The Best Way To Get Over Rejection Is To Face It

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
Getting over rejection

Getting over rejection can send you on a roller coaster of emotions. It is heartbreaking that you invested yourself so deeply in another person who could neither value your emotions nor reciprocate. Of course, dealing with these feelings takes its own time, and you cannot expect all the hurt and angst to magically disappear overnight.

Yet, you must make an effort to get over rejection and a broken heart. That’s because by accepting rejection and moving on, you’re giving yourself a chance of starting afresh and finding better things in life. So we’re giving you some tips on how to get over rejection.

How To Get Over Rejection And Heartbreak

A rejected heart is a sad thing and is almost ridiculous by its existence. I mean, out of all the things in the world, why on earth would humans be designed to fall in love, and that too with people who might not love them back?

It all seems futile, and yet people still fall in love every day, again and again. If you are one of those people who have fallen in love or been attracted to someone who didn’t feel the same way about you, you need to start the process of getting over being rejected. Here are some ways:

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1. They are entitled to their own opinion

Remember that the other person has every right to not love you back. Just because you love them doesn’t mean they have to love you back. It’s hard to come to terms with but unrequited love is more common than we think.

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We are all entitled to feel the way we do and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t get wound up in the expectation that your feelings will materialize into something more. If the other person doesn’t reciprocate, accepting rejection and moving on is your best recourse. You don’t want to be clingy and beg for their love.

2. You are entitled to your own opinion

Just the way the person who rejected you has every right to reject you, you too have every right to feel the way you do. You just don’t have control over the outcome, since it depends on the other person’s will too.

What this means is that just because you got rejected doesn’t mean your emotions weren’t valid or true. You are entitled to feel love for whomever you want. However, you must remember that that love once expressed and rejected should remain with you as your feelings. Forcing it again and again on the other person is abuse and not love.

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3. Grief is human

Get over rejection
Grieving is the first step in getting over someone

Rejection and heartbreak are difficult to deal with. Not only is it emotionally draining to deal with them, but they can leave you physically hurting. Therefore, if you’ve been rejected, instead of reacting to it, you must learn to sit with the grief and let it wash over you for a bit.

Have a good cry, and let the sadness get out of your system first. Without grieving the loss of a love that you thought might be yours, the dreams that you had seen, you can’t face reality and be happy. Grieving is the first step in getting over someone.

4. Get busy

A very wise person once said, ‘Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is to get physically busy’. These words ring true completely when you’re trying to get over rejection. The heavy grief, the bruised ego, memories of that person, all of it will only get worse if you’re just thinking about it every day.

Get out there, start working, go get coffee with your friends, start working out. Do anything that will keep you physically moving. While sitting with your grief is of prime importance, we can’t also be conceited about our pain.

5. Get help if it gets too much

Broken heart
Love can destabilize you, and the effects of one-sided love can cause great pain

Love can destabilize you, and that can be great sometimes, but one-sided love and its effects can be problematic beyond measure. If you feel unmotivated post-rejection, if you feel sad and sleepy and don’t feel like getting out, you might be grappling with depression, and it might be time to get help.

You could get help in person or try online counseling. The right help at the right time can prevent your mental health from worsening and equip you with tools to heal from the setback.

6. It gets better

Remember that the world really is your oyster, and you will find other people to go have oysters with. There are more people out there that you might find you love and who will love you back. Keep telling yourself that you are okay and that you will get over the person. Tell yourself the feelings will go away.

As exhaustingly clichéd as it may sound, time really does make things easier to bear, if not heal them. As unique as you may think your love is, you’re not the first person to fall in love on earth, neither will you be the last, and if you look at enough love stories with heartbreak, you would know that it will get better.

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Yet We Keep Falling In Love, Again And Again,

Accepting rejection and moving on

As the late great Amy Winehouse wrote in one of her best songs, ‘love is a losing game’. A simple enough statement and yet it captures a world of heartbreak in five words.

And it rings true, doesn’t it? Whether you are with the love of your life and scared to lose them, or you’ve just broken up and are nursing a shattered heart or your love is one-sided that you haven’t yet expressed it, or you were rejected, it all ends in a loss somehow.

But love is so magical that it’s irresistible. And that keeps us going, despite all the rejection and heartbreak, to keep looking for love and feel complete again. It’s a painful process, and along the way dealing with getting over rejection is emotionally taxing.

In spite of this, human beings can’t wait to fall in love again and again. Put that heart through the meat grinder and get it broken again and again. Why you may ask. Well, that’s because however long or short it might be, it is the greatest feeling ever.


1. How to get over someone that rejected you?

Accept the rejection and move on. Admit to yourself that this relationship was not meant to be, and you deserve much better than someone who isn’t doesn’t feel the same way about you.

2. How does it feel to be rejected by someone you love?

The heartbreak can get so intense that you can actually feel physical pain. You will feel hopeless and depressed, but eventually, you will begin to feel better.

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