35 Best Conversation Topics If You Are In A Long-Distance Relationship

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Updated On: July 16, 2022
long distance relationship conversation topics
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Why do some relationships succeed while others fail? Well, a part of it depends on how well a couple can communicate with each other. However, sometimes keeping your partner’s attention gets difficult, especially in a long-distance relationship.

Everyone says long-distance relationships are challenging, and one of the key reasons behind it is that running out of things to talk about is very common. Couples often ponder over what they can say to fill the time that they spend together, wondering if any long-distance conversation topics exist beyond the everyday questions of “Did you eat?”

If you are one of these couples, we’re here to help you save your cherished bond with some pretty awesome ideas for some long-distance relationships conversation topics. You and your boo will never run out of things to talk about.

35 Best Long-Distance Relationship Conversation Topics

If you are scratching your head over some good long-distance conversation topics, know that you’re not alone. Finding fewer and fewer things to say to each other is one of the most common long-distance relationship problems. The key is to remember that great conversation begins with curiosity. You need to be interested in your partner’s life. That in itself will set you up for a good start for initiating conversations over text or phone calls and keep it going with interesting questions.

Learn the trick to ask the right long-distance relationship questions on the phone. These 35 long-distance text conversation relationships topics and questions can serve as a kick-starter:

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1. Ask complex questions

If you simply ask, “How was your day?” expect a monosyllabic response such as fine, good, boring, etc.

Instead, ask interesting questions like, “Tell me the good things which happened today?” or “Tell me what all bad things you had to face today?” It will lead to a healthy discussion.

2. Discuss your physical health

COVID has restricted us all to the parameters of our houses. Hence, another long-distance text conversation you can initiate is about fitness.

Physical fitness is next to negligible with most of us leading a far more sedentary lifestyle than before. So, make it a habit to check in on your partner from time to time and ask them how they feel physically: are they gaining weight, feeling lethargic, etc. Know what’s going on with their body.

3. Mental wellbeing

Trust us on this one, COVID has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. With nothing much going around, it is obvious you are running out of things to talk about as well. Not everyone has been able to cope with the stress as well as they may pretend to.

In this crucial time, it’s important to talk to your partner about how both of you feel mentally and become more emotionally open.

4. Indulge into food talk

There is no way anyone can get bored while discussing food. Why you may ask? Because everyone consumes it! Now, if your conversations aren’t leading anywhere with mere questions like, “What did you have for dinner?” Then you better ask them, “What would you have enjoyed instead?”

In fact, go an extra mile and even surprise them by ordering that same meal that they are craving. If your partner is a foodie, this gesture will hit all the right notes. Otherwise, asking what they would prefer eating, can give you a close glimpse of your partner’s taste and their likes and dislikes.

5. Discuss food habits

Another long-distance relationship conversation topic is their food habits. With distance, it is possible to forget your partner’s quirks and pet peeves such as them not liking different food items on their plate touching each other or that they have a habit of soaking that oily snack in tissue before savoring it.

long-distance relationship conversation topic
Ask your partner how exactly they like their pizza

It may bolster your relationship if you discuss each other’s food habits once in a while. Do you like cheese with wine? Kudos! Do you eat toast with ketchup? No judgments passed!

6. Talk about being drunk

Everyone behaves differently while being drunk and this serves as one of the best long-distance relationship conversation topics. Let’s agree to disagree when people say they can handle their drinks.

Talk to your partner about how you would like to be handled while you are drunk. Should you be taken seriously? Should they not mind your callous jokes when you are tipsy? Does your accent change? It can be anything! Save yourself from embarrassment beforehand and let your partner know what they can expect.

It may also be that your partner has already seen this side of you as they have seen you drunk countless times. In this case, it is always a good idea to talk about those moments and appreciate your partner for the way they took care of you while reminiscing about those lovely times spent together.

7. Bucket list

One of the best long-distance conversation topics is to talk about your bucket list. Who knows all the random and interesting stuff you are into. Be it taking a hot air balloon ride, attending the Olympics or riding a horse on a beach, it can be anything. You have a chance right there to talk it out. Grab it. You can then plan long-distance relationship activities around it.

