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Updated On: October 25, 2023
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What is the one thing you look forward to the most after spending a hectic week chasing deadlines? Yes, weekends are everyone’s BFF, but there is still one thing that all couples await with butterflies in their stomach. A date night, it is! We understand how difficult it is to find free date ideas (it can sometimes be as complex as finding a date, in the first place!). Hence, here we are with the most amazing list of things to do for a date without it costing you a penny. We kid you not – it’s absolutely doable and we’ve got 25 such fun free date ideas. Reason enough for you to gear up for your next date night!

We all love watching movies and dining out in the finest of the restaurants with our dates. But how cliche is that? Besides, we’re not Richie Rich; we can’t keep going on expensive dates without it burning a hole in our pocket every time. Why should you miss out on oodles of fun and romance just because you keep opting for costly options? None of us should! And so here we are pulling a rabbit out of our thinking hats to share with you free or cheap date ideas.

Free Date Ideas For Couples

Now just because some date ideas won’t cost you money, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are boring and monotonous. Forget labelling those binge-watching sessions as date nights; no more done to death ideas that fail to jazz up your love life. Give your couch some me-time and spend some quality time with your partner instead. Buckle up, for here we begin our journey of love, riding on the back of these free date ideas.

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1. Turn tourist in your own city

When was the last time that you went around all the tourist attractions of your city? Maybe when you were hosting guests and showing them around. Time to relive those moments exploring the old spots once again. Hop onto a city bus, get down anywhere you wish to, take a long walk, stroll in a park, click some pictures and make a lot of memories! This is one of the best fun free date ideas that can never go wrong.

2. Things to do for a date: Go hiking

If you and your bae have an entire day to spend together, you can, in fact you should, go hiking. Put on your sneakers, take out your backpacks, throw in a few essentials and you are good to go! A hiking date is so much more fun and adventurous when you have your SO trailing with you. Watch the sunset together, click some killer gram-worthy pictures, and drown in some deep conversations. This will change your idea of what dates could be like!

3. Turn storyteller

You’ve been a protagonist in your love story, now is the time to churn out some great stories together. They can be anything – stories that you believe in, stories you’d expect and wish to come true, stories that have all your heart. Keep it silly, if you wish, and take turns to build up a goofy story, or have a deep conversation sharing where you see yourself 10 years down the line. Fuse this with a cliched yet special candle-lit dinner at home and you’ll be left asking for more such soul-stirring dates.

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4. Go fly a kite

Go fly a kite, literally. You have to try this free date idea to believe how amazing it can really be. Head to the terrace to try your hand at flying kites. All the better if you don’t know how to fly one; you have a new skill to pick up along with your bae. And in case your partner can teach you, then this is the best thing to do for a date. Let them show you how to handle a line while you enjoy being in their embrace!

5. Bake your own pizza

Your partner knows all about your love for pizza. Take this love and turn it into an act to keep your erotic sparks alive. Yes, we’re still talking about making pizza. Ask your partner to join you as you bake one for both of you. Start with the kneading – really get in there, spread on the sauce – nice and thick, work on the toppings – really mix it up according to taste, crack up the heat and let things melt, bubble and grill. Ummm…where are you going, guys? The pizza’s still in the oven – make sure it doesn’t burn! Pizza + partner = perfect date night!

Free Romantic Date Ideas

What is a couple without frequent date nights? They are friends, not lovers. What is a date night without romance? A regular boring night! So make sure you sprinkle heaps of romance on your date night with these ideas:

6. Spa-cial date night

Make your date night special with a spa at home. Get a couple of face masks and massage oils, light up some scented candles and rekindle the romance. As the temperature starts to soar, you never know where and how you two end up, wink! This is definitely going to be one of the best free romantic date ideas as both of you unwind to the sensual back rubs from each other. Good for the aching bodies, good for the skin, and undoubtedly good for the love birds too!

7. Read together

“Couples who read together, stay together, always” It is not for nothing that books and lovers go hand in hand. Reading out to each other while taking turns is one of the best date ideas that are free where you can spend an evening together with your partner indulging in your favorite hobby. Dig out that romance novel you’ve been meaning to read, pick up a love story from a local library, pore over pages brimming with erotic poetry, and create your own happily ever after.

