15 Reasons Young Men Fall For Older Women

why younger men like older women

In today’s modern world, it can be said that age is just a number for younger men. According to an in-depth survey conducted by an online platform, 27% of younger men were found to be attracted to older women. The same survey also revealed that 9% of single people were likely to pursue partners who are ten years older or younger than them.

Have we left you wondering why would a younger man be attracted to an older woman? Or can a younger man fall for an older woman? But it is a fact that young men fall for older women. To try and understand this statistical trend, we give 15 reasons why older woman younger man relationships work.

15 Reasons Younger Men Fall In Love With Older Women

What is it about older women? Actually a lot! They are poised, self-assured, patient, and intelligent. While a young mind is full of impulse and normally prone to emotional theatrics, the mature mind brings stability to a relationship. This is probably one of the main reasons why younger men like older women – it gives them a sense of stability which is a must-have relationship quality.

Falling in love with a woman 10, 15, 20 years older, or more can be extremely exhilarating too. Older women are secure in their lives and can figure the difference between fairy-tale romance and real-life attraction. They are aware of their needs and desires and do not hesitate in stating them. Moreover, they know their shortfalls and have a better tolerance and understanding of their partner’s drawbacks.

They are less quick to judge, do not take offense easily or make decisions in the spur of the moment, and bring a sense of understanding that is vital for any relationship to thrive. Because of the experience and age, they offer a lot to the relationship. One of our male readers told us, “She was more composed than I had ever been in my life. I knew that this is what I wanted in a soulmate.”

Another said, “My girlfriend helped me make sense of my own insecurities and deal with them in a healthy manner. She cut through years of baggage and with her I felt whole again. We are now married.” 

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1. Older women are well established and driven

Young men like to be connected with well-established and driven people to become better in their lives. Since they are shaping their future, they are ambitious and have a hunger to succeed. Older women help them in their journeys by almost being role models to them. Men who like older women undergo many positive changes.

These women are achievers and have had more experience in the work field, gauging people, sifting the chaff from the real deal. This combination of smartness and strength is what attracts younger men to older women, and eventually, makes them fall for them.

They understand that both of them need to work hard and respect the space that divides their professional and personal lives. Conflicts or stress over financial matters are rarely seen because both partners earn in most cases. The stability that work brings in a woman’s life is one of the primary reasons why younger men feel more comfortable in their relationships with older women.

2. Why younger men like older women They are highly experienced

Since the older women are the ones who have entered the third, fourth, or fifth decade of their life, they surely have a lot of experience when it comes to relationships, dating, sex life, etc. Dating an older woman has its own advantages. Women normally peak in their lovemaking skills later than men, they know what they like-dislike in their men, and are more open to experimenting.

Even when they know that the relationship might not turn into a lifetime commitment, they are open to enjoying the love fully. For younger men, a relationship with an older woman is like being on an adventure with someone who is as excited and open as they are. Research has shown older women tend to be less fussy about their partners than younger women because experience has made them more open-minded.

They can also broaden their horizons. Dating life and relationship with older women is like a learning experience for younger men which they find incredibly fascinating. Whether it is physical intimacy or emotional connection, older women come with experiences that younger men can use to their advantage. And this is a positive aspect of the connection if a younger man likes an older woman.

older woman younger man statistics
Maturity and intelligence are why younger men like older women…

3. In love with an older woman…They are honest and open-minded

Younger men love older women because they are generally honest and straightforward in relationships. They do not beat around the bush; when they dislike something they tell you upfront. If they want something, that is also conveyed. With them, there are generally no guessing games or communication problems.

Men do not have to read between the lines and think if the no actually means a yes. So a relationship with them is almost always smooth. Why do men like older women, you ask?

Patrick from San Antonio revealed that his favorite quality about his girlfriend was her straightforwardness. He never had to solve riddles because she could put her point forward concisely. She was 8 years older than him, and this was the best relationship he’d been in. (name changed to protect identity)

In addition, older women are open-minded and give enough space to the younger men to explore their youthful nature by accompanying them in their madness and adventures. Men who like older women can be committed and still experience freedom.

