20 Things To Talk About With Your Crush

things to talk about with your crush

Have you been chatting up an interesting guy on Tinder? Or have you been catching feelings for a new girl who lives across your street? Whatever the situation may be, if you’re here, we assume you’re looking for things to talk about with your crush. 

No matter how confident one may be around their friends or family, the moment your crush walks into the room, your knees turn to jelly and some how you’re flabbergasted and confused all at the same time. 

For me personally, I’m at my worst self when my crush is around. Even saying, ‘Erm, hey’ without seeming like a complete weirdo seems to take all the energy out of me. And to make things worse, I somehow always end up commenting on the weather despite knowing that it’s a redundant topic that barely works when you want to charm someone.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar ball game before, high five to you. Talking to a new crush is just not that simple! Unless you’re Regina George from Mean Girls and it takes only a hair flip to make anybody fall for you. So, if you’re like me and tend to freeze around those you like, you will want to read ahead. 


20 Things To Talk About With Your Crush 

If you see your crush every single day, well may the lord bless you. I’d probably get jitters each time and say something completely random. But with this list of things to talk about with your crush, you might just be able to conduct yourself a little better and might even end up making them fall for you, who knows? 

From first date nerves to charming the girl you’ve been pining for since sixth grade to making a move on a hot girl on a dating app – making conversation with your crush is not going to be nerve-wrecking anymore. Trust us because we’ve got your back. Here are 20 topics to help you out. 

1. ‘Did you watch the game last night?’ 

But do your homework before you ping this question because you don’t want to start discussing sports with somebody who couldn’t care less about it. If, however, they are interested in sports, then this is a great place to start. 

To find interesting things to talk about with your crush, all you really have to do is figure out what their personal interests are. So brush up on your football slang before you mention last night’s game to them. 

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2. Play a Would-You-Rather game 

Not only will playing this game make you seem fun, but this can also help you to get to know your crush really well. After you initiate small talk, suggest a few rounds of Would You Rather. If you want, you can move on to other question games too and perhaps also try your hand at some get to know me questions.

Since the game is so simple and takes zero effort really, he or she will not be in a position to say ‘no’. Think of some out-of-the-box questions to let them see how creative you are. You might end up sharing a lot of laughs after this one! 

3. Discuss traveling 

Talking about traveling or even mentioning other countries can start a scintillating conversation between the two of you. You might just get some insight into your crush’s wishes and hopes. You can start off with, ‘I’m planning to go to the Dominican Republic next month. Have you ever been there?’ Or, take a different route and relay some kind of a quirky travel story of your own. 

If you say something like ‘Oh jeez, that one time my sister got lost in the Grand Canyon…’ you will definitely raise her interest and it might even lead to some interesting stories from her side! 

good things to talk about with your crush
Ask them about their travel plans and stories

4. ‘Which is the one band you’ve always wanted to watch live?’ 

Rephrasing the mere ‘What kind of music do you like?’ question, this is definitely one of the better things to talk about with your crush. We all listen to music and what’s even better is that we all like discovering new genres and new bands. 

Talking about music or your favorite artists is not going to get boring, you can count on us for sure. You might even get brownie points if your taste in music is similar. 

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5. Talk about university or high school life 

Anyone who says they do not have any fun stories from their university days or from high school is probably lying to you. We lived our best days when we were younger and there is no denying that you will always remember it like it was yesterday. 

From the obnoxious teachers to the unique peers you’ll always remember to dorm fests and dating in college – a lot can happen over coffee while discussing your happy days from when you were younger. Bring up some silly anecdotes of your own to make them laugh too! 

6. Discuss things that you dislike! 

Yup, you read that right. Having common interests brings people together yes, but when two people find common things that irk or disgust them, those bring them even closer. Hating influencer culture or even mint mayonnaise for that matter – add this to your list of conversations to have with your crush.

‘Starbucks got my order wrong yesterday and gave me soy milk in my coffee. I can’t even stand the smell of it. What about you – do you like soy?’ can be a good place to start. 

conversation with crush
Such conversation with crush can bring you two closer

7. Chat about celebrities 

From fashion to sports to movies – discussing celebrities is one of the most common topics to talk about with your crush and it’s also a great way to get the conversation flowing. Find out her take on the Kardashians. Ask him about who he’d pick to play Batman.

Whichever celebrity you pick, there will definitely be something to talk about. You don’t have to like all the same celebrities or have the same opinions. Just have a fun time throwing your knowledge and opinions back and forth! 

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8. ‘Do you like to cook?’ 

What a sly way of getting some fun recipes to cook! But for real, ask them if they like to cook or whether they can cook anything at all. If cooking is not something that they do often, you can tell them what kind of things you enjoy making. 

Take it one step further and use it as an excuse for some healthy flirting. ‘I make a killer lasagna. Come on over one night and try some!’ is one helluva smooth line! 

9. Ask about their friends 

To not let the conversation with your crush get monotonous or boring, throwing something like this into the mix will really keep things light and interesting. Who are their friends and what do they normally do together? Does she have a close circle of three or a study group on Tuesdays and a different party group on Fridays? Does he have a sports group?

Of course, everyone will have her own unique characteristics but who we hang out with, can tell other people a lot about who we are. So if you’re serious about wanting to date her/him, this question is for you. 

10. ‘What was your worst date ever?’ 

Now we’re really diving into the good stuff. Who said the things to talk about with your crush have to be too proper or formal? To really get close with your crush, you need to establish a good sense of comfort between the two of you. Yes, you’re allowed to fool around a little bit. 

