60 Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend — Clean And Dirty

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Updated On: March 8, 2024
truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend

We often see Truth or Dare as a classic party game. However, it’s also the perfect bonding activity for couples. It’s like a party for two! To help you get this party started, we have curated a wide range of truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend, from romantic questions to sultry dares. Look no further for a complete guide on bonding over a naughty or nice edition of this classic game.

Start by asking your guy the most innocent truth questions — about his guilty pleasure movie or about the time he wrote a love song for a girl. And then you can make him do some fun dares (or double dares) for adults such as licking whipped cream off your body. Sure, you can ask most of these truth or dare questions over text, but there’s something to be said about seeing the expression on his face. Doing it in person will help you two feel more intimate. Talk about being flirty and naughty for your next meet-cute!

60 Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend — Clean And Dirty

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Why the need for these truth questions, though? We’ll first ask you this: Do you feel like your relationship has been on some kind of decline? Are you looking for ways to revive things? Or are you here to prevent relationship stagnation? Boredom creeps into relationships at some point and it happens to couples more often than you think. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn things around.

If, lately, you’ve been feeling like you are in a dead-end relationship, you’re right in thinking that you need to spice things up a little. And what better way to do that than to induce an element of fun in your dynamic? We promise it’s not that hard.

Now that you are here, you won’t have to scratch your brains thinking of funny truth questions or super naughty sexual dares to get your guy hooked on the game. We shall take over and tell you a few fun ways to get your boyfriend to talk to you more, feel closer to him, and have a lot of fun in the process.

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Romantic Truth Or Dare Questions For Boyfriend

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship can be challenging sometimes. That’s exactly when you need to try these truth or dare questions for your boyfriend, to get to know him better. They work like a charm, take our word on that. Throw in a handful of flirty-dirty truth questions in a mix of hilarious dares for adults, give it a nice stir, and you have a hot and saucy list ready.

Or, get creative with some juicy truth questions generously peppered with fun dare questions for your boyfriend. You will have a scrumptious game night to feast on. The best thing is some of these may yield answers you can’t wait to tell your best friend about later. You are sure to have a good time, not just with your boyfriend but with your BFF too, laughing over all the antics. So, let’s dive straight into our list of romantic truth or dare questions for boyfriend. You can ask them over text, on call, or in person.

Clean truth questions to ask your boyfriend

They say honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. And that’s why I decided to kick off this series with some deep questions that actually look like fun. Let these romantic truth or dare questions for boyfriend unravel the truths that reside in his heart, which could be anything, starting with his biggest fear to how many kids he wants. Take a cue from what we have compiled and get started. Here are some clean (yet fun) truth questions:

dares for boys
If you could suddenly become invisible, what is the naughtiest thing you would do?

1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Ask your boo what he loves to indulge in secretly. Let him open up to you about his hidden desires.

2. What is it about a woman that turns you off?

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. Knowing what turns him off about the opposite gender can minimize the chances of you annoying him.

3. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in front of a crowd? (And yes, you get to define what crazy is)

Out of all truth or dare questions for boyfriend, this one might seem a bit tricky. Your boyfriend might beg you to skip this one. But hey, you have to hold your ground and demand an answer if you really want to know … so you can tease him about it later.

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4. What is your biggest fear/biggest regret?

Deep truth questions like these tend to take you to your past. Asking your boyfriend about his regrets in life or his biggest insecurity can strengthen your relationship. This might help you understand his feelings a lot better and that’s the intent here.

5. What is that one bad habit you can’t get rid of? What, according to you, is your worst habit?

I know you must have a list of all the annoying things he does. But it’s time for him to dish out which one he thinks is his worst habit of all!

6. Ask him how many days he has gone without taking a shower.

Eww! I know this is a gross one, but in answering this question, your boyfriend might provide you with an insight into his daily hygiene routine. Who knows what other stinky truths he might be hiding?

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Knowing what irritates your boyfriend is a superpower in itself. Especially note down the relationship pet peeves as you might have to hear endless complaints about them, probably for a lifetime.

8. Did you ever have a secret relationship?

Ask this question. Sit back. And prepare yourself for a story your boyfriend is too excited to share. Because honestly, he doesn’t get an audience for this story that often.