4. Older women generally shun technology

Instead of being continuously on their phones or using social media posts to express their love, older women know how to communicate face-to-face and listen to their partners. They do not take offense when their partners do not wish them on their birthdays on social media or create a furor when they wish other pretty girls.

They don’t consider maintaining ‘snap streaks’ or texting back and forth as a necessity to keep the relationship going. Their detachment from technology is why men like older women. There is no scope of technoference in the relationship.

Furthermore, older women do not post every milestone of the relationship on Facebook and other channels telling the world who they are with. They invest more in real conversations that involve words and feelings, not selfies and check-ins on social media. Having mastered the art of enjoying life in the simplest possible manner, older women attract younger men.

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5. Older women do not need continuous pampering

This is another major reason why younger men fall for older women. Younger women (almost as a rule) need a lot of attention. They not only expect but almost demand time and energy from their boyfriends – their texts must be responded to ASAP, no dates can be canceled, and they expect not just to be wined and dined, but showered with praise and gifts.

And the gifts need not be expensive, they must be thoughtful! They want romance and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Older women, on the other hand, are generally done with clubbing and partying and more than happy to rest their legs on the center table of their cozy living room; perhaps happier to read a book next to their boyfriend who may be on to some hobby he likes.

They understand the need for individual space. While older women do like to be pampered, the relationships’ focus is on having fun rather than constant validation. Older women are not high maintenance. This is precisely what makes a younger man attracted to an older woman.

6. They are extremely independent and that’s why men like older women

Older women are self-sufficient and independent. They are typically more comfortable being alone and do not need a man by their side every single moment to feel complete. Plus, they have their philosophy and they live by their own rules and beliefs.

Women who are older take a stand when they want to, give space more easily, and even back down when they see the situation demands it. Thus they are less likely to be clingy or needy, which makes them much easier to get along with. It is because of this independent attitude that older women attract younger men.

They do not wait for others to make them happy, as age makes them realize that the power to stay happy is within them. It can be downright sexy for a man when a woman makes her own money. This attitude of being fiercely independent makes younger men fall for them, men like women who can take charge of their own happiness.

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7. Older women know how to take things slow

Instead of rushing into lifetime commitments like marriage, raising a family, and thus indirectly pressurizing younger men to take up more on their plate for which they may not be prepared for, older women typically like to take things slow. Taking things slow naturally cleans out surface relationships for one.

Taking things slow also means that older women take time to know and understand their partners before they jump into anything more permanent or even announcing it to the world. This easy pace is your answer to why younger men like older women.

Besides, as they take things slow, they automatically give time to their partners to adjust, and this definitely sits well with younger men, who are mostly in the zone of trying to figure out their lives, both professionally and personally.

8. Why do men like older women? They are in touch with reality

Women in their prime youth live in a fantasy world, which is a given at that age. They dream of knights in shining armor and happily-ever-afters. But the reality is different – there are heartbreaks and disappointments, people are selfish, and life is often unfair.

Older women understand the grey areas of life much better and do not live in a world of black and white. They can deal with reality and perhaps act as a sounding board for their partners to help them navigate through their challenges too, after all, they are more experienced in the matters of the world. Once you look at it from this perspective, older woman younger man relationship statistics make much sense.

So they are practical and know how to deal with most situations. Younger men can also learn to live life better with older women as their mentors and guides. In fact, even long-distance relationships may work better with an older woman.

9. Older women are highly supportive

Men who are in love with an older woman are able to get meaningful advice and support from their partners. Whenever they face dilemmas or life-changing decisions, the older women (their partners) stand by them because they themselves have perhaps had such support and understand the value of it. They are sensible enough to know how to handle difficult situations in life.

However, women their age may not be as mature and may not understand things enough to be supportive. Also, they may not have either experience or knowledge to add valuable advice. Besides they may not be able to see beyond their own claims on the relationship to think of what their partners are going through.

With the right support and encouragement from a seasoned person (read the older woman), younger men can deal with life challenges better. A relationship with an older woman presents them with an opportunity to grow. No wonder men who like older women evolve into mature individuals.