8. Family and friends

Apart from your partner, you also have family and friends around you. This can be one of your long-distance relationship questions on the phone. How about every once in a while you talk about them to your partner and share what kind of relationship you share with them? This long-distance conversation will only bring you closer and help you stay in tune with each other.

9. Medical history

There should be some serious long-distance conversation too between you two at least once in a while. Like, discussing your medical history. Let your partner know about your medical history, existing condition, and phobias you have to face. It will bring you closer as a couple.

10. Childhood memories

One of the best time killer long-distance conversations topics is to talk about your childhood memories. Share your baby pictures and other photographs from different phases of life and relish those moments with the person you love.

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11. News updates

This may not be a long-distance text conversation you would like to indulge in every day if you two read the news. But if either of you is too busy to go through the day’s news, you can always share and update each other. In fact, if you two are living in different countries altogether, it will help you understand what’s going on in each other’s respective countries.

12. Ghost stories

We always know a friend of a friend who went through some horror incident. And we love reciting their incidents. These stories can make for interesting long-distance conversations on the phone every once in a while. Even more so, if your partner gets spooked by such stories.

13. Finances

Generally, people avoid talking about their financial situation with anyone. We feel every once in a while you should discuss your finances with your partner. Where are you standing financially? Do you need to save up? Do you have any upcoming major expenses?

All these can also be discussed during your long nightly phone calls. Apart from giving you and your partner something to talk about, this will also help you avoid financial stress in your relationship.

14. Embarrassing anecdotes

Each one of us had that one (if you are lucky) or many experiences that left us wishing the ground would swallow us whole. In this long-distance text conversation, all you need to do is just narrate one incident after another and hours will go by with your partner rolling with laughter.

15. Birthday planning

Who says you can’t celebrate birthdays if you are in a long-distance relationship? You definitely can! All you need to do is have a long-distance conversation on the phone with your partner as to what they expect their birthday to look like.

Plan a whole celebration based on their inputs. Make a creative, thoughtful video, order them food and presents which you think they will relish. Have this conversation beforehand and you can thank us later.

16. Neighborhood gossip

One of the best sources of drama that we easily overlook is our neighbors. We all have neighbors and we don’t always get along with some of them. If they are good and kind, you are the lucky one. If they aren’t, well, your partner will be there to listen to your rants about them.

That’s right, another long-distance relationship topic can be you telling your partner about your neighbor. Rant all you like.

17. Social media

This can turn out to be one of the best long-distance relationship conversations on the phone. We all have been through that time when we are silent and just scrolling through different social media accounts while being on call with our partners.

The reason being you want to stay connected but have nothing to talk about. Instead, we suggest, why not tell and ask them about what all kinds of posts you are coming across. Go to an extra length and share that meme at which you LOLed 2 seconds ago.

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18. Music playlists

Another best long-distance relationship conversation topic is to discuss your favorite artist and share your music playlists. You may be surprised to know their choices or you may find that your taste in music is near-identical. Either way, grooving to some soulful numbers is a great way to feel closer to one another.

19. School days

If you are wondering what to talk about in long-distance relationships, then remember this: Most of us miss our high school times, but it is also true that some of us are just glad to be done with those days. Why not go back to those old days and tell your partner all the things you hated and loved about being in high school.

20. Vacation plans

Planning the next time you’d get to see each other will be the thought that consumes your mind in a long-distance relationship. You may be constantly imagining scenarios where you and your partner are finally able to meet. So why not share these with your partner and plan a vacation together.

It would certainly help keep each other’s spirits up. It can also serve as one of the best long-distance conversation topics: talking about where you want to go on a vacation. One of the benefits of long-distance relationships is that you always have something to look forward to, so make the most of it to keep the spark alive.

21. Make-believe scenarios

This is personally my favorite long-distance relationship conversation topic. You just need to create a make-believe situation and then ask your partner what they would do in such a position. It gives you an insight into their thinking pattern and will help you understand how your partner will react in different situations.