9. Which is the best date you’ve ever had?

Asking your boyfriend truth or dare dating questions like this might open a window of fun conversations. From here, you can easily slide into the story of his first date or discuss what he considers to be a really bad date.

10. What is the worst gossip or rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Let’s see what was that one thing that your boyfriend didn’t know about himself but, apparently, others did. Certainly, one of the best truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend on WhatsApp when you want to perk up the conversation.

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11. If you could swap lives with someone for one day, who would it be?

This one might give you the best impression of what goes on in your partner’s mind and what his desires and ambitions are. Knowing the kind of person he idolizes or maybe is a little jealous of, you will get to know him better as a person.

12. If you could suddenly become invisible, what is the naughtiest thing you would do?

Fantasies often bring out the hidden sides of a person. Asking your boyfriend about the naughtiest thing he would do if he becomes invisible might introduce you to your man’s sexual fantasies.

13. Pick one for your bucket list — skinny dipping or learning sign language?

Is he a sport or a softy? — As he answers, you will have your answer for the next shared activity too.

14. Close your eyes and tell me the first word that comes to your mind when you think about us.

Ah, what could be a better way to know how your boyfriend feels about you and how serious he is about this relationship?

Clean dares to ask your boyfriend

“Show the most embarrassing photo on your phone to the person sitting next to you on the bus” — How crazy does it sound? And if your guy refuses to act it out, just add, “Only those who dare truly live.” We bet he will step up and take the challenge. However, before we get to more of these juicy dares for your boyfriend, let’s do some clean ones.

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You can start with simple good dares, like making him do a British accent or play air guitar or asking him to show his search history, and ease your way up to naughty ones. Here is a list of some amazing dares for boys that are nice and clean, yet totally fun. You can give it a twist by making it a game of dare or double dares and asking your boyfriend to take two challenges at a time.

I mean, think about it, you can make your partner draw a portrait of you in one hour and get a foot massage out of him all in one round. Try these exciting conversation games and we promise you will have a whale of a time!

15. Ask him if you can paint his face.

Let’s see if your boyfriend allows you to let loose your creativity on his face. It is one of those truth or dare questions for boyfriend that will really let you know how adventurous he is or isn’t.

hilarious dares for adults
Make him text/call his best friend’s girlfriend and ask her out on a date

18. Make him walk around the house with a pair of underwear on his head for a whole day.

One of the best dare questions for boyfriend on FaceTime where you can even take hilarious screenshots to tease him with. If you want to crank it up a notch and take it from wicked to pure evil, you can also ask him to go outside like that!

17. Ask him to break a raw egg on his head.

Well, of all the clean and good questions, this is definitely not the ‘cleanest.’ But the good part is that your boyfriend will have smooth and silky hair after all the cleanup.

18. Ask him to log on to his social media account and like all of last year’s pictures of the first person he sees.

Well, let me warn you, this fun game with his girlfriend is going to be really embarrassing for him and ridiculously fun for you.

19. Ask him to act out a weird GIF and put that video up on his Instagram stories or Facebook status.

It’s time to introduce your boyfriend’s hidden talent for acting to the world.

20. Ask him to make and perform a rap about pandas.

This could go two ways. Either it’ll be so bad that it’s hilarious or it’ll be so cute that your heart turns to mush. But hey, it’s worth a shot either way.

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21. Get him in a shower with all his clothes on.

Out of all the clean dares for boyfriend on this list, I would say that this is the ‘cleanest’ one.

22. Ask him to either give you a piggyback ride or post an ugly selfie online.

Let’s see how flexible and sporting your boyfriend is.

23. Give him two minutes to give a speech explaining how stupid he is or perhaps the most disgusting thing he has ever done.

This can turn out to be the cutest and the funniest thing you’ve ever seen him do.

24. Ask him to call the pizza place or maybe the nearest grocery store and start reciting a romantic poem as soon as someone picks the phone up.

Prank calls are cool. But let’s see if your boyfriend is up for this romantic prank call to a stranger. Such dares for your boyfriend will really test if he has a carefree side or not.

25. Dare him to pour cold water or ice cubes down his shirt and pants.

This cool dare can make your boyfriend squirm, literally.

