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Updated On: September 27, 2022

To keep things fun and interesting, couples often wonder how to be romantic in a relationship. For good reason, too. The smile you put on your partner’s face is worth a thousand declarations of love, and at that moment, you realize you’d do anything to get it again. Though it may seem hard at first glance, figuring out how to be romantic isn’t really as hard as it’s often made out to be. 

Romance is the most beautiful experience that you can give to your partner. No, it doesn’t always require grandiose and larger-than-life promises of getting them a slice of the moon. You can actually be more romantic with small thoughtful gestures and displays of affection; you could be physically romantic or simply create an ambiance where the romance will bloom.

To make your relationship better and keep the spark alive, you need a dose of romance from time to time. To help you do that, we have the best romance tips ready for you.

What Is Being Romantic?

In its literal sense, “romantic” is an adjective referring to love or a close loving relationship. In a more tangible sense, being romantic simply means finding exciting and mysterious ways to convey your emotions and feelings toward someone, typically a significant other or a love interest.

Although the terms “love” and “romance” are used to convey similar emotions, they are quite different from each other. Love is an emotion, whereas romance is an expression. Romance is a thrilling, exciting, and exhilarating feeling. You don’t have to be in love with someone to romance them. However, being romantic can fan the flames of emotions and make love blossom. For instance, you can do something romantic on your first date without being in love with the person yet.

Similarly, you may be deeply in love with someone without doing anything romantic. However, the success of your relationship with your partner depends on how you balance your love and romance. You cannot nurture and sustain a romantic relationship without a strong whiff of romance. Over a period of time, several relationships die due to a lack of romance.

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Being romantic naturally: Who are better at romance, men or women?

While most women will definitely try to credit themselves as more romantic, research points to the opposite. Men are the more romantic gender in the human race. According to a study, 48% of men fall in love at first sight, while a mere 28% of women fall for a guy they just met. This is because women think a lot about love and romance; men, on the other hand, feel and express it impulsively.

All the romcoms try to put across one good point, that is, theoretically, a woman tends to think her expressions of love through, while a man will just do something out of the box that will simply sweep his love interest off their feet. A woman tries to follow a rule book when it comes to romance.

“When I showed up on our first date with a bunch of roses in my hand, she was definitely taken aback, but it wasn’t something she was against. I knew for a fact that she had thought of a scenario like that a hundred times,” said John, about his first date with Katy. John knew the importance of romance in a relationship, even if they had yet to experience a first date. “I couldn’t believe it, but it was the sweetest thing ever. The only problem was figuring out where to keep the roses he got me for the rest of the date,” said Katy.

How To Be More Romantic? 20 Easy Ways To Be Romantic

Being romantic is quite subjective. While some people find otherwise trivial actions quite romantic, others equate romance with candle-lit dinners and red roses. Doing something romantic for your partner could also be as simple as expressing your love to them passionately.

There is no definitive guide on how to be romantic. The best way is to find new and unique ways to let your partner know how much you appreciate, love, and cherish them in a manner that you know will strike a chord with them. Here are a few simple romance tips to help you keep your relationship strong:

1. Express your love, when your partner is least expecting it

I love you”, these powerful three words can make your sweetheart blush. Saying it when they are least expecting it will definitely make their heart beat faster. For instance, when you are arguing or doing something very serious, a simple “I love you” might be enough to distract them and make them smile. One of the most effortless ways to take your romance with your wife, husband, or partner to the next level.

2. Doing things before the other person asks you to do them

Envisioning your partner’s needs and fulfilling them before being asked to can make even the simplest gestures romantic. Keeping a glass of water handy before your partner gobbles up the spicy curry because you are sure of the upcoming hiccup session is quite a romantic gesture.

How to be romantic at home is all about fixing that leaking pipe you said you’d get to. Or simply doing something sweet for your partner, like getting them breakfast in bed or taking up a chore they’ve been putting off. Who wouldn’t be smiling if the bathroom they’ve been putting off cleaning is now suddenly spotless?

ways to be romantic
It doesn’t take much to be romantic

3. Be physically romantic with subtle PDA

Sometimes a subtle display of your affection can have a bigger romantic impact than the steamiest session in the bedroom. Simple gestures like a peck on the cheek, holding your girl by the waist, or just holding hands are some of the ways you can be more romantic and affectionate toward your partner. This is one of the best romance tips to make your partner feel special.

