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7 signs that gadgets are taking over your relationship

Gadgets are in for total domination. And the worst part of it, we are totally letting them be.
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Life before gadgets took over

My momma always used to say “No phones at the dinner table” which was relatable because we did not have a smartphone invasion back then. We did not photograph the dishes cooked for dinner cause we were too busy gobbling them up. Dinner was a time for family discussions – why the potatoes were not boiled enough, how I couldn’t be more like my sister and heated arguments about the left wing government – stuff like that. Life was simpler there. People actually looked at people’s faces and enjoyed the little things in life.

Gadgets sure are fun – everything is always a click away. Even dating sites are a click away, meeting people, hooking up, getting dumped is easier than ever. Teenagers are growing up “feeling sad” at home on Facebook with 25 other fifteen year old kids who “share” their feeling. If someone has got a new dog, we know about it. If a couple has a break up, we know about it and send a sad reaction to it. Smartphones are smarter than people and living in an age where we are this close to mass-distributing personal intelligence is sure fun.

Too much use of gadgets

With gadgets, communication is 24*7. But the constant obsession with gadgets, smartphones, social media updates are doing more damage than good. There are signs that too much gadget use is hurting your relationship.

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You suffer from Smartphone separation syndrome

If you go out with your partner but somehow forget your phone at home, what you encounter is a sort of withdrawal syndrome- the phantom vibrations in your pocket, having to look at other people instead of your phone screen and the nagging feeling that you are missing a lot of social media updates. This concoction of emotions prevent you from having a good time with your partner. No matter how much you deny that is not how it will go down, leave your phone at home for a few hours and see how twitchy, irritable and crazy you feel without a phone.

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Social updates become way too important

Did you even have a vacation if you haven’t given hourly Instagram stories? So instead of lying around on the beach, you have taken selfies from all possible angles and spent countless hours editing them, only to realise it was time for you to return. No romance on the beach, no walking along the shore, no keeping your phone on silent- the vacation just flew by doing the same things you have been doing when you were not on a vacation.

You spend time together with eyes glued to the phone screen

It is the same old fun every day. If you need a place to eat, you Zomato it, if you are too lazy to get off the couch, you order in. There are gadgets for everything. What happened to the classic walk, hand in hand to the little shack, while it’s pouring cats and dogs outside? No walking! You Uber everywhere. Even when you are together with your partner, your conversation revolves around the funny cat video you have seen on Instagram. Your eyes are glued to the screen, your fingers scrolling. If this is a familiar scene for you, behold! Gadgets are successfully ruining the essence of your relationship.

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Approval from online friends

It’s like your relationship is not official until your 2345 friends know that you are official. Like their validation is so essential to the success of the relationship. When one partner is media savvy and the other is not, problems might arise. “Why is the need to put up a Facebook status of our relationship?” and the answer we think of is “Oh my God, he does not want anyone to know about us.”

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We hear but never listen

Primarily because we have music blasting through the headphones connected to our iPods. So even when we are not without our headphones we barely listen to what people have to say.

Unrealistic expectations from your partner

This is mirrored after the number of celebrity updates we get used to. If we see one celeb doing something fancy for the lady-love, we expect something along those lines and when the desire isn’t met, we often react badly. Not saying ever one behaves like that but countless, constant updates about love gestures shown to their partner prevents us from imagining a simpler life for ourselves.

Invasion of gadget life can happen in many ways. You can always control the addiction to your smartphones and prevent it from taking over your relationship. It won’t be easy, but it sure is necessary. Good luck!

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Who controls your life? You or your gadgets?

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  1. The danger is that the gadgets surely set up a new way of relating with one another in which we are continually in touch, but emotionally detached.

    We are so lost in our own worlds. We can learn to healthily use these gadgets if we set limits, develop rules and attend to our relationships.

    One more way can be to plan to turn the gadgets off completely to focus on each other to spend a quality time and both must agree to it. It’s important actually…

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