8. Walk down memory lane with old pictures

Nothing can get more romantic than holding your love’s hand and reminiscing about the good ol’ days of childhood while looking at the pictures from back in the day. Hours will shrink into minutes and minutes will go in the blink of an eye when you spill the beans about all your adventurous tales from your pre-teen and adolescent years. Relive the best of your times with the most significant person in your life, creating new memories for a lifetime! What else do we need from this amazing set of free or cheap date ideas?!

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9. Head to the beach

Pack your picnic baskets, take out those sexy swimsuits, flaunt your killer curves, and head out for some sun, sand, and surfin’. Vitamin sea is what our love doctor prescribes for you two. This is one of those free romantic date ideas where kids can tag along. While the kids enjoy themselves building sandcastles, you can drink in the sight of that hot beach bod you are lucky to have as your partner. Take it up a notch as you seduce your man by helping your bae put on that sunscreen.

10. Attempt couple yoga

Get flexible, bendy and sweaty trying couple yoga. Couple dancing is passe, couple yoga is in, and how! Not only will it make your body and mind fitter, but it will also be one of those amazing dates that don’t cost money. It is a great way to reach for your health goals together as one gets inspired by the other. Here’s to the couple that not just focuses on hogging food together, but also believes in sweating it out together. And as for the arm-candy that you have, feasting your eyes on them as they inch towards their fittest best will be an added bonus!

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11. Watch the setting sun

There is something as magical and ethereal about sunsets as there is about love. Both can never be defined aptly in words, for they are moments of experiences that become indelibly etched in memories. What could be a better free date idea than watching a sunset together with your love? Spend some quality time gazing at the sky as the sun paints the sky in hues of orange. Indulge in a steaming cup of coffee, kickstart a deep conversation, get lost in your thoughts and experience the sublime.

Free date ideas: Watching the sunset together

Cute Free Date Ideas

Every relationship thrives on silly, cute, little gestures. Do not miss out on your dose of cuteness; here are some suggestions below:

12. Have a bake-off

One of the most cute free date ideas is having a baking competition with your partner. Whip up some cool desserts, show off your baking skills, rustle up a sweet surprise, all during a fun cooking sesh with your love. Steal some private moments during the face-off to add a dash of romance. No matter whose baking skills emerge victorious, it is love that wins in the end. And you get to relish all the delicious sweet treats later, so it is a win-win situation for both of you!

13. Free date ideas: Game on

Remember how all of us loved our gaming stations in our childhood and could spend hours glued to them? Many of us continue that affair with our gaming consoles even in our adulthood! Bring that undying love for video games back to the fore with this fun free date idea. Love that loveth fiercely, competeth even more fiercely! (Just kidding!) Be it Mario or Contra, get your gaming mojo on fleek and, trust us, you’ll end up planning for more gaming date nights.

14. Head to a dog park

Okay, we all know the significance of a doggy in expressing love (pun intended, wink!) Why not show some love to the doggies and visit a dog park along with your partner? This will undoubtedly be one of the best, cute free date ideas ever! Go on an adorable awwww fest, playing with and cuddling those pooches; get licked and clicked, and have the time of your life with moments of unbridled love and joy. So ready? All aboard the cuteness express – bow wow!

15. Grow a green thumb

Yes, we mean to leave you totally in love with our list of free or cheap date ideas. And, who knows, you might pick up a hobby or two, in the process? Just like this free romantic date idea does. Go green with your bae, make them your partner-in-gardening, and be a plant-parent. Tend to the young little saplings, mend the ways of the older ones, feed them, and watch them grow manifolds – just like your love.

16. Make the most of the season

Weather and seasons come and go, but the one season that stays all year round is the season of love. With our comprehensive list of free date ideas, you can celebrate this universal season of love in all its glory no matter what time of the year. Get rain-soaked when it pours, be a fish in the water when it gets sultry, build a snowman family in your winter wonderland, take a stroll in the park in the fall…all the while making new memories with your partner-in-crime.

