5 women share their experience of one-night stands

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If you thought one-night stands were only a man’s thing, you are in for a surprise. Women are indulging in passionate sex and discovering their sexuality and preferences with these one-night experiments too. Casual sex is no more an alien concept for women and is here to stay. We bring to you experiences of 5 women who have been there, done that.

Women and one-night stands

Isn’t it liberating to live in a world where women are free to spend their life however they wish too? This is the life of new-age women who earn their living and live life to the fullest. The perks come in many forms, starting from an unabashed lifestyle to not be answerable to anyone. In such an age, sexual exploration and freedom are one of the stepping stones of an emotionally thriving woman. Here we have chronicled the experiences of 5 women who have had memorable one-night stands. Call it friends with benefits or no strings attached, these women tell you what it is like to have casual sex with a person for just one time and moving on.

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1. “It was at my best friend’s place.

There were four of us, among which there was this friend of mine who kind of liked me for a long time. We stole my BFF’s father’s stash of scotch and were having a gala time. That friend, let’s call him Rahul, leaned in to kiss me while we were in the veranda but I didn’t oblige. However, we ended up in the room where the birds were kept. There was also an old divan. My BFF convinced me to let go of my inhibition and at least kiss him. What started with a kiss ended with sex in the bird room. In the morning we were the only ones sleeping on the couch in the living room. It was a good night and I didn’t want to ruin anything by talking about it. He left the next morning for his college.

We are still good friends.”

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2. “It was the weekend and this story is clichéd.

I was in a nearby pub with my friends. I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was not doing so well. However, drink in hand, I got seduced by this man who, in the blur of the moment I knew was a lawyer. He had a very nice car. I agreed to take a long drive with him and went back to his place. Halfway through undressing ourselves, I started crying. I apologised and left and the gentleman agreed to drop me at the pub we met.

We met a month later in the same pub and I was not drunk this time. We took a long drive but this time we went back to my place. He was a sweet person. We talked a lot, a lot. This time I did not even cry. In fact, I wanted to have sex with him. And we did. The sex was as good as the man. He even brought me chocos and milk the next morning and we left for the office together.”

3. “It was not as thrilling as I thought it would be.

I was never the kind to sleep with anyone who I have not known for a long time but I did sleep with someone from my sister’s wedding reception. The sex was good. Like he knew what he was doing, he was not a rookie. But I realised if I don’t have an emotional connection with a person, I can’t enjoy it. I let him finish and grabbed a drink later. “

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4. “Was it an old stadium on my university campus.

Bonfire night was in January. The entire class was gathered. I made out with my then crush but was interrupted by a junior. We, however, picked it up after half the crowd dispersed back to their hostels. We both knew it was going to end in sex and we both had condoms with us. It was nice. We did it with the scare of scorpions nearby so we had to wrap it up quickly. My friends teased about the bite marks on my neck the next day, in class.”

5. “This woman I did it with was an older woman.

She led the whole expedition, from my head to the area between my legs. It was mostly oral but I have never had better oral sex ever. I kept going back to the pub but never really met her again.”

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