Everyone’s had a bad first date so I’m sure they’ll definitely have something really amusing to tell you. This way, you can also gauge their pet peeves and know what not to do around them. How genius of you! 

11. Give them advice 

From suggesting new types of coffees to recommending fitness videos on Youtube, make yourself invaluable in the conversation and not just a standby. Whatever may be the things to talk about with your crush, they can always move in a way that allows you to you throw in some advice or recommendations about the topic on hand. 

If they talk about how much they love the show ‘Bojack Horseman’, mention how they might enjoy ‘Rick and Morty’ too! This way, you’re building a friendship and a camaraderie which will make them want to talk to you even more. 

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12. Mention your own interests too

How to talk to your crush does not end at just throwing about endless cute questions to ask your crush, at them without bringing up yourself. To really have a solid conversation with them, your own stories are just as valuable. 

To really see you and take a liking towards you, they need to get to know you just as well. That’s why, in every conversation or topic, pepper your own take into it or consider mentioning something worthwhile about the same topic. 

topics to talk about with your crush
Show and introduce them to things you care about

13. Talk about animals 

If they have pets, you might find yourself talking for a long time. Definitely one of the more important conversations to have with your crush, you must find out what kind of animals they like or find interesting. 

Whether you’re discussing crazy facts about turtles or are on the verge of tearing up at the cuteness of puppies – this is one of the good things to talk about with your crush which will not disappoint. 

14. Ask them quirky and funny questions 

And we mean some really outlandish things. For example, ask them something like ‘What is the first thing you would do if you were the opposite sex for a day?’ or maybe, ‘What kind of a suburban mom would you be?’

If they have a dry sense of humor, they are going to enjoy your questions very much. But be prepared, they might ask you something funny too! 

15. ‘Do you have any weird talents?’ 

Yes, making goat noises does count as a weird talent, no matter how badly it weirds you out. If they’re thick skinned and don’t take things too seriously, this will be right up their alley. A little banter and laughter can be a sweet way to break any ice between the two of you. 

And if you have any weird talents of your own, now is as good a time as ever to show it to them. One of the more interesting things to talk about with your crush, they’re going to like you a lot after this one. 

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16. Ask them for a restaurant recommendation 

If he’s passionate about what he likes to eat, he is going to take this question seriously. ‘I’m really craving a good burrito today. What’s the best Mexican place in the city?’. Pop the question smoothly when flirting over text and keep your fingers crossed he doesn’t say Taco Bell. 

This way, you’ll even know what kind of foods he likes and which places he frequents. Moreover, if you’re confident enough, a subtle ‘It’s decided then. I’m going to Taqueiria Maria’s tonight on Main Street then. Care to join me?’ doesn’t hurt. 

17. Talk about sex 

Seems premature, we know, but in the right place and at the right stage – it won’t be weird at all. If your conversation is going well and going far, then this can be one of the things to talk about with your crush. One a comfort has been established, consider asking them something naughty. 

You can discuss your own sexual preferences, speculate the uneasiness in some sex positions or even get them to mention their turn-offs. If it goes well, this conversation could even lead to a flurry of flirty and dirty text messages between the two of you.  

on crushes

18. Make them open up by talking about their proudest moments 

If you’re serious about how to talk to your crush, you have to know that questions that only scratch the surface will not suffice. You have to dig deeper and eventually get real with them. So if you’re talking over the phone or texting late at night, that would be the perfect setting to bring up things like this. 

Make them open up about themselves by asking them about the times they felt proud of their achievements or did something that they consider worthwhile. Conversations along these lines can really give you a peek into a person’s soul. 

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19. ‘Who is your role model?’ 

A worthy conversation starter; if you want to ace the game of things to talk about with your crush, pocket this one immediately. Our role models are deep reflections of what we admire the most in people and what we want to see ourselves as.

If you want to get your crush to really talk about themselves, you probably won’t go wrong with this one. We highly recommend asking them this question in person because it might make them feel a closer connection to you that way. 

20. Talk about relationships and your ideal life partner 

Since you are indeed hoping to impress your crush and see if something is brewing between the two of you, some of the topics to talk about with your crush could be about love and dating. This way, you’ll also know their perspective on the same and get a lay of the land to understand whether the two of you are even possible as a couple or not. 

Ask them something like ‘What are the three most important things in a relationship?’ Or find out what they see in an ideal life partner. Do make sure that they don’t feel like they are being evaluated by this and that it comes across as a friendly conversation. You don’t want to put such pressure on them so soon. 

So if you’re trying to steer clear of a nervous breakdown and ask them something like ‘Do you like sheep?’, in the middle of a conversation with crush, we hope this list helps you. Be confident, be yourself and talk to them as you would normally talk to anyone. 

Remember that it’s a crush and not the end of the world. But if you’re really losing sleep over them, then stick to these things to talk about with your crush and you will be sorted. 


1. How can I talk romantically with my crush?

Subtle flirting is a great place to start. You do not want to go all out and mention something sexual but you can start with compliments here and there or talk about how happy they make you. If they return your advances, then you can consider saying more romantic lines or texts to them. 

2. What should I say to my crush over text?

There are many ways to not be a dry texter and keep a conversation going over text with your crush. Keeping sending them memes, roping them in with fun questions or just simply asking about their day. 

3. How can I impress my crush?

Showing interest in them and that you’re a good listener is honestly the best way to impress your crush. Make them feel important and that you’re willing to get to know them well. Moreover, have an open mind in your discussions and value their opinions.

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