Aaj kal ke Ka aur Ki: Top 6 problems of millennial couples

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Millennials grew up in the charm of the 90s. They are different from the previous gen and the next generation won’t have the same edge as we do. Invariably, we tackle and live life much differently that our grandparents and parents. Like where are the good old days of walking up to the girl in college and asking her out for a Shah Rukh Khan movie? Everything is done behind the filtered facades of social apps.

Millennial problems are not different from the other generations, they just look different

With dating apps and the social media frenzy, millennial problems are obviously a little twisted. Like these:

1. Social media taking over

Jealousy over social media actions, phubbing, and ghosting comes easily with this generation. Social media is so gripping that relationships are often compromised for it. In a generation before smartphones, while on dates, people would engage in conversations rather than gluing their eyes on their cell-phone screens. Online stalking is common. Even before you meet up with your blind date, you know their friend’s cousin’s daughter’s BFF’s names. In relationships, too much social activity has been known to arouse suspicion, jealousy and anxiety. And because this generation does not have time for communication, relationships often fall victim to the dirty blade of internet.

2. Communication lost

You might think in the era of IM and DMs, people would be more inclined to instantly communicate. The reality could not be further away from the truth. Words are getting abbreviated every day and dating lives are perpetrated by FOMO or YOLO. Most of the important conversations are carried out through abbreviated syllables and calling one another is a thing in the past. “OMG, can we Netflix and chill?” seems more logical than “Can we talk about what’s going on between us?” And because millennials go around sneaking with vague texts rather than having a face-to-face conversation, a relationship turns LOL or ROFL in IRL.

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3. Different goals

Just because two people matched on Tinder, does not mean they are compatible with each other. Most millennials do not want marriage, many don’t want children and others want to be like Barney Stinson. Though dating apps might kick-start a relationship, in a millennial long-term relationship, the difference in goals often cause problems in a relationship. Many may want children without getting married and others might want to travel and prioritise other facets of life without being tied down. Conflicts arise when one in a relationship wants a serious relationship leading somewhere, while the other takes it as coolly as possible.

4. Sex is so easy to find and romance difficult to hold on to

With movies like Fifty Shades and porn, managing sexpectations in the minds of the millennials is important. We are all growing up thinking everyone is as good as Johnny Sims or Mia Malkova in bed. In reality, there is no Red Room with BDSM equipment and not every woman wants to be dominated. Neither are men rich AF as Christian Grey. Growing up with too much pop fiction in our brains, we find sex is easy to get and our expectations from it is massive. When seeking pleasure for the soul, richness of a relationship is lost in sex with no romance. And even if we do have place for love in our relationship, the sexpectations from our partners sear through the roof and often fall short.

5. Cheating becomes so easy

Internet infidelity is common in this era. With anonymity and online stalking at our fingertips, it is easy to emotionally or physically cheat on one’s partner and never get caught.

6. Having to be super “chilled”

In a millennial relationship, outbursts are a big no-no. Of course, being calm in a relationship is advisable at times, but millennials take it up a notch with the idea of being too cool all the time. Expressing emotions is not very “cool” and unless you have the emotional range of a teaspoon, your dating lifespan will end before it beings. Millennials relationship would resort to ghosting than actually breaking up with a person and handling emotions.

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