10 Times When I Miss My Long-Distance Partner The Most

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Updated On: December 4, 2023
I miss my long distance partner

Having a long-distance partner can be quite emotionally taxing. Constantly texting them for updates or video calling every night loses its charm after some time. Not knowing when you will see your partner next can make it hard to keep the relationship going.

That’s not to say that all long-distance relationships are doomed to fail. But that it takes greater effort and commitment to keep one going. There will inevitably always be some moments in your day when you will catch yourself saying, “I miss my long-distance partner.”

10 Moments When You Miss Your Long-Distance Partner

Instead of dressing up for romantic dates, you put your nice clothes on for the weekend Skype dates. Instead of cuddling with your bae on lazy afternoons, you browse through their pictures on your phone. You miss spending quality time together on the big days like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, festivals, and the list goes on.

Sure, you can make a long-distance relationship work, and being in one can be rewarding if you and your partner share a deep, meaningful connection. Sure the time when you are together feels more exciting than meeting each other every day in a no-distance relationship. But there are times when not seeing your bae in person hurts more than usual.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, we are sure you can relate to these 10 moments when you miss not being together the most:

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1. When you want to be together after a long day

Some days end on a sour note and you come home completely worn out. On days like these, you’d want to have pizza for dinner, some chilled beer to chill with your partner on the couch, and fall asleep in their arms. But in reality, they may not even be a phone call away!

2. When you see others doing annoying coupley stuff

In the park, in the canteen, in your neighborhood, in the shopping malls, on Facebook – the world is filled with couples doing romantic stuff together. Like holding hands, sitting on the same table looking at each other, taking random mushy selfies together, sharing ice-creams and the list goes on.

You wish you could do all the crazy couple things people do together like playing paintball, going go-karting, or just having some unadulterated fun with silly pillow fights. And here you are sending ‘I miss you’ texts to your partner, and ‘I miss my long-distance partner’ texts to your friends.

3. When miscommunication leads to an argument

One of the biggest struggles of being in a long-distance relationship is miscommunication. It leads to fights, and even the most regular fights can get nastier due to the distance.

Thanks to technology, you can now stay connected through texts, phone calls and video chats, but when important conversations don’t happen face-to-face, the chances of misinterpretation increase because it’s difficult to understand the tone and expression over a text or phone call.

Long distance relationship leads to more fights
The biggest struggle of long distance relationship is miscommunication

4. When you want to share good news in person

Instead of jumping in joy with your SO and celebrating, being in a long-distance relationship means having to decide which mode of communication feels more intimate and wait for them to come online.

Perhaps your time zones don’t match or your work schedules are totally opposite. Whatever it is, you find yourself constantly longing to be with your partner. A part of you wishes you didn’t have to constantly say, “I miss my boyfriend” to your friends who are in a happy relationship.

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5. When they can’t relate to your life

In a long-distance relationship, you don’t get to feel the reassurance that the physical presence of your partner would bring. You don’t get a hug and there is no one to cheer you up with romantic gestures like flowers and chocolates.

Having a long-distance partner can be hard, especially when you have to constantly keep reminding them about someone who annoys you at work, or refresh their memory with names you know you’ve mentioned before. It sucks that your partner can’t meet these people in person.

6. When something funny happens

I miss my long distance partner
Repeating a story over Skype is not as good as being there the first time

When you see two squirrels kissing or when your cat makes the cutest purr, your partner is not around for you to share the joy or the hilarious moments.

You know it’s true – when you have to re-enact a story or a funny incident and you have to end with, “you had to be there” because it’s just not as good as being there the first time.

7. When nothing happens

On days when nothing significant happens and you feel bored to death and your partner is not there to share the monotony and slow-pace of your days with. You can’t binge-watch corny TV shows together, order in way too much food, or make fun plans like going on a double date with your best friends to cut through the boredom.

What’s worse, at the end of a boring – or even a routine – day, you may not have much to share with your partner. This, in turn, makes your conversations boring. Adding to your already mounting boredom. Well, you get where we are going with this.

8. When you fall sick

Be it a simple cough, cold or period cramps, not having him around to feel the warmth of his embrace is the worst part of having a long-distance partner. You know your sickness is not a big deal, but some cuddles would definitely lift your mood.

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9. When he falls sick

It hurts, even more, when he is unwell and you are not there to take care of him. All you have got are the worries and an itchy hand to WhatsApp him for hourly updates on his health.

All you wish to do is make some soup and go over to his house and ensure he’s taken all his medicines. But unfortunately, you’re stuck Skyping him to ask if he’s okay.

10. When my hormones spike and all I have got is Skype

Problems you face in a long distance relationship

Let’s face it, not getting filled up when you desire is the worst thing that can happen to a couple. You can help yourselves with cybersex, but Skype is not an alternative to real lovemaking, is it? And cybersex just doesn’t feel like the real thing?

Are you thinking ‘I miss my long-distance partner’, after reading this? Go Skype them now! At the end of it all, you know when you see them next and hug them after being away for so long, everything will feel okay, and the first kiss you share after spending all this time apart will be worth the wait. Besides, today, there are a host of long-distance couples apps that can dim the agony of being apart from your SO, if not end it altogether.


1. Is it normal to miss your partner when they are away?

It’s more than normal to miss having them around and to crave their touch. Not sleeping on the same bed after a long day can get so disheartening.

2. How do you save a failing long distance relationship?

If possible, try to see them as soon as you can. Messages and video calls are a good way to stay connected, but nothing builds intimacy like physical presence.

3. How do you show someone you miss them long distance?

Talk to them. Tell them how you’re feeling and send them pictures of you doing all the things that you once did together, you doing alone.

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