22. Office gossip

Sometimes, our work life takes a toll on us. And all we want to do is go home and talk to our partners about who is being a pain this time. Not having our partner at home sure sucks. But hey, you can always call them up and rant all you like about office politics and gossip. This serves as one of the most time-consuming long-distance relationship conversations topics.

23. Old pictures

Wondering what to talk about in long-distance relationships? One way to have the best long-distance relationship conversation is to take a nostalgic trip and share your old pictures. Relive the times spent in each other’s company.

24. Exercise routine

Even though the distance is keeping you away, you still should look out for each other’s health. A better way to do this is by sharing your exercise regime. It can serve as the best long-distance text conversation. Let your partner know the exercises you have been partaking in and let them know about your routine, it might even inspire them to take better care of themself.

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25. Ask silly questions

If you are running out of things to talk about, then know that it is not necessary to act mature with your partner every time you have some long-distance conversations. Show them your silly side by asking funny, absurd, nonsensical questions. Before you even realize it, your conversation will start flowing from one topic to another.

26. Make a list of stuff that irritates you both

Long-distance relationship conversation topics aren’t always about cute and funny things. You can share about things that irritate or frustrate you. For example: getting mad if anyone leaves damp clothes on the bed or doesn’t tidy up after themselves after using the kitchen.

27. Habits

If you are getting bored and running out of things to talk about, simply talk about your habits. Tell them if you are a nocturnal owl or an early riser. Tell them you like having an early dinner or if you snore while sleeping. This can be an easy long-distance text conversation.

28. Boundaries

If you are running out of questions to ask in your long-distance relationship, then talking about boundaries is a good point to start with. Explore the different types of boundaries you can set to make your relationship stronger. Share with your partner what gets you and what doesn’t, what works for you and what does not. Your partner should know where you draw the line.

29. Money habits

When you are living away from your partner you never know if they are a spender or a saver. Perhaps, this is one of the most important long-distance relationship questions on the phone you can ask your partner.

30. Tattoo and body piercing

When you have nothing else to talk about, asking your partner about what they feel about tattoos and body piercing can be interesting long-distance relationship conversation topics.

late-night long-distance conversations
Discuss tattoo ideas

It can be one of your late-night long-distance conversations. If you are both into it, you can search for tattoo designs that you could get made together the next time you’re together.

31. Sex talk

You are never too far or apart to talk about sex. You may have not gotten some action in a while but that shouldn’t stop you from talking dirty to your partner or sexting. It definitely sets up the mood if you are thinking about what to talk about in long-distance relationships.

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32. Fetishes

Thinking of a long-distance conversation topic that can make your longing for each other go away? Why not talk about different fetishes with your partner and explore what turns you on and what does not. This can turn out to be an extremely sexy and fun long-distance conversation.

33. Movies and series

It is no secret that when you are away from your partner, your free time goes into watching movies and TV series. Why not start watching them together virtually and discuss it as well? Sounds like a fun weekend activity where you can engage in long conversations about how you feel about a character or the cliffhanger ending that is keeping you up at night.

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34. Belief and faith

It is okay to be an atheist or extremely devoted to a god. Whatever your views on religion may be, hiding them from your partner isn’t the best idea. Disagreements over something as personal as religion can cause a lot of fights as time goes on.

It is better if you discuss your beliefs and faith during one of your long-distance relationship questions sessions on the phone to clear the air and make sure you and your partner understand each other.

35. Books

We get it that everyone is not a reader. Some people prefer watching movies and others like to read. Even so, everyone has read at least a handful of books. Talk to your partner about what they like reading and who their favorite author is.

It can prove to be a fun long-distance relationship conversation topic and it can show your partner that they can talk about their interest, even if you do not share an equal level of enthusiasm over it.

If you feel the strain of separation, these long-distance conversation starters could work miracles in easing some of the boredom or the stress of having to keep each other entertained. Communication and conversations are the bedrock of a successful relationship. With these topics, you are now prepared to work on your relationship during such a tumultuous dynamic.

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