26. Make him text/call his best friend’s girlfriend and ask her out on a date.

Now, this texting game requires true courage. Let’s see if your boyfriend is ready for a long session of explanation to his best friend. Alternatively, you can tell him to ask someone out by texting a random phone number.

27. Ask him to keep his eyes closed and guess three things by touching them.

In such fun dares for adults, let your imagination run wild. You can choose anything!

28. Ask him to do the worm dance for you on his favorite song.

We agree there are not many dare questions for boyfriend on FaceTime or in any other virtual setting, but this one fits the bill perfectly. Honestly, this dare is to find out if your guy is ‘funky’ enough.

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29. Wax his back or maybe just one leg.

“Are you mad?” is the first question he’ll probably ask, and a lot of choice words after this dare ends. And a fair bit of yelling in between while he goes through it. Test his mettle and hide when he comes for you post-dare.

30. Ask him to go one minute without blinking.

If you want to up the ante, you can also ask him to look into your eyes for a dramatic romantic effect. This eye contact attraction will sure fire up the chemistry between you two and get you all excited for the next round of spicy truth questions.

Flirty Truth Or Dare Questions For Boyfriend — Juicy Truth Questions

While looking for flirty truth or dare questions for boyfriend online, I came across an amazing quote, “When someone is flirting with you … please cooperate.” And when it’s your boyfriend, you need to do a lot more than just cooperate. So take up your flirting game up a notch, and ask these dirty truth or dare questions over text or in person. Who knows, your boyfriend may match your skills and surprise you with his playfulness. Here are some great examples of flirting during this game:

Dirty questions to spice up your relationship?

Dirty truth questions to ask your boyfriend

Any time you are up for dropping those killer ‘come hither’ hints, try this list of truth or dare questions for boyfriend. It is exciting, coquettish, and oh-so full of juicy questions and flirty dares. Prepare to receive the answers to all the dirty things you probably had in your mind, but could never ask … until now.

31. What is your weirdest sexual fantasy?

When it comes to juicy questions, I love to place this one at the top. You would definitely want to write down the answer to this one.

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32. Whom would you pick as the third person in a threesome with me in it?

Such truth or dare questions for boyfriend will really make you dive deeper into his sexual fantasies. I know you are hoping that it’s not his annoying best friend. It’ll be interesting to see who he comes up with.

33. What do you think about polyamory?

Knowing his views on polyamory can tell you a lot about his needs, belief systems, and preferred relationship structure/style. This is a fun question ONLY if you’re both open to polyamory, or equally resistant to it.

34. What turns you on and what is your biggest turn-off?

The answer to this would come in handy when you want to “change the conversation” the next time he is mad at you for something, making this one of the best truth or dare dating questions.

35. Do you have any hidden talent in bed that I haven’t experienced yet?

I know you might already know this. But what’s the harm in asking? The answer might surprise you.

36. Have you ever cheated on someone?

The answer to this question can make you fall in love with him all over again, bring up not-so-light memories, or make your relationship doubts fade away if he chooses to be honest and humble.

37. What is the most sexually adventurous thing you have ever done?

It’s time to find out how wild your partner is. That’s why you need such truth questions to ask your boyfriend. Let’s see if you find the answer adventurous enough.

38. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Let’s see if your guy has ever lied in bed.

39. When was your first sexual experience and with whom?

This might even remind him of his first love. Give your guy your full attention as he tells you how special (or clumsy) all of it was.

40. If you were into the same sex, which celebrity would you do it with?

This can be one of the fun questions to ask your boyfriend. Let’s see if he dares to choose your celebrity crush.

41. Have you ever done it in a car?

A random question to know how adventurous your guy really is!

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42. Have you ever sexted someone else?

This one will tell you if your boyfriend has previously practiced his special talent for playing it dirty. With such truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend on WhatsApp, you can get the ball rolling for some seductive talk.

43. Who was your first kiss with?

This would remind him of the first time he experienced true love and passion and make him want to experience it yet again. With you.

44. What is the maximum number of times you have orgasmed in a day?

One of the best truth or dare questions for boyfriend, it’s my personal favorite. This one is really going to leave your boyfriend red in the face, but hey, that’s exactly where the fun is, right? Also, you will end up knowing him and his ‘abilities’ a lot better.

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45. Do you have any spicy pictures or videos of yourself saved on your phone?

If he says no, you might as well check his phone!