Fun Free Date Ideas

Pepper your love generously with fun times on your special date nights. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

17. Paint the date of your dreams

Ditch the regular, old-school date ideas for a fun-filled painting session with your partner. Wear your painters’ cap, get your paints out, pick up the paintbrushes, and go berserk with your creativity for the whole world is your canvas. Let your creative juices flow as both of you steal some quality time while painting– and get drenched in the colors of love! Smear your bae in different colors, quite literally! And if you’re both covered in paint from head to toe, roll around on a canvas and make some abstract art. Who knew free date ideas could be this fun and messy and maddening?!

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18. Plan a game night

Family game nights are fun and boisterous. Date nights are romantic and mushy. When both of these have our hearty seals of approval, then why not enjoy the best of both worlds on dates that don’t cost money? Fish out your board games, take out a scoreboard, get set and go gaming! This free date idea sounds practical even for couples who have kids. Enjoy the family game night for as long as you wish and once the kids hit the bed, you can take out some naughty couple games to spice things up!

19. Binge-watch together

Okay, we know this might not sound too exciting since you’ve done this countless number of times. But trust us, this can end up being one of the best date ideas that are free. It is not just about slouching on the couch with a random movie on the play while both of you stay glued to your screens. Shake things up right from the beginning: make an event out of it, pop some popcorn, keep a snack platter handy, work on your watchlist, dim the lights, draw the blinds, get those Bluetooth speakers out to create a movie-theater experience in the comfort of your home (and couch!) Snuggle up watching a soul-touching romance or cling to each other watching a horror flick, you two will be inseparable with this fun free date idea.

20. Dates that don’t cost money: Karaoke night at home

Who doesn’t love singing karaoke? This free date idea is for you. Blast your speakers with some groovy music and get silly with the lyrics. While you may not be the next Beyonce or Bruno Mars, you can be sure of some unlimited fun. “Okay, so karaoke is one of the things to do for a date, but is it for free?”, you might ask. Well, yes, you can download a karaoke app to sing along with your love. Now ain’t that just grand?

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21. Play truth or dare

Remember how Truth or Dare used to be ‘the’ game for teenagers to get each other to spill secrets? Mark this as one of the things to do for a date and play it once again, but with your significant other this time around. Truth will be a good way to know about all their secret sexual fantasies and passionate desires (wink!) while dare can actually put those secrets to practice! Throw in a couple of scandalous twists to have a riveting time with one of the best free romantic date ideas on our list.

22. Try a role-playing game

Who said free or cheap date ideas are boring and drab? We bet they haven’t heard of this one. Play dress up, don a costume, play a role, and have a ball! What’s the word I’m looking for? ‘Cosplay’! Dress up as your favorite character from a book, movie, or video game and have a riotous fun time. Go wild playing Harley Quinn, be crazy like the doll from the Squid Games, or become the classy Joker from Batman. Put up a performance, or groove to some sick beats, the choice is yours; the idea is just to create some funny, insane and memorable moments for a lifetime!

23. Play a sport

Relationships are not just about being a sport, you gotta play ‘em too! One of the best cute free date ideas would be to pick up a sport/game that both of you are passionate about and get sporty. Whether it is a competitive game of basketball, football, baseball, cricket, or anything that you like, all you have to do is to enjoy yourselves and get that adrenaline rushing. Yup, these free date ideas are all about spending quality time together and having fun. If it provides a good workout, well, that’s just a bonus!

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24. Dig out those card games

Taboo, Uno, poker, Pictionary…the list is endless when it comes to card games. And so is the fun and entertainment! Bring out your inner child with an exciting sesh of card games. Alternatively, channel the James Bond hiding in you with casino games like poker, rummy, and blackjack. Round it up by guzzling your fav stash of Scotch or Champagne, and you have a perfect date night that brings together the best of game time and quality time.

25. Camp in your backyard

A camping we will go..sing along and camp along! Pack your bags, put up a tent in your backyard, light a campfire, and spend the night under the stars. Snuggling in with your love under the blanket of stars is the best thing to do on a date night. How romantic!

Although we can go on and on with this, we would like to let your emotions do the talking instead. Take a cue from this list of free date ideas and sweep your sweetheart off their feet. Love needs no reason to be celebrated; so fill your every moment with the warmth of affection without any further ado!

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