10 questions to find out whether he likes you or just wants to have sex with you

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How to know if sex is all he’s looking for?

The average Indian woman receives much more attention than the average Indian man. While men may consider this a blessing, women know that it’s nothing of that sort! Although you’ve been encountering hopeful men left, right, and centre, much of the attention is just plain creepy and inappropriate. It’s a planned prequel to sex, really. Let’s not confuse that with the whole friends-with-benefits thing. What we are discussing are men who pretend to want your kind of a relationship with you when all they’re looking for are the steamy nights. But what if you’re looking to date, and you’re tired of seeing potential boyfriends turn into people who only see you as a possibility for sex? Have you ever felt that sex is far too intimate to be experienced with men who cannot see beyond the act? If that rings a bell, you’re not alone.

We don’t want you to feel like a trophy that a man can add to his collection before moving on. If you feel that your guy might be planning to ‘hit it and quit it’, but his charming face doesn’t let you be entirely sure, bring out your pads and take note! Here are 10 different questions you should ask to help you see right through his possibly perverted puppy eyes!

1. Why does he think of you?

Try asking the guy what he thinks of you. A man looking for sex will rant on about how appealing he finds your body. The things you like yourself for will probably be irrelevant to him. Asking this in person will ensure that he thinks on his feet! And if he’s a veteran who sends you a planned text, make sure you check for those suggestive undertones.

2. Why does he like talking to you?

So, your guy is the chatty kind. The more your guy talks, the more vulnerable he gets. Try asking him this question to see if his response carries the generic words. Don’t be fooled if he calls you smart and intelligent. Think if he’s actually had opportunities to come to those conclusions or if he’s just trying to flatter his way into your pants!

3. Where is this relationship going?

You might have to be a little careful with this one. While commitment issues are the bane of potential relationships, this is a dreaded question for the ‘player’. Their tactics often involve trying to skirt around the question or pretending to be incredibly committed in order to earn your trust. If you get a whiff of what you fear, you need to be waving them goodbye!

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4. How do I look?

If he goes on and on about how the tight dress makes him want to squeeze your ass, you might want to scrap that second date. The more polished sex-scavengers are never this brazen on the first date. But you might still want to keep that guard up.

5. What would he do to you in bed?

Sex-chats can be a great screening tool. If blowjobs are all he understands by oral sex, and him ‘finishing’ is the only thing that matters, your suspicion is proved. But chances are that he’ll stress on how good he is at cunnilingus. Don’t fall for that trap.

6. Ask him about previous relationships

Guys tend to get weird when discussing this. When hunting for sex, such guys can and probably will use their sad stories to earn your sympathy. Keep your suspicion to yourself, though. It’s better to ghost the guy than be accused of insensitivity.

7. What does he like?

While there’s no specific set of books or movies that such men like, noting how he steers the conversation can be of help. Selfish men in search of sex will drop subtle hints all over the conversation.

8. Would he come over even if your parents are there?

If this guy is who you suspect he is, he’ll probably put this plan on hold until your parents leave the picture. Don’t confuse social awkwardness with slyness, though. God knows most of us are prey to the former. A parent-charmer on the other hand is a man with perseverance who uses your parents’ validation to earn yours.

9. Would he go on a date to a place he isn’t crazy about?

If you’re just a possible source of sex for him, chances are that he wouldn’t burn the midnight oil for you. The lover, however, tries his best to keep you happy.

10. How have his sexual experiences been?

The sex-raider is always very assertive about his prowess. While he may not boast openly about his size and girth, his descriptions are narcissistic tales of his glory intended to woo you.

There you go. Up your screening game with these 10 questions and you’ll be meeting men who want the same things as you, in no time.


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