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Super easy and fun workouts you should do with your partner

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Going through your workout regimen alone is not an easy task! Especially when there are unfavourable conditions like no charge in your phone, you’re not in a good mood, or just that you left your earphones at home. God forbid any of these should happen to you, but there’s a sure shot way of keeping these at bay. Get your partner into the fitness groove! And you are assured to have fun and company. The workout was never so yum, you see!

Read on to find 5 such amazing and fun workouts to get yourself and your other half into a fitter and better body.

1. Ball Circles:

You’ll need your partner and a ball for this workout. Stand back to back with your partner with feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. Pass the ball over your head and your partner receives it. Both of you bend down and you receive the ball between your legs. This workout works on your entire core, legs, arms and shoulders. Alternate the movements between you give and they receive and they give and you receive.

2. Turnaround Passes:

Another one with the ball! Continue standing in the same position and pass the ball sideways. You would most probably have seen a lot of basketball players do this. This is great for your external obliques. You need to keep your lower body firm and move only your upper body. Twist sideways and pass the ball, while the other receives. To make it more fun, alternate the circles. You could also do the same by sitting back to back.

3. Monkey Jumps:

This is a super fun exercise, and mind you, equally effective and rewarding too. You’re going to be doing jump squats with your partner. Stand facing each other. Start off with one of you squatting and the other ready to jump. One jumps high up to reach the ceiling and the other squats. Keep the rhythm and enjoy working out. Challenge each other and keep going.

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4. Love Extensions:

You’ll need a resistance band for this. Get into a back-to-back position again. Both of you hold the resistance band over your head. Elbows bent. Stretch the resistance band to pull it down to your chest level. You release and go back to start position and your partner begins to pull next. Ensure you feel the pull in your shoulders, traps, upper chest, triceps and arms. Remember to talk and co-ordinate to make it happen properly and shazam! An amazing upper body is just a few weeks away.

5. Crunching Together:

Another workout with a resistance band would be this. Lie down, back to the floor and your heads facing outward. Your feet are pressed against each other’s. Do a crunch together and high-10 each other. Go back down and up again. Crunches are great to work your core and make you feel fit and strong. Doing it with your partner implies you’re having fun together and your bond is bettered too.

These 5 easy workouts with your partner will change the way you look and squeeze a few drops of more love and admiration into your relationship, too. Have fun and always keep in mind that company is great when you make things work out! After all, the couple that works out together stays together, happily ever after. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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