you is to judge how badly he wants to meet you. Is it just you asking him out every other day? Or does he make the effort to match his schedule with yours? 

Finding ways to see another person is something one often does when one is really interested in them. However, there needs to be a balance as well. You don’t want him texting you “can I see you tomorrow?” when you haven’t even reached home after your date with him!

If you want to find signs he wants a serious relationship with you, think about the number of times you go out and be observant of his dating etiquette. If it is more than once a week, you might be the lucky duck!

2. Does he initiate sex every time? 

If all your meetings are consummated with sex in the end, you must think deeply about whether he really wants you or just enjoys the sexual chemistry. How to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a fling? Pay attention to how seriously he takes you outside the bedroom. 

Sexual chemistry is definitely an important aspect of a relationship. But if it feels like you can’t spend a lot of time with him without having sex, you might have to think twice about how well you two get along with each other.

Having regular sex is one thing but jumping straight into it each time might means that he only considers you a hookup partner. If he is not making efforts to get to know you apart from that, he may not be in it for the long haul. 

How to know if a guy wants a relationship
Notice your sexual chemistry and tendencies to tell what a guy wants from you

3. He talks about you to his friends 

One of the best ways to solve the mystery of how to tell what a guy wants from you is to check whether his friends know of you or not. A man only tells his friends about a woman he truly cares about. How he talks about you to his close friends will tell you all you need to know. You can’t just go about sending his friends a message asking if they know about you though, so your best bet is to ask him about it.

If his friends know you or have even met you, this guy is probably genuinely interested in you. He’ll tell you what some of his friends think about you. If he’s confidently talking about you with his friends, it could be a sign he wants a serious relationship with you.

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4. Judge how often he calls or texts you 

Does he text you every morning? Does he call you right after work? While there is no manual to courting someone online, this is still an effective way to gauge his interest in you. 

A man who takes the time out of his day to get in touch with you and share his day with you is a man who probably wants you. One cannot keep up with texting or calling throughout the day unless they’re truly invested in the other person. 

There are many rules for texting while dating. For instance, if he randomly stops texting you on certain days, it is one of the signs a man wants you to chase him. Sometimes men refrain from sending the first text of the day or want to appear aloof only so you can make a move on them. 

5. He makes the time for you 

Have there been instances when you’ve both been extremely busy but your boyfriend reorganized his schedule, meetings or time with friends to spend time with you? If this has been the case multiple times, it’s one of the signs a man wants to be with you. 

This man is aware of how a woman wants to be treated and is willing to do it well. When you tell him you’ve been having a bad day and he ignores a prior commitment to be with you, he wants you in his future. If a man wants you, he will make it happen despite the constant emails he’ll get from his HR about skipping work. Just make sure you don’t get him fired!

6. Know his relationship history

How to tell what a guy wants from you is not only about how he behaves when he is with you but also who he was before you. If he has a history of having a lot of casual sex or short-term relationships, you must consider that he might want the same from you. 

On the other hand, if he has only been in long-term relationships before, there is a good chance he is looking for the same with you. Combine this with the other signs to get a full perspective on whether he wants to make you his girlfriend or not. 

“So, tell me about your past relationships” may not be what a guy wants to hear from his girlfriend but it’s necessary to know about his relationship history. If he hasn’t been in a serious relationship before, don’t be surprised when he’s far from the perfect boyfriend!

signs a man wants to be with you
Understand his relationship history to understand who he is

7. Does he talk about himself openly with you?

If the guy often likes to share his life stories, learnings and deepest secrets with you, that is a good sign. People only open up and share comfortably with those that they trust wholeheartedly and see as an important part of their future. 

One of the signs he wants to date you is if he is open in his communication with you and likes to hear your thoughts about himself as well. It shouldn’t feel like you’re doing all the talking while he nods and shakes his head.

You’ll end up realizing after a couple of weeks that you barely know this person because they never open up to you! When you two talk about things beyond your favorite movies or bands, you achieve actual chemistry. Once that happens you’ll be able to tell it’s a sign he wants you in his future!

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8. Does he show you off on social media? 

Men do not particularly like to introduce women on their social media profiles until they mean something. If he is starting to post stories of your dates or posting pictures with you, then you know this is headed in a serious direction.

If you’re thinking about how to tell if a guy wants a relationship or just a fling, notice how frequently you’re featured on his social media. The only acceptable reason to have made zero appearances on his social media is if he doesn’t have any in the first place. But who doesn’t have social media?

When you see him constantly uploading stories of you even when you’re not with him, he clearly wants something serious and long-term with you. It may seem like a small thing but it is actually quite a big deal to him! 

9. He shows signs of jealousy 

How to tell if a guy wants to date you or just be friends? Look for apparent signs of jealousy. If he is visibly disturbed when you are seeing someone else or posting pictures with your friends, he is seriously interested in you. 

Men who want to date casually do not often worry about who their partner is seeing because they are too busy hunting other prospects. When you tell him you’re going out with a bunch of boys who have shown interest in you in the past, his reply better not be a nonchalant “okay, cool”.

However, if he worries about the people you go out with, meet or interact with, he is invested. If being on the backburner hurts him, he wants to be more than just friends or casual acquaintances. 

10. He tries to be a part of your everyday 

‘I can pick you up after work!’ or ‘I think you can buy Stacey a gift from that new store on the main street’, or ‘Let me grab your dry cleaning for you’ – these are all major signs that he wants you in his future. You shouldn’t feel abandoned when you face some problems in your personal life. You should be able to rely on him for some support.

If your man goes out of his way to contribute to your life and your everyday activities, he wants you bad. If he does not say such things, he could be just taking it slow or looking for something else. 

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11. Does he remember the little things? 

How to tell what a guy wants from you depends heavily on how he responds to the things that you tell him. Does he get bored by what you say and often ignores and forgets it? Or does he remember the name of your first pet and your favorite pizza joint? 

If he remembers the little things, he probably has feelings for you and wants to take things ahead. If he does not, chances are that he is not interested in you as much and is not looking for anything serious. 

Either way, these helpful tips can help you decide whether a guy is interested in you and what he wants from you. If he’s showing signs he wants you to chase him, maybe try and burst his ego bubble a little! Signs he wants a serious relationship with you will now be easier to crack and you won’t be left racking your brain! Once you can assess this, you can decide how you want to go about dating him and what you can expect from him. 

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