4. Do something totally out of your league

You and your partner will always have different preferences, likes, and dislikes. That’s why going out of your comfort zone to do something your partner enjoys can be a romantic gesture that can sweep them off their feet. For example, if your partner is a pluviophile and you hate the idea of getting drenched in the rain, try to surprise your partner by taking them out on a date to reinvent romance in the rain.

5. Be creative with your compliments

Everyone appreciates an honest compliment. Being romantic means letting your partner know what you like about them. You can add a dash of poetry or write something heartfelt when you compliment your partner to make it even more romantic. If you’re trying to figure out how to be romantic in a relationship as a woman, just go over and tell him that his gym sessions have certainly started paying off. Watch his face light up, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t start complimenting him sooner.

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6. Pamper your partner

Anything that can relax your partner after a tiring day can also be a romantic gesture. It could be a simple foot or head massage or a refreshing beverage; offer it with love and see the magic. You can spice up things with your partner with these thoughtful actions that convey how much you care about them.

7. Simple ideas for a date

Sometimes, going for a glamorous date on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary can take a toll on you. The larger-than-life the date, the bigger the build-up and the higher the expectations. Somehow, these grand gestures have a way of falling flat or leaving you feeling underwhelmed.

The answer to how to be romantic in a relationship lies in looking for simple ideas for a date. A mattress on the balcony with some candles and comfort food beats driving through traffic for a fine dining experience. Being creative in love will help you build a romantic relationship.

Is it normal to get bored in a relationship?

8. Do something to make your partner happy

Research has proven that intense romantic love in long-term relationships can lead to greater happiness. Anything that makes your partner happy can be romantic – from fulfilling a fantasy to giving up a bad habit like smoking. You can make your romantic relationship better and more wholesome by putting your partner’s needs and wishes ahead of your own every once in a while.

9. Romantic surprises are always the best

Paying a surprise visit to your partner when they’re out of town can be one of the most romantic things to do, provided you have planned it well. Nothing is more assuring than a familiar face in an unknown crowd. If your partner isn’t at a place where you can jump in and surprise them (no, their workplace doesn’t count), there are still a bunch of things you can do.

Plan a surprise birthday party for them or book a vacation they’ve wanted for a long time. Surprise them with something they needed (like a new phone or clothes) or just surprise hug them from behind. We promise, that works too. How to be romantic in a relationship isn’t always all about those trips to Mykonos.

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10. Impromptu plans

An unplanned ice cream trip or late-night drive can be very romantic. Since the trip is unplanned, it gets exciting with every passing moment. Sometimes such plans can outdo even the most lavish date nights because of the element of spontaneity.

When you do something spontaneously, you both are in the moment and making the most of it without any expectations or preconceived ideas about what the experience ought to be like. Spontaneity brings a boost of energy and rekindles romance in a long-term relationship. This is how you build a romantic relationship.

11. How to be romantic in a relationship is all about those intimate gifts

A collage showcasing some moments of your relationship, a scrapbook of love notes you wrote to one another, a collection of your partner’s favorite music you can use these gifting ideas to your advantage and explore new ways to be romantic. Adding your personal touch to any gift is what counts. A gift becomes that more special when the thought you put into it is evident.

And no, do not wait for occasions, give each other presents without any reason. That’s going to make it a million times more intimate. If you’re trying to figure out how to be romantic in a relationship over text, make a video montage of the times you spent together to bring back honeymoon phase love, and send it across.

ways to be romantic
Swaying to the music, your bodies closely entwined, is immensely romantic

12. Take to the dance floor and share a moment together

Do not underestimate the power of romantic music and dancing together. If not in public, then choose the comfort of your home, but never miss the chance to dance together, even if one or both of you are bad dancers.

13. Be vulnerable with each other with romantic conversations

How to be romantic in a relationship? Have a heart-to-heart conversation whenever possible. You don’t need fancy words, sharing your deep emotions is what counts. When vulnerability in relationships is stimulated through conversations, romance flourishes. Conversations also make it possible to spend meaningful time together.

14. An intimate meal can help you be romantic at home

Food doesn’t just nourish our bodies, but also our relationships. Cooking together or ordering your partner’s favorite meal for an intimate dinner at home can be an effortless way of nurturing your romantic relationship with a fresh peppering of exoticism.

