Affair and Cheating

6 reasons why women have an affair

What are some of the reasons why a woman might have an extramarital affair?
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Going astray for a woman is much bigger a deal than a man cheating on his wife. A woman is very invested in her relationships. Though times are changing, and women have done extremely well for themselves on the economic front, she still remains rooted in her belief system and values. So to have flings is one thing, but being in a marriage and seeking pleasure or companionship outside is not something a woman just does for fun. It is a big deal now, that she is seeking solace in another person.

Why another man?

Women as creatures are intuitive. When things don’t work out, she knows it coming well in advance. Moreover the mundane life of a neglected wife can be lethal. Men dehumanise their wife so often that the only solace may come in the form of an extra-marital affair. She is not a prize that has been won and is only meant to be kept in the trophy cabinet for display. This is a common feeling among most married women. She is also not just a house-keeper who is there to take care of the house, keep the cooked food coming, earn some extra bucks and pleasure the husband at night. Just like the men, it is important to cherish her and do things for her. Otherwise, the only possibility that remains for her is to find a partner worth investing on emotionally. Here are some reasons why she could step out.

1. Technology

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Personal touch replaced by touch screen?

How many times do men put down their phones and other gadgets, make eye contact, and talk to you about your day in particular? How many times do they notice a particular effort you took in re-arranging his desk or his study?

A feeling of being neglected, not cherished and cared for may lead a woman to another man or even a woman.

2. Can’t forget her past

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When she is not over her ex

Even though she is someone’s wife, she has feelings for her past lover. Though that affair didn’t lead to marriage, she kind of starts leaning backwards again, if she gets disillusioned with her marriage. Sometimes women may still be in love with someone else.

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3. Boredom of the drill

Wake up, clean potties, cook breakfast, get the home cleaned, get to work, shop for groceries, come back, cook dinner, and then crash. How many women get trapped in the usual and get bored to death? An interesting new fresher walks in with the possibility of friendship, and an affair follows. Men need to pull up their socks and get interesting sooner.

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 4. Neglect her and lose her

Feet of couple kissing
Do you make her feel loved?

Men forget to invest in a wife, it’s usually while she is the girlfriend that it’s all about her. Once the battle is won, she may start feeling neglected and not cared for enough. Good enough reason to go looking?

5. Libido mismatch

Women could want sex too. Why is it presumed that men are more interested? Men tend to take it easy in a few years while the woman may still be actively lusty and sexy. When she doesn’t find a match, then her mind and heart may start wandering.

6. To be seen

It’s easy for men these days to overlook what they have, with so much distraction everywhere, from magazines to the internet, to real-life attractions. A woman craves to be seen by her loved one, and she may go where she feels seen.

Men, pay attention, now!

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  1. Some very valid points put forward. Not forgetting her past is especially relevant…. And if an Ex shows up again in your lives, your antenna should get alert promptly….. Never be overconfident about your relationship. Don’t take it for granted ever.

  2. I don’t get it. When it comes to women who cheat there are articles that states all the reasons why they cheated but when it comes to men there are no articles because people presume they are dogs. Why is that? If a woman is not happy with her relationship why not break up? But they choose to cheat and you’re justifying that by writing articles like this.

  3. Very well said 👍👍 its the situations that make anyone to take that extra step as life is only to live once.. and dyeing unsatisfied is not worth living. This goes for both men and women.
    Great write up ..

  4. Why if a man cheats, its manz fault. And when a woman cheats, its again a manz fault.Its disgusting ti see most, i mean most if the working women are cheating there partners. And we are giving justifications for that??? Sometimes it is felt that chanakya was right when he said ……..nari… ye sab hain tadan ke adhikari. He described 3 things, one of them females, who needs to be ….. Disgusting write up.

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