10 things single men can do to keep busy

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Updated On: March 12, 2021

Single, yet not ready to mingle? Here’s what you can do to pass time productively.

As individuals we have many likes and dislikes and yet we aren’t always able to follow them in life. Finding time in this stressful life is very hard. There are men who are separated from their spouses or are fighting divorce. Their court case date usually falls once in one or two months and after work they have a lot of time on their hands. Not being able to utilise that time creates stress and frustration. Normally, this time was usually spent in discharging family duties, but now since they are single they have no clue how to pass this time productively. My advice to all such men is always the same. Rather than spending this stressfully, use it productively, and use it for yourself. Here are some ideas, if you need advice.

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Take care of your health


Indian men have always been extremely careless about their health and fitness. First their mothers or sister used to look after them and later their wives took on this task. We don’t look after ourselves. Yes, in most families men are primary breadwinners and caregivers. In doing that, they tend to ignore their health. So if you get time, start taking care of yourself. Look after your diet, exercise daily, go for a walk, join a gym or do yoga. The idea is not to have a chiselled body or physique, but just to get fitter. You must also go for regular check-ups and tests. This will help you keep ailments under control.

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Educate yourself


If there is a course or higher study that you have been dying to do but couldn’t find the time earlier, this is your chance. Enrol in a short-term course; something that can benefit your current career.

De-clutter your home


There are always many things lying around the house that we find useless, but they keep on cluttering our house. Get rid of all those. Many clothes in your almirah that do not fit anymore also need to be bid goodbye. So do that and if need be, buy some new ones.

Catch up on your sleep


We are all sleep deprived. Our hectic schedules and daily routines don’t allow us good sound sleep. Every morning it’s difficult to get out of bed. This is the best opportunity to clear the backlog of sleep.

Meet your old buddies


Weren’t those college days just the best? Don’t you miss your buddies? Since life moved on at a high speed we all lost touch with our old friends. Well, life is giving you a pause now. Sure, we have Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp; but sitting together with your old group, laughing at those silly things is still the best tool for getting rid of stress. So go ahead, plan a reunion, because you might not get a chance like this again.

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For me reading is like therapy. I can pick up a book and be lost for hours together. But this one is for all those avid readers who lost touch with books after marriage. Pick up a good book and start again. You will surely feel better.



Now that you have ample time on your hands, do some volunteer work. Choose any cause that you feel strongly about and connect with activists in the same field. This will definitely boast your morale and will give you zeal and confidence.

Complete pending tasks


I have always loved making lists. Every week I make chore lists and try my best to complete them on weekends. Not only do you pass time but you’ll also be able to finish all your pending tasks.

Adopt a pet


This might not be for everyone, but the kind of unconditional love that pets can give you is unmatched. Adopt a pet and you’ll start loving again. How excitedly they greet you and how happy they can make you is an experience worth having.

Learn to cook


Indian men are taught that the kitchen is not their place and cooking is not their forte, but try it once. There is no harm. To create something is always a satisfying experience. So this weekend learn your favourite dish and cook it.

Broken marriage, separation or divorce is a common thing nowadays. Don’t ever feel that something strange has happened to you. Engaging in unnecessary stress will never help. Dear men, do try one of the above tips and you will surely feel wonderful again.

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