46. Did you ever hook up with a stranger or have a one-night stand with a random person?

Although it is indeed one of those seemingly innocent questions that will pique your interest, it is not for the fainthearted. Brace yourself for some skeletons tumbling out of the closet.

Juicy dares for your boyfriend

“What can I dare my boyfriend to do that’s hot and fun and will leave him red in the face?” — If that’s what you’ve been asking, we have just the right sexual dares for boyfriend in store. In fact, we are just getting started on the fun. Hop on this roller-coaster, things are about to get steamy and crazy with these dirty and hilarious dares for adults. Hope you two are ready for it!

more on couple goals

47. Make him change his Facebook status to “I am horny” for a day.

I am sure that your phone will blow up with your friends’ messages asking, “What on earth is your boyfriend up to?” It doubles the fun if you can get him to attach an embarrassing photo with this story.

48. Can he make out with a stuffed animal for two minutes?

Well, these dares for boys certainly require special talent. Tell him all the health benefits of kissing if he seems reluctant at first.

49. Ask him to give an acceptance speech for receiving the sexiest boyfriend award. 

We bet this speech will be the hit of the show as he gets pumped up from all the flattery. One thing is for sure, it will get him in the mood to show you the best time as soon as the game’s over, or maybe even during.

50. Can he strip and perform a pole dance only for you? Plot twist: It needs to be on a pretty boring song.

It’s showtime. You’re going to have the time of your life as your partner brings out all the sexy moves he knows. And the best part is, you get to choose the song! You might as well ask him to do a breakdance on a romantic song.

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51. Ask him to remove a piece of cloth like a stripper every time he gives a wrong answer in a series of questions.

You already know what questions you are going to ask him. Get ready to take some embarrassing photos.

52. Dress him up in women’s lingerie and take tons of pictures.

This is one of those sexy dares to ask your boyfriend that will either make you laugh or turn you on. It’s time to let the designer in you shine! Even better, how about you ask him to fashion different types of lingerie out of toilet paper?

53. Turn off the lights and ask him to turn you on only through his voice.

I know this sounds crazy. But trust me, it will either be the funniest or the hottest thing you will ever see or hear your boyfriend do. EVER! This can also work out well as a dare question for boyfriend on FaceTime.

54. Ask him to remove one piece of your clothing without touching it with his hands.

This fun and sexy dare will surely leave you both feeling hot for each other. “What can I dare my boyfriend to do after this?” you might ask. You can ask him to describe a part of your body seductively that is not apparently sexy.

55. Ask him to show you his browser history or YouTube history.

Gosh! Make the most of this opportunity and find out what he does when you are not around, because you may never get a chance to peek at his search history again.

56. Tell him to send a dirty text to your friend or leave an R-rated voicemail for his ex.

Make sure he’s still friends with this ex. This dare requires your partner to be courageous and embarrassment-resistant at the same time. Let’s see if he has these two unbelievable qualities within him. Is he a sexting pro? Put his creativity to the test.

57. Ask him to eat a fruit/food item seductively.

As crazy as this sounds, this truth or dare question for boyfriend has only two possible outcomes — It will either get the two of you in bed, or on the floor … laughing uncontrollably.

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58. Make him twerk to a song he absolutely hates.

Well, all I have to say is, enjoy this as much as you can! And don’t forget to record it.

59. Ask him to take a selfie during his big O moment and put it up as his lock screen for a day.

This is going to be downright hilarious and certainly the most embarrassing photo he’s ever had to take. Be prepared with a few steamy moves when your boyfriend asks for help to experience the big moment. You are sure to have lots of fun with this one.

60. Ask him to imagine that he is having a conversation with his favorite friend about his biggest turn-on and then enact that scene.

Ah, this can be an exhilarating moment for you to sit in the audience and listen to your boyfriend talk to someone else (even though imaginary) about his fantasies and desires. By now, you must already know what your next move is. <wink!>

I am sure that these 60 truth or dare questions for boyfriend will reward you with a barrel of laughs and some sexy romance. So the next time you are looking for some cool ideas to spend time with your boyfriend, you know what you need to do. Try these out when you get together over the weekend and watch the time fly by. Don’t forget to come back to Bonobology for relationship advice and more such fun and entertaining stuff.

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