What To Expect When You Are Dating A Leo Woman

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A Leo woman has some typical characteristics. Leo women are very close to their family, and they have a minimal yet accurate set of friends that mean the world to them. If you are dating a Leo woman then there are a few things you need to know about her.

These women are extroverts and often will be loud and full of life. You’ll notice their presence even before you meet them. These women are outgoing and very often appear as high maintenance, but they are, in fact, the ones who make any guy feel comfortable in their company. Some things that you can expect from a Leo woman when dating her are listed below.

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What To Expect When Dating A Leo Woman

Leo women hope the man in their life to make them the centre of his universe. That’s because she gives more than anyone else when she is in a relationship, and she expects the same in return. When dating a Leo woman, do not make the mistake of taking her for granted.

If you have to attract a Leo woman you have to understand her first. She is a woman of character who has very strong likes and dislikes and you should be able to honour that.

She needs immense attention, care and equal or even more involvement from the man as her lover. Do not worry; she’ll also make sure that she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while expecting this because she’s warm and yet dominating.

She is very jolly, friendly and understands her man better than himself, so she is not up for any nonsense. Be honest with her, love her immensely, make her the focal point in everything you do and always involve her in any important decisions you make. Here are a few things that you must know about a Leo woman.

You will grow in your relationship with a Leo woman
You will grow in your relationship with a Leo woman

1. Do not hurt her pride

A Leo woman is always very ambitious. In an argument, if you shout back at her, she is undoubtedly going to get extremely angry, and you’ll end up hurting her pride. Instead, stay calm and then talk with her.

She is rational when it comes to discussions, but gets very upset and feels insulted when shouted at. Remember that her ego and self-pride are incredibly fragile and yet she is also mighty when it comes to sulking.

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2. She loves to give and receive praise

As much as she wants attention, she also believes in giving more attention to her lover. She will always praise her man and make sure she makes him feel special.

She is very expressive and expects the same from her lover. If you are dating a Leo woman you have to understand this. In the early days, she might be the one who is self-centred and only wants attention, but as she matures into a relationship, she starts giving back and does not retain any bitterness. She fills the life of her man with her warmth.

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3. Sex life is fulfilling with her

You can be sure that your sex life with her will be performing. She is very experimental in bed, and once she has her mindset on something, she’ll go for it. That’s the absolute Leo woman temperament.

She is the lioness, the queen of the animal world. What she loves in men is their confidence. If you are dating a Leo woman, make sure you are confident in bed and allow her to take charge while also showing your wild side to her. She’s very loyal, even if she is surrounded by men lusting for her.

Sex life is fulfilling with her
Sex life is fulfilling with her

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4. A Leo woman sticks to her decisions, and it’s her way

She is not going to be afraid of a confrontation. A Leo woman is level headed and makes decisions on her own. She wants things running her way. She is a happy woman.

If her man disagrees with her way of doing things, then he should have a solid reason and should be able to explain it to her with conviction and confidence. Do not expect her to fall prey to any emotional drama, even if she has revealed her vulnerable side to you. She is a go-getter. She cannot stand a man who is irresponsible and does not do anything to change that.

5. A Leo woman has strong likes and dislikes

If you are dating a Leo woman then you should know she has very strong likes and dislikes and is the last person to go with the flow. If you tell her to come on a road trip and you will stop and stay at a hotel where you can get a room, she would insist on the hotel bookings first. The hotel has to come up to her standards then only she will agree to go on the trip.

A Leo woman has strong likes and dislikes
A Leo woman has strong likes and dislikes

She likes things to be organised and hates disarray. If she takes an instant dislike to someone it’s unlikely she would change her mind later on. If you are attracted to a Leo woman then ensure you organise things her way to win her heart.

6. What makes a Leo woman jealous and concluding

A Leo woman is level headed and she does not get jealous easily but you might unleash the lioness in her if you start flirting with the PYT at the party then God help you.

She will not only become jealous but she could jump to conclusions about your character and dismiss the relationships then and there. So be careful who you look at. If you want to keep dating the Leo woman you are attracted to ensure you give her 100% attention all the time.

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7. When you hurt a Leo woman…

There are some things that hurt a Leo woman those are deceit, dishonesty and your lack of involvement in a relationship. She appreciates honesty and if you apologise to her honestly and try to make amends she will forgive you.

But if you stick to your grounds then chances are she will over analyse the situation and will conclude that the relationship is not worth the effort. She would simply move on.

A Leo woman when hurt keeps festering inside. Give her that time to deal with her emotions then tell her genuinely how you feel about her. It will work.

Why you should date a Leo woman

If you are dating a Leo woman then you are growing in the relationship. A man can learn  a lot from a Leo woman because the lioness has all the leadership and decision-making skills that are needed in the boardroom along with the right amount of ambition.

Why you should date a Leo woman
Why you should date a Leo woman?

If you have a Leo woman by your side and take the right advice from her she will help you climb up the ladder of success. She has exceptional multi-tasking and organisational skills that she can pass on to you.  If you don’t expect her to wait with a cup of tea when you get home you will be fine. She will love you to the moon and back in her own way.

What Kind Of A Man Does A Leo Woman Want?

If you have mastered the art of wooing but character wise you are lazy, indecisive and unambitious be sure you are wasting your time with a Leo woman.

If you want to date a Leo woman then ensure that you have a stronger personality than her and you can dominate the dominating lioness.

She won’t admit it, but she would do anything to submit to your domination if it’s mingled with love, care and trust. If you think your domination can be control then you are making a big mistake. She hates control.

What Kind Of A Man Does A Leo Woman Want
What Kind Of A Man Does A Leo Woman Want

What she wants is a personality that’s bigger than her’s. That could be your ambition, charm, charisma and your capabilities in bed. If you have these then you will definitely end up dating a Leo woman.

It is a mistake that many people make in judging a Leo women as self-absorbed. When a Leo woman is in love, she gives her heart, soul, everything to her man. Her life revolves around her man, but at the same time, she expects the same from him.

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