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10. They can face relationship breakups maturely

Older women are well aware of the fact that relationships might have a dead-end, especially relationships with younger men. Mature women understand that younger men are likely to fall for other women easily and may break up because of the stigma associated with such relationships. Or just because they want more than what they can offer.

They do not typically create a storm over a breakup. Nor does too much drama surround it. They deal with sadness and anger without getting the entire world involved.

One of our readers from Sacramento wrote to us about her friend; “She gifted herself a vacation to get over the younger man she was seriously involved with. And yeah, she cried over it because the relationship meant something to her. But ultimately, she moved on without letting it define her life.”

Even if they face relationship breakups, the older women will act maturely and might even develop a lasting friendship with the younger men. Incessant tears or stalking are not their thing. This is the answer to ‘why do men like older women?’

11. Older women do not have complaints about their body

Young women are normally obsessed with their bodies and dressing up. They gain a pound and expect their boyfriends to note or start gyming and dieting at full throttle. They are generally more concerned with their physical appearance and obsessed over it. Their moods also reflect how good or bad they feel about their weight or hair or even skin.

Older women are definitely more comfortable with their body type and weight and do not fret about it as much. They know just how to deal with body-shaming, and brush it off. By extension, they don’t pass the stress on to their boyfriends. Men who like older women lead an undramatic life.

They can easily have a tub of ice cream on a bad day and realistically deal with what to do with it the next. This is a huge advantage of dating older women that younger men swear by. In fact, younger men like older women for their curvy yet voluptuous bodies.

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12. They are happy-go-lucky, and that’s why younger men like older women

Since older women are so experienced, well-established in their professional life, free from teenage melodrama, they actually know how to live a stress-free and happy life. Somehow the advancing years make them less sad or nervous, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness also do not ail them as much.

In one sense they believe more in the flow and play along. They are happy-go-lucky and tend to make people around them calm and tension-free as well. Therefore, younger men dating older women tend to have a calm demeanor as well. It works for the younger man to fall for the older woman.

Most young men claim to have changed for the better after dating an older woman. They note the positive impact such a relationship had on them. Their easy-going style is what makes a younger man attracted to an older woman.

why do men like older women
Why do men like older women? What’s there to not like!

13. They are committed and loyal

So, why do men like older women? Unlike younger women who are open to dating and seeing other men, older women are content with their relationship on hand. Also, they typically have a career and other girlfriends and have little time to play games with other men.

Younger women have more energy and are generally more invested in finding a suitable partner to settle down with, hence they may have a higher number of relationships than older women. Older women, on the other hand, value what they have and tend to nurture it, and do not step out just because there is something better around the corner.

Younger men who have a relationship with older women do not have to worry about issues like physical or emotional infidelity. This serves to explain older woman younger man relationship statistics.

14. Older women are super confident

Confidence is something that goes hand in hand with age. They will not expect you to be at their beck-and-call every time something doesn’t go their way. And they will not need constant validation from you about their worth. Being comfortable in their own skin gives them the confidence to not fall into despair so they are generally pleasant and fun to be around.

They do not pretend to be confident but naturally are, both words and actions. Mature women do not get bothered by the beauty of other women around them. Getting involved in useless back-biting and bickering is not their style. It is due to this that younger men prefer older women.

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15. They are sexually less inhibited

Younger men usually find it difficult to get intimate with younger women since they are inexperienced and may not be as open about sex. But older women, on the other hand, are less inhibited because of their experience in bed and they know how to ask for what they want.

As an added bonus, they also know what they are doing in bed which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. They can be demanding in bed and will be willing to be experimental with new kinks or fetishes.  They know the importance of communication in the bedroom and how it helps partners know each other better and thus allows for a more fulfilling intimate life. This is one of the key reasons why younger men like older women.

Gone are the days when younger men preferred women of the same age. Gender roles are changing in our society which is creating equality among both men and women. Younger men are probably realizing the fact that dating older women is worth a shot. So if you are a young man looking for a relationship then why not date an older woman? And if you are an older woman then why not give in to a younger man pursuing you? We advise you to give it some thought. Best of luck!

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