Weird Things Couples Do With Each Other Once They Are Settled In Love

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Updated On: March 27, 2024
Weird things couples do

When you’re in love, sometimes, you can tune out the world and just focus on your partner. It’s like no one is watching, it’s just the two of you. It’s in these moments true love and magic feel real.

But it’s easy to get so lost in each other sometimes that you forget the world around you. In such moments, others get to see weird things couples do. Most of the time, couples don’t even realize they are being weird in public and that people are watching.

These moments may be fleeting and few and far between but for most couples, being crazy and carefree with each other in their private space becomes the new normal once they find a comfort level to vibe on.

10 Weird Things Couples Do When Nobody Is Watching

Remember the first time you two met? Smiling appropriately, not showing too many teeth, sipping your coffee noiselessly, covering your face while sneezing – all the etiquettes right in place. Once the numero uno date becomes date number thirty, and you have been together for quite some time now, all those etiquettes disappear in thin air.

The weird things couples do from time to time begin once both partners have found a comfort level and are not trying to impress each other anymore.

It is only when you spend a long time together as a couple that you will begin to feel comfortable enough to do cute things for each other. The cute couple act sort of filters down to being two giant freaks together. Here are some strange things couples do when they get super comfy with each other:

1. Noisy kisses

Kiss just for the sake of it, not because you are feeling “in a mood”. No tongue, no saliva, just a peck with a deliberate smooch noise. Go like ‘mwah’.

It’s super cute and lovey-dovey and feels like you’ve found the one. Yes, making out has its own charm, but a cute little kiss goodbye is one of the best feelings in the world.

Things only couples do
No tongue, no saliva, just a peck with a deliberate smooch noise

2. Laundry checks

When you get so comfortable with each other that you start sniffing each other’s clothes to see if laundry needs to be done. Need a laundry check? Sniff your clothes and your partner’s, significantly around the armpit area. If it makes you cringe, you need a laundry day. If not, you can go on for a couple of days more.

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3. Put make up on each other

Use all the makeup at their disposal on your man’s face. And let him return the favor by doing the same. Fun weekend, right? Curiously, a lot of couples do that, admittedly with a little pestering from the girl.

When couples get bored of watching Netflix shows and binge-eating together, they do strange things that would weird anyone out. Putting lipstick and mascara on your boyfriend definitely comes under this category.

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4. Dance naked

Not all dances are meant for seduction. When the mood is right, couples turn up the volume of their favorite track and introduce their partner to the world of freaky love. They get wild and undress fully to a rock song while singing along. Couples also striptease each other.

5. Record the sleepy murmurs and take photos of drools

Ever get annoyed by your snoring partner beside you? Well, when they’re feeling particularly cuddly, couples fall asleep on or next to each other, and more often than not, they drool and talk in their sleep. Recording these raw moments makes for a great blackmail arsenal.

The threats are almost always harmless but couples cherish this content on their phone forever. Sometimes these weird things couples do are so ironically adorable. You don’t realize the value of these fun, lighthearted moments until years later when you’re taking a trip down memory lane, smiling as you look through old photos and videos.

6. Talk in a strange impromptu made-up language

Weird things couples do
Converse in a totally personal and made-up language

Couples converse in a totally personal and made-up language. The impromptu dialect can also be different. They turn it into a game of sorts. Whatever language their partner speaks, they interpret it in their head and with hand gestures and facial expressions, reply with a made-up language of their own. Whoever laughs first or gets tired of randomly making up language, loses.

7. Talk about poop

They send selfies while pooping. After the deed is done, they click photos of their poop and send it to their partner’s phone, and when they are not looking, set it as their lock screen.

Or even better, they video call their boyfriend/girlfriend from the toilet seat. Getting their priceless reaction and making fun of it is all part of the charm. And if they’re uncomfortable talking about poop, the situation is all the more entertaining!

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8. Tug at body hair

After the relationship passes the honeymoon stage, the maintenance goes down a bit. Legs don’t get shaved above the knee. The beard grows longer and thicker. Sometimes, partners tug at each other’s body hair, out of the blue, for some harmless fun.

9. Shower together but no sex

Strange things couples do
Shower together but no sex

This doesn’t mean the romance is dead. Couples who have been together a long time still have many crazy things to do in bed, but sometimes the charm is in the non-sexual things that are sexualized. Sometimes they get into the shower with their partner to scrub each other’s back or give a nice hair massage while shampooing.

10. Fart competition

Does this even need an explanation? Honestly, it may sound disgusting but most couples have indulged in it at some point. This definitely tops the list of all the crazy things couples do with each other. And if you haven’t tried it yet, do it just to make her laugh. It’s worth it!

By now it is established that all couples do really weird things but that’s what strengthens the bond in the relationship. If you’re being really weird around them, that means you’re comfortable being with them. Isn’t that so special?

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