For heightened effect, you can set up a table on the balcony or in a dim-lit setting and proceed to enjoy a candlelit dinner in the comfort and privacy of your home. Being creative with a meal is an opportunity available to all of us every day, at least thrice a day. Why not make the best use of it?

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15. Romantic adventures can get the heart pumping

Romance blossoms in thrilling situations. When you take an amusement park ride or try adventure sports together, you can strengthen your bond by sharing the feeling of the adrenaline rush, holding their hand in yours.

If you’re an innately adventurous couple that’s always looking for the next thrill, why not try out something like sky-diving together? And no, how to be romantic in a relationship as a man doesn’t mean that you must always have your bravado on display. You’re allowed to be scared before jumping out of a plane. Or even if you’re just rock climbing with the safety gear attached.

stories about love and romance and more

16. Helping each other can do the trick

Give romance with your wife, husband, or long-term partner a new dimension by lending a hand and sharing the load. Doing chores together can be romantic too. Cooking, cleaning, or even running errands together can be one of the most intimate things you can do as a couple.

It reinforces the fact that you’re a team and instills a sense of support. This teamwork brings you closer and enhances physical and emotional intimacy in a romantic relationship. If you are a parent, this romantic idea may be worth bearing in mind.

17. Flowers can never go wrong

The fact that florists across the world source rose stems by the millions around Valentine’s Day proves how romantic flowers are. The scent and colors of flowers have the power to generate happy emotions, making them a perfect natural gift. One of the simplest and most effective romance tips is to get your bae some flowers.

If it is without an occasion or when they are least expecting it, even better. “With some flowers” would be the most common response if you were to play Family Feud with a “how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend in a romantic way” survey question.

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18. Romance season: Make use of whatever time of the year it is

You can use the seasons to your advantage when making plans on how to be romantic with your partner. Make hay while the sun shines, literally. Plan your romantic encounters according to the season. Go for drives and share kisses in the rains, snuggle up and watch a movie in chilly winter, go pick apples in the fall, and go swimming during the summer.

19. Romantic messages

You don’t need to have a way with words to be romantic. If you get conscious about expressing your emotions, writing romantic messages can be helpful. One of the best romance tips for those devoid of the gift of the gab is to leave simple love messages in unexpected places – lunch boxes, the shower, the car, etc. Occasionally, even social media PDA can work.

20. Use body language to flirt with your partner

Actions can speak louder than words. You can have a romantic conversation with your partner just with your eyes or body language. The gestures you go with don’t have to be the textbook definition of the word, as we see in the movies. Something you know your partner will appreciate is all it takes to have an intimate moment together.

Key Pointers

  • Being romantic simply means finding exciting and mysterious ways to convey your emotions and feelings toward someone
  • Romance doesn’t always require grandiose and larger-than-life promises. You can be more romantic with small thoughtful gestures
  • Studies show men may be the more romantic gender 
  • Romantic gestures can constitute of anything that you think will make your partner feel loved, understood, appreciated and taken care of
  • Spontaneity, surprise, mystery, adventure, comfort, intimacy, creativity, simplicity, being in the moment, are different elements that can help you with ideas to build a romantic relationship

How can a man be romantic toward his girlfriend? By letting her speak and being a good listener. And maybe not mansplaining. How can a woman be romantic with her partner? By taking charge of travel planning this time. Point is, romantic gestures can constitute anything that you think will make your partner feel loved, understood, appreciated, and taken care of.

The key to being more intimate is to pay attention to small but meaningful gestures and choose them over grand expressions of love. By doing so, anyone can be romantic. It all depends on your unique ability to find eroticism in your everyday routine and express it. We hope these 20 simple and easy ways to be romantic help you create sparks.


1. Does a relationship have to be romantic?

Romance is what separates other inter-human relationships from romantic relationships. A platonic relationship with a best friend or a sibling differs from a romantic relationship with an SO because of the romance and passion involved. So, yes, the role of romance cannot be negated or trivialized in a romantic relationship.

2. Can a relationship work without romance?

A relationship between romantic partners may merely work or sustain without romance. But it will only thrive with a decent dose of romance and passion. Without that the relationship may be mutually beneficial to the partners, but it would not be fair to call it a romantic relationship.

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