Why Men Don’t Take No For An Answer

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Updated On: March 8, 2023
don't take no for an answer

Has your Tinder ever blown up with desperate men texting you to go out with them even though you politely expressed your disinterest in them? Or have you had guy friends crushing on you who simply either stopped talking to you completely or are still pining for you even though you blatantly said ‘NO’? We are sure you’ve gone through such an incident where you realized that men don’t take no for answer and will persistently try to woo you.

Why Guys Won’t Take No For An Answer

Sometimes when a first date goes decently well but you come home and realize that this person just might not be for you, you know all hell is going to break loose. You hop onto your phone, text them that you had a lovely time but cannot see them again, and a whole flurry of messages will come your way. Messages like, “But I had so much fun, what’s wrong?” or “Is there anything wrong with me?” You catch our drift.

So, you might have already experienced how men never take no for an answer and will do everything in their power to keep you interested. But this might not necessarily arise out of their love for you, but could just be a cry for validation. So if you think men don’t take no for an answer, let’s see why exactly.

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1. It is a blow to their self esteem

This is the most common reason for all kinds of men and why they won’t take no for answer when you try to turn them down. Regardless of whether the date went well or not, this man might have an idea in his head that you are completely bowled over by him. So when that idea is shattered, this guy is left confused.

This can lead him to lash out or refuse to take no for answer because it has lead to a bout of low self esteem for him and this issue has now become about his ego.

2. They want to work on their first impression

It is possible that there was some kind of faux pas on the date that the guy might be willing to correct. For example, he gave you the wrong idea about his expectations, told you a problematic story from his past or caused some kind of misunderstanding. He knows this misunderstanding could be the reason you do not want to see him again and he is afraid of that.

This is why he won’t take no for answer because he knows that you haven’t understood him well yet. He is confident that there is a part of him that you will like and adore, once you get to know him better and thus he wants you to give him that chance.

won't take no for answer
He won’t take no for an answer because he wants you to know his honest side

3. They have not been vulnerable/honest with you

There could be a side of them that they have not shown you yet which is why they feel a little misunderstood. Perhaps, they had their guard up this whole time which is why they think you are not interested. Men sometimes don’t take no for an answer because they feel like you might like them more once they reveal their more vulnerable sides to you.

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4. He can’t get over you

If you’ve been boy and girl best friends with a guy for the longest time and he suddenly started crushing on you, it is possible he will never take no for an answer. This is because his crush on you has lasted a long time. He has been waiting for you desperately and his patience has reached the summit.

For years he has been going crazy for you and now he is just unable to accept defeat. Thus he will keep taking you out, keep texting you and bringing you flowers to show you that he is the one for you.


5. It could be their social conditioning

Sadly, a lot of times men are so good at not taking no for answer because of their upbringing and conditioning. Our patriarchal system has told men that they can often have whatever and whoever they want. So when faced with a situation where a man is pursuing a woman and she does not want him back, they are just utterly baffled.

This does not come from their personal issues or narratives but is rather a product of their entitlement. This might not be their fault as such, but a truly horrific by-product of the society we have created.

So if he’s been calling you non-stop and even stalking you a little bit, now you know why he won’t take no for answer. Our advice is sit him down and tell him why. Give him more of an explanation, show him that you understand him and perhaps he will try to understand you too. If he still doesn’t get it, block him everywhere and warn him you’ll get a restraining order!


1. What does it mean when someone can’t take no for an answer?

Men or even women sometimes don’t take no for an answer because they are so in love, they wan’t to keep trying to be with you. This could also be because it hurts their self esteem or social conditioning.

2. How do you accept no as an answer?

We know rejection stings but there’s not much you can do about it. Forcing someone to love you is not real love anyway. Distract yourself and try not to talk to them to much. Understand their reason, give them their